Actually but it’s going to be fine. Don’T worry we’re just going over to the uh. The camp that’s meant to be just over this way. It shouldn’t take us too long, um, i’m, expecting a lot of turning quests in i don’t know what are the quests we’re going to be getting, but i feel like we’re quite far through the vault stuff. Now maybe we’ll get a new change of scenery soon i haven’t actually used my level up. Oh no, that looks like a krogen fighting krugen. Now how many get that come on? Oh in the left that we’re good okay, we’re gon na go further in yeah that’s what’s telling me all right: let’s go resources; there’s a can pariah who’s make sure it’s, not a problem around both ways. Still didn’t hit there that’s the thing get off. That was a great kill, Music. Okay, how many purchases are there it’s? Quite quite a big little network? Look at this it’s an angoran, really that’s not going to make joel happy. Is it i’m reading a temperature degree, the people i hired shot at you and you took care of them? I understand that now let’s talk. After all, i’ve heard. I didn’t expect that an angara led these hunts. Then you’ve been talking to the angara here i’m sure they told you the stories how the avara are, the only living history we have left, but these creatures might also hold the key to our war against the cat.

Explain i’ve been performing tests; an enzyme in the avara skin could treat the effects of cat weaponry if i’m right our fighters could heal faster push back against the cat. No, not like this creatures are dying. You see my people would rather cling to tradition than think about the future. I see a lady isn’t here that’s, who i’d want to ask. You really think this enzyme will work. It’Ll heal your people, i need to run more tests, but it looks promising just let me continue my research for the future of my people, ryder. I don’t know how to feel like. I can’t make this decision well, if you’re unsure that makes me want to go into the research. If this work helps people, i can’t stop. If you were saying no, then i’d come to front with your people. This feels like a mistake. I’Ll contact you today now that way. Thank you. You won’t regret this. Thank you. My research will work. I know it. Okay, i mean it’s, technically, probably not gon na have any ramifications right, it’s. Just i do try to think of it. In that way, life support at 100. Okay. So now i want to get out of here. The temperature decreased Music say anything for me. He just keep him in well. Let’S go someone have a problem with my decision, but then somebody has to probably decisions either way. So just have to try to be pragmatic. I think spiritual stuff is important, but not only expensive.

Thank you probably chests and stuff lit around here somewhere, but it’s. Not feeding them means playing a level stuff let’s get back to this and can fast travel back to turn a load of stuff in let’s, see where we’re at there there’s some minerals and stuff, but that’s, not real. I mean fight ability, 100 wow we’ve got this place, looking good uh, it’s, technically a quest back at the cam perfect at least to pick it up. Just missing sounds basically a fetch quest right. So that can stay. I suppose we could go and grab that hidden. Wraith let’s go tell bucks all about her brother. We get all the rocks, the i think there’s a rock here. Yes, on top of the mountain isn’t, it totally forgotten, maybe we’ll go grab that as well below my vehicle, apparently make sure i’ve got a rifle out or a shotgun that works too. Nice been tracking that thing all day. Thanks for the help, do i get to meet the mystery sniper only right come find me. Okay, let’s go not much of a mystery right on the nest thanks. My father taught me as soon as i was old enough to hold a gun. Oh man, life must be harsh out here. He taught you well he’s, always prepared made sure i could shoot, hunt and make a camp very good. You ever think of joining the resistance, they’d be lucky to have you i want to, but my family would never allow it not.

After my brother dude anyway, you were his friend. I want to follow his example, but my family. This is your call. This is what you truly want. It is. I want to help then tell them. I’Ve met your father, you’ll, listen, you’re right, it’s time. I speak to my family. That was easy right. Okay, i’m reading a temporary recruit almost here, environmental temperatures are within acceptable limits. If an attack is going to happen, it needs to happen now, hey what’s. This. Let me help tell me what to do the code to disable. The security shields is encrypted, but i’ll keep working on it. I’Ve sent you the map and a nav point for a side entrance that won’t have as many guards go quickly. We’Ll be in touch yay we’ve got the cat base so meet the family. Is the question you need to do this? I could i remember that meet the family people come here looking for how to get into the base they’re going to want to know how to get that the temperature is falling. Good good start on that right map uh, so right, so many quests and stuff let’s start let’s tidy this area up and then i’ll feel better, and then we can start the next next episode actually taking on the base. Hopefully that’ll feel better to me. Let’S get this inside a little w hello. The arrival of visitors beyond the galaxy is a significant development, of course approaching.

It would be foolhardy still if you find yourself there. There are stories i think, that’s that let’s get the database okay, some of this stuff’s actually going to be ace. Then this one just missed you a human being. Yes, that does that we’ve got remove the hot water light which is going to be at least on the way to the base i feel like. We should do the base first, this game’s needed like what twice the run speed i hate to like want an insane run speed, but they made this area so big, i suppose, with the crazy jumping it’s fine, it’s, fine that’s. What we’re gon na play this time? Don’T drop off like i did last time come on. I know it’s ice come on forward. Look at it. It looks amazing. I don’t know if this game has a photo where i’m posting these now let’s not drive off the edge. This time an undocumented mineral has been detected. Ah there, yes, that doing pretty good. Now, five out of 16., i haven’t done the ones on eos yet either i think it’s, probably clear to how many planets there are. Probably we have four of these, probably on threes. Maybe there’s a four building right, so i feel like it’s a good idea to right here, good idea too, in this episode, just because we’re on 16 minutes, there’s no point in me starting the kit based stuff and well. I like wait.

A minute life support is back online rashford. Let me in man there it is we’ll need extra heat lamps pleasure to meet you, pathfinder priya blake, captain of outpost, taravuni i’m glad you’re. Here i thought we’d have to deal with this on our own. Really what’s the problem: is it the cat? No at least i don’t think so. A few of my drill technicians went we’ve, tried their columns but again nothing but static. I was supposed to keep these people. Their research log is in the lab. Maybe your ai. Can this is only there let’s go there’s, nothing right! This crate contains a prototype for a handheld ice drill, so they’re developing a portable drilling method. Smart, okay, enough point, final transmission that’s miles. Well, we grabbed it now so uh uh ask him with me, which is good all right. Okay, so did not see that on the way around i’m, detecting below normal temperatures left what sit over there. This is the big one earlier. We should attack the ken command center as soon as possible. Okay, so that’s right! This is related to the thing in hero, okay, cool! Well, i guess we’ll end the episode here in the next one.