You just got out of a demo of mass effect, legendary edition, which i also sat in, and you are writing up the preview for us on I encourage everybody to go, read that so let’s just get right to it. This is a remaster of a beloved trilogy. We got a hands off demo. What was your initial reaction? My initial reaction is that this is basically what we’ve been doing. We’Ve been modding for 10 years now on the mass effect trilogy it’s, just that now it is available in a complete console package and, on the one hand, that’s really good, but on the other hand i think that in the context of games like resident evil 2, It might seem a little, maybe a little underwhelming yeah, i i think, it’s fair to adjust and to be to be fair to ea and bioware. They have not pitched this as a remake. They have said it’s a remaster, but i still think it’s important for for us to kind of hammer that difference home. You mentioned resident evil 2, which i think is arguably the gold standard of of game remakes these days and yeah that this is there is a difference. A remaster is a polishing of the existing thing. A remake is a is a from the ground up do over. On an old thing, and – and this is this is just a polishing and if you could like one word to describe what what you’ve seen so far would be, i mean it’s an update, right um.

I think the thing that i’m most interested in is how mass effect 1 ends up playing, because that was the game. That was definitely the roughest and i know we’re like maybe framing this as just a polishing or maybe a little underwhelming, but they did do a lot of work like if you look at the difference with say eden, prime, there is a big difference in how they’ve Updated the environments, the character models are a big improvement and they have made meaningful changes to the actual gameplay, especially in terms of the aim, penalties and everything with the mass effect so they’re trying to thread this needle of keeping it the essence of the rpg elements Of the original mass effect, while also bringing it closer in line to mass effect, 2 and 3., and i think that’s really good, especially for console players – i heaven knows that mass effect really needed an update it’s. That series has gotten pretty long in the tooth. At this point i mean it’s been yeah. The first one was over 13 years ago now so and that’s my favorite one, of course my favorite one’s, the oldest one, the ones it’s the best one i’m was. Thank. You see, i knew i i knew we would get along great mass effect, one for life, no disrespect to all the mass effect 2 people out there, but um yeah kind of talk a little more because what’s. You know what were some of the questions you were able to get answered and some of the additional information about this like i know there was a question about well, you know, are you? Are you going to be dumped back to a menu at the end of each game, or will it now kind of continue seamlessly and those kinds of things? What did we learn? I mean that was a big one for sure was you do not continue seamlessly after you complete a game.

You’Ll go back to the launcher menu. It will run at 4k 60 it’s going to have the 21.9 wide screen support that kind of thing, so that’s all very good and the way that they upscaled the actual games was that they used an ai renderer to bring up all of the textures between four Times and 16 times, which is pretty cool and then they went through and they basically hand touched every asset, every character through mass effect, one and two and a good chunk of three. Then they also brought in a lot of people a lot of influencers cosplayers. Interestingly enough and had them give a lot of feedback, so a not insignificant amount of work went into this now. One of the big things that will stand out is that multiplayer will not be in mass effect 3. They said that the reason they’re not doing this is because it’s just going to be too much work, the scope the the cross play and over and over again they were saying we want to keep the scope of this project under control, and that makes sense because, If you think about like, if you wanted to do a full blown resident, evil 2 remake, you wouldn’t be able to do this as a package. You would have to basically do the original mass effect, but now it is in resident, evil 2 form. If that makes sense yeah, i uh the the most jarring part of the presentation.

For me, i don’t know about for you, but was in the beginning when, when mack walters the project director who’s a veteran of the entire mass effect series at bioware, he starts talking about. Well, we looked at. We looked at moving the whole thing to unreal engine 4, which is the current version unreal engine 5 is due to ship to developers later this year and mass effect. Mass effect trilogy was on unreal 3. and he starts basically. Basically, if i interpret it correctly, i don’t know about what you think, but it basically seems like porting to unreal. Engine 4 would have been too much work and i don’t say that dismissively of the developers they obviously have a there. You have a budget and you have an amount of time, but that’s still kind of deflated me a little bit during the presentation when i was like because man, it would look completely modern and amazing without being a full on remake if it could have been done In unreal 4. yeah, i think the justification was a little odd because they were saying well. It would feel like a totally different game. I’M. Like is that a bad thing for a game that came out 13 years ago, right, yeah, yeah, that’s, fair now, but there was good news uh for for players that like playing with femship? Yes, yes, they used the iconic version from mass effect 3 and basically had that character available all the way through mass effect, 1, 2 and 3.

. One of the big points that they were making through the entire presentation was that they’re bringing a ton in line with the actual trilogy. So all of the customization options that were introduced in mass effect 3 is going to be available in mass effect, 1 and 2.. It’S going to be a lot more coherent, i should say, and uh femshep is going to be much more up into the standard of the male shepherd who, in in the past, like, i believe, had an actual character model, uh being able, representing that particular character. So yes, so all of the improvements that they’ve made is consistent throughout and i think that’s pretty good. Now bioware showed off that you know they kind of walked us through like here what here, with some updated characters and then here’s a scene, and we we turn. You know post, processing, off and – and they kind of you know, showed all the different layers of what they’re up to what were your thoughts on kind of the visuals cause. For me, i thought the environments saw the the most improvement from what they showed off the demo and the the characters, not quite as as obvious a jump. But what was your take on on kind of the overall look of this thing, i think the character models have a slight improvement in like say from mass effect 3, but a huge improvement from the original mass effect, as we’ve said already before, being in 4k 60.

With the improved character models in the improved environments, it’s just going to be a giant glow up for the original mass effect, a game that holds a special place in our heart in so many ways, not the least because it’s the most rpg out of them, but Also, i mean they showed a shot of the original mass effect and they had the alien eyes, and i was like oh right: they had the alien eyes back in 2007., god that was weird well finally, kat the other big thing with mass effect. 1. That again, you and i uh that’s our favorite the bugaboo. For years and years, the elevator rides that that cleverly match the loading times has bioware and addressed that for this remaster they sure have uh previous. I couldn’t believe how long the elevator rides were in the previous game. They were like more almost a minute, sometimes more and oh, my gosh. It felt like an eternity as they were riding at the elevator. They did a great side by side with the one that the newly remastered version finishing in about 18 seconds or thereabouts, and you can actually skip through the cut the conversations if you want to and then they’re out there running around uh the world and meanwhile they’re Still going on the elevators, so big improvements uh to the actual elevator loading sequences. Well, that is good news and then i guess they they tweaked the mako physics a little bit too.

It sounds like so there was that there’s that as well. So i think that this is a game that you really if you play it, i think you’re gon na feel a lot of differences, especially in the way that it actually moves. I think just going up to 60 frames per second is going to make a big difference and if we think about it like originally, we all just kind of wanted. A remaster, maybe for nintendo, switch it’s unfortunate that it’s not going to be on nintendo switch. Maybe at some point in the near future, we’ll see, but in the meantime like in terms of just being a remaster, i feel like it ticks almost all of the boxes. Yeah i’m with you, i i haven’t played the original in years uh and a good point about the frame rate. Too i mean the original on. The 360 was a gorgeous. You know early gen 360 game, but it ran like maybe in the high 20s frame rate wise, so be nice to see it at 60. uh. I can’t wait to play mass effect 1, particularly again, that is going to be a treat so we’re going to look forward to playing the mass effect legendary edition pretty soon. It is not too far away kat. Thank you so much for more on all things. Mass effect keep it tuned right here to ign thanks everybody.