. My name is derek ray and i’m joined for commentary by lee dixon, and this is where it all starts in the uefa champions league. The group stage and match day one my goodness so much to look forward to it’s west ham, united taking on liverpool yeah cheers derek well what a big moment for this club and these fans, but as underdogs you’ve got to put the pressure on early doors. You’Ve got to use that home advantage push back the team that’s playing against you and hopefully get a goal just to put the pressure on just not looking confident in possession robertson and him with a real chance Applause, a goal in the early stages, precisely what they Had been planning wow what technique when the ball comes to you and you don’t need a touch and you can just whack it first time like this, what a goal well let’s have another view of that goal. Well, all the hard work has paid off, but the manager knows a lot more has to be done to secure this game. So the match has restarted. One nil here: Applause, roberto, firmino henderson. Has it encouraging move from liverpool? Oh lovely weighted ball. They might be in an opportunity with the header, but not troubling the goalkeeper at all lee well i’ll say one thing technique and he didn’t have any there to take it away. Applause, oh lovely and decisive pass. That was a move of great promise.

They could easily have been in and the counter attackers on options available. Applause pablo for now’s on the ball matsuyaku for now’s, delivered into the area here and clears his lines: Applause manet by naldum, now nabbi kata by naldum, useful, looking position, you’ve got to say now. They keep the ball moving and he’s in and foiled by the post Applause. That was pretty much the game right there if that goes in, but not to be, and with that they attack fizzles out Applause on bonner Applause, oh that’s, a fine pass Applause. Liverpool might be able to cash in good pressure to win the ball back high up the pitch. A very disappointing effort, well he’s in a great spot as well it’s all about the decision making and he makes the wrong one. Liverpool have hardly had the ball, but they won’t mind they’re winning this game, and why? Because their counter attack is absolutely fantastic. Well: failure to keep the ball by liverpool Applause by naldum and return to vinaldo, but he had to read it and get there and did Applause on bonner, declan rice, totally fooled him still trailing, but they’re upping the pressure, Applause and smart defending oh, a nice. Looking pass, it could be the big moment for him money. Oh, that was a terrific stop in a one versus one situation: well high fives, all round for the goalkeeper, absolutely fantastic katar and now henderson henderson, and he was out thought just then racing forward trying to catch them out.

Lovely ball over the top rice Applause, trying to chisel a chance out of it. Applause delivered into the box, just the clearance that was needed, and so it is the first half story, Applause, Music and so the second half of this champions league group stage match day. One contest commences: Applause, georginio, one album here’s robertson by maldum, henderson alexander arnold, and he was in the right place to intercept Applause fabinho here’s robertson. Well, they must exercise caution standing off as they are navigator. It’S. A good liverpool move in the making fluency of movements robertson. Can he convert and somehow he prevents a goal. Well, it looks a certain goal: derek the agility. The reflex is unbelievable. He’S driving in the corner punched clear, a small stop here, a corner right on the back of the last one and firing it into the area but fists it away by the goalkeeper. Well, he didn’t miss by an awful lot. Vladimir kufal Applause, lanzini half an hour remaining, then Applause and still an opportunity Applause Applause he dealt with that ball played in rather well behind for another corner, can they cash in relatively straightforward to mop up defensively, matip Applause, fabinho and the keeper taking care of the Situation: Applause amino gator henderson has it man and return to mani, gator, just cutting off the supply, Applause, lancini and it’s a matter of what occurs in the final 15 minutes Applause liverpool, in a position of menace able to deal with the threats, navigator and options in The center, and could it be andrew robertson what’s an important piece of defending well just listen to the crowd.

They want a bit more. They know there’s still time to grab an equaliser, surely they’ll get another chance or two determined defending georginio one, album Applause and the ball’s gone. It might be perfectly set up for the counter attack. You know and the counter attack came to nothing Applause, salah gator. Oh tremendous block, manet body in the way again and mohammed salah now and the keeper had the measure of it. Another goal from this corner would in all likelihood secure victory punched away Applause, but it can’t get through Applause, henderson, perfect, tackle Applause, so full time. It is and the morale boosting three points on the board to begin the european campaign. Yeah really really strong, start that’s what you need, but with five games to go very important.