Yo. I want to go explo. I know the spot. I love to have you come with me, but this adventure is too dangerous. Yo i’m going to search for the lost kingdom and when i find it we’ll be famous okay, now be a good little explorer and keep mommy safe. Until i return weeks later, yo break a news. Famous world goes missing: that’s what’s her trying to discover lost kingdom you’re, probably missing, doing an exploration in search for the lost kingdom, while everybody assumed the worst. You believed he was still alive out there somewhere i’m loving the music years passes. You seek to follow your father’s footsteps, searching for any clues to find him. This is intense you’ve warged off to our archivists to land that host fragments of scale. Okay, when all the pieces of pendant are assembled, it will leave the holder up wherever their heart desires. Most it’s a long shot, but maybe the only key to finding your lost father, hey a tails of the explorer open world. Oh my freaking, goodness smash let’s go show tutorial recommended for first time players skip the tour show to disorder activated. Please finish every icon to proceed. What is that hey? That monkey was a has a key, hey, he’s, running away monkey. Give me that key boy Applause Music, give me so i go this way. Yo look at the squirrels! Look at the squirrels they’re just chilling! Oh there’s, the monkey let’s go.

Give me my key back. Give me my key all right: let’s keep going! Oh, okay, hey monkey! Uh! Oh bring me something tasty from town, and i give you the key bro. Why are we playing this game? Just give me it all right, so we’re gon na go on this path right here and um yeah let’s see bro i’m guessing. This is gon na go to the town. Oh yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir, all right! Okay, yo! You lonely hello, hello, just so you know you can’t craft resources and buy items to help you some other residents have shops around john the taylor. Oh hello, stranger, can you help an old man out some punk monkey stole my keys from me and now i’m locked out of my own shop i’m far past my youngin days to go wandering in in that forest. If you can give me my key back, i was sure to repay you. Yeah bro. I got ta, give him some fruit like like i’m, so glad i i went there. First, we need 20 go. I got gold right now, sir. I got you right now. Brother i’m, going back and i’m getting you that freaking key all right place through give me that key. He he thank you you’re. A nice person grab key all right. You got back to you, got back to taylor’s key, give it! Oh, my goodness, you’re a lifesaver! Please come in oh say less i mean i, i guess i’ll come in.

Okay, you got ta shop. Can i talk to you? Thank you very much for helping me here. Oh day, 100 gold, as a token of my appreciation, buy further close increased movement. Speed by shield. Give me the movement speed. I don’t care give me that what it’ll be buddy, we have some of the best prices in town. Do you whoo? Okay, yo? Why are you making me spend? Go? Oh all, right. We bought the movement speed. This is so freaking clean. What is that i’m going over here? First, oh, let me eat this flopper. What am i doing? Let me get my health back all right i’m going up here, just to see what’s popping. Oh, what was this hey y’all? Do you have any floppers, but i just had one: oh, you need five anyway. No, i don’t got no floppers. What do you even get? I don’t even know: okay, oh hey, another fellow explorer. Could you please do me a favor, my three pet llamas ran away and i can’t find them anywhere. Would you please help me find them for me, they’re not too heavy to lift up. It would mean so much if you could is this gon na break. Eventually, oh wait all right guys, so we was exploring. I can break oh hello there, sir. What are you 50 call for the coins and you can open the chest say less. Let me open the chest: give me that scar, boy and more gold over here, oh i found one of her llamas carry llama, oh and there’s, more gold, oh there’s, a llama right there.

I see him. What is this i need wait. Can i just smack the tree? Oh wait. I got ta smack down those wood. Piles, 500 wood that’s clean, give me this llama all right. We got two llama out of three all right. I came back to the town. Let’S go this way. What is this? Like? A jungle gym dude. This is clean. Oh, we found the next llama here. Oh my goodness, you’re a lifesaver. Thank you! So much alright. What do i get out of it? I gave you my trusty gliders. Their number of uses are limited, but i hope they help. You in your journey, so we can use that first up appreciate you jj all righties, oh yay! Thank you connie human here. Please take these dave c shop. Wan na want a helmet to survive the heat only 150 coins. Are you kidding me and now we can go on the heat you purchase the heat helmet. You can now endure a high temperature environment safely, all right all right drift boards for sale. Why do why would we need drift boards, hey, yo, you’re you’re, trying to get to the desert dungeon huh you’re, quite brave the trail over there has intense heat waves you’ll be burnt to to a crisp. My famous sand drip boards will get you there safely, though. Just a hundred coins – and you can rent one so we’re gon na – have to buy this to get to the same dungeon, all right, cool cool.

All right. We got the drift board, let’s get it y’all know what time it is. Y’All know what time it is. Let’S go y’all know what time it is. Wait. Let’S go baby let’s go. I need to ask some you. Oh look at this tunnel say less. Oh, we made it. Okay, the sand temple we made it only with the power of flame. Can thou open the seal? Oh it’s, a puzzle, let’s go baby let’s, go that’s. What i do all right, we’re in the temple i don’t have enough help for this. At all i’m, probably gon na die honestly, but let’s freaking go baby. I’Mma die i’mma die. Is this the puzzle? I’M? Guessing this is a puzzle. I don’t know what to do here. Wait. Do we have to do anything back there yo say less. I don’t got to do. Crap let’s go! Oh my gosh yo. I wasn’t ready, oh okay. Okay! What do i do here? What do i do here? What do i do here way? Oh it does. Can i break this? Oh okay? Okay, what? What is this doing? This is nothing oh pick up block whoa! This block is heavy. I need to drop it down somewhere, oh place block. That makes a lot of sense. Oh oh, we can go here now, let’s go. I knew you can get over here. Somehow, oh, what is this? What is it? What is this all right? There’S, another puzzle, okay, sounds up there, which i don’t know how to get to oh hold up all right, so we so we’re gon na shimmy up here, probably right, right, yeah, okay, let’s go up here, bing to get the other one.

Oh okay, right here, all right, that’s, two and then there’s three. I probably got ta jump on this and then jump. Oh wait! This is kind of difficult let’s, say less jump. Oh i got it. Let’S go we’re going in boss battle! Yo! Look at my boy! This is a big old spider. Okay, i hope we got ta hit that for a thousand damage. Spider is an aggro state. No don’t get an aggro stay chill. Spider i’m gon na die bro come on come on. I ran out of ammo. It though, come on get up. Get off me. Get off of me. Get off gon na go again come on come on, come on, let’s, go! Give me. This ball pause level. Two let’s go baby. What is this? Oh, we got one of the fragments one of three oh say: let of course it’s nighttime when i come out here. Is this the gnomes hideout? This is clean, forgive us for looking at you strange. You see there’s an evil wizard that has been using his dark magic around our neck of the woods. He even created that dark barrier over there to block us away from our palace and turn it into a dark. Dungeon i’ll take care of that wizard as a human you won’t be able to get far in that maze. You need owl vision to see past the fog. Oh okay! What? What is this owl vision here? Use this magical capture device and bring me out, oh see, so i was literally missing it okay, so we got the owl give out.

Ah perfect. Give me a moment: try to stand still: okay, standing still, okay, all done i’ll put special alverge and contact lenses on you, hey, say less now, you’ll be able to get past the maze a little easier. Oh all, right. Good luck to feeding that dark, wizard let’s! Go man any creatures in here let’s go straight. I feel like it is going to be this way anyway. Oh yep, the wizard let’s, go baby. What you doing dog, are you wait? Are you the wizard uh it’s, you um, so i guess you’re going to defeat the evil. Wizard huh that’s, awesome, i’ll! Just let you take over from here. Then he all right, uh, yeah, all right, whoa sit down all right. You can’t! Go that way: i’m! Guessing there’s fog there we got to clear it up. Oh, we probably have to break this wait. Okay, we don’t got ta break down, let’s, not waste our ammo on it. Okay, we got ta time, this perfectly all right boom boom boom and then boom. Oh my gosh. This took so much damage, but it was worth it though all right we got ta go in here now. Can we break this? Wait what what? What the oh, okay! So! Okay! Now we can go through here i’m, almost about to die, which is not good. Oh let’s, go! Oh let’s. Go! Oh now! Go back: okay, okay, okay, oh okay! Okay, uh! I like that all right there’s a torch here! Oh you! Oh! Oh! You need resources.

You know how bad can’t go up there. Oh we’re gon na need that torch, because they’re, okay, we’re gon na, have to burn the vines i’m. Guessing we got the torch light it up. Let’S get it the dark, fragment, dark magic, harassing the shell of an explosive. This item can be only used in this dungeon as it cannot withstand the lights. Oh, oh that’s, clean, oh, that is so clean. Okay, oh, this is clean. This is clean. Okay, okay, hold up! Oh, oh, say less alrighty. Are we about to fight the wizard? Now hold up there’s a secret here, but there’s a lot of little puzzles. Oh gosh, smack this we can get stone again, which is odd. There must be something we got to use it for if they gave us stone, there’s another torch there. I see how you made it like that, smack it let’s go let’s go in here, like swimwear, alrighty i’m liking this purple effect. It really feels like we going to some fortress, oh let’s, refill on it emma. You know the vibes. We are max health and everything let’s get it baby enter boss battle yo. How do you yo? How do you i just got? Ta take the damage like that there’s, no dick! I can’t dodge the that’s, those shots. Oh, he ran out let’s go that boss was too easy, spaz, but level. Three now max up increased to 100. We got the second artifact the little fragment.

We need one more one, more fragment all right. We got scuba gear. Now we can dive in oh Music. This is clean. Maybe we did have to go down here then. Oh, that hooks you yo, that is so freaking dope, give back bam. Member we’re, not at the they’re, imagining melody seems to have opened the claims. He really put keys, there’s clams up here. Oh down, that opens the temple. What do we do here? Hold up? Oh, what is this? Oh, oh key, no let’s go got water dungeon key! This is cool all right. Oh let’s go all right. What do we do here? What do we do? Here’S? A lot of fragments probably got ta. Go this way to get this one all right. We got that one! Okay! Can we get this one now? Oh celeste, and we can pick up this block. Oh say this: now we get this one and now it will open this let’s go man. I’Ll put a checkpoint. I mean that’s up to you, though, spat that’s trippy y’all, see that oh no whoa whoa whoa what what killed one hey, hey! The vowel looks strange. I can’t even open it. I should bring this to the gnomes let’s go baby let’s go what a fragment, oh at last, when all three pen, a magical vowel to awakening it from its long slumber, thou hero who wears it shall be shown a path where their heart most desires.

Well done, you have obtained the sacred pending of truth. I’Ll help. You guide you to find your lost father wait. How did you know he? He cuz? I know your father, you met several years ago. I knew once i knew once i saw you, you look just like your father now, then you have done all you can in our land, use the pendament and find your father back to the home base guys here we go tales of the explorer open quest. Look at me that’s it thank you for playing you meet again.