This should be high intensity, stuff lee yeah. Thank you, derek lovely to be here. I can’t wait for this one. A nice quick tempo from both sides will be ideal for me. Let’S hope we get. That should be a great game. The lineup then for the hosts, would you call it four five one lee yeah. I really like this formation, derek four two, three one, really, the two central midfield players supplying support to a three ahead of them and then a lone striker with a number 10. Just behind him, this is how the visitors will set up today. Well, they are a team with a partial for the explosive counter attack. Is that something you think we’ll see this time around lee yeah, pretty much derek they perhaps don’t have that creative midfield to produce. So, sitting back and soaking up pressure and trying to utilize their pacey forwards is their best option and this confrontation is underway Applause chance to cross dangerous looking attack. Can he put them in front that is a tackle and a half Applause, excellent vision, chance to play it in real danger? Superb defensive judgment to end the attack, oh a lovely ball and a goal just what the fans wanted to see the ideal way to begin? Well, here it is again and it’s all about the pace in transition. They were so quick to get out from the back and he chooses to use power in the finish not much chance for the keeper.

When he’s hit that hard Applause, the opening goal of the game, then Applause and they’ll get ready for the throw, in Applause, an alert intervention, not showing good defensive judgment Applause and continues. This run Applause moving the ball nicely, trying to carve out the equalizer Applause and a tidy tackle and a throw in forthcoming Applause options in the center and a goal. Kick is the outcome, Applause Applause and he did well to cut it out. As you can see, the visitors don’t have too much of the ball, but they won’t mind they’re winning this game, and why? Because their counter attack is absolutely fantastic. Can i say, can he finish and Applause Applause well we’re, seeing again here and the pace and accuracy of this passing is a dream and when he gets through to the kid he just smashes it past him gives him no chance to think a lovely finish. Applause. So toenail now a chance to whip it in have they giving them too much space Applause, bhutan, it’s, opening up for them Applause, but a crucial intervention inside the box. Well, the electronic board showing one additional minute while they must exercise caution, standing off as they are. Applause, looking confident with the ball at his feet and there it is the half time whistle. Well, quite simply, he hasn’t been able to make his mark in attack in this game. Lee yeah really hasn’t been able to carve out any opportunities today.

Certainly hasn’t tested the keeper much we expect more from him, but you can see why they’re struggling today, Music teams have switched around and are ready now for the second half, can i say, Applause well, derek all departments of this team have been off today. Very rarely happens when everybody’s poor that’s what the fans are reacting to. They should ask for a refund moving the ball effectively. Can i say Applause, and that was a very fine read over the touch line for a throw in there has been plenty of limbering up from substitutes, and now both sides will make personnel switches. The visitors, possession stats are brilliant if you don’t control the ball in midfield it’s, very difficult to have enough of the ball to create chances for your strikers and really has been a dominant performance. Disappointing. Pass Applause well read to win possession back and a chance to whip it in here, he’s had to go for it, when’s the ball Applause, oh that’s, a well timed pass: will he find the net wonderful stuff as they accelerate away from the opposition? Well, let’s see the replay and look at the pace at which the counter attack happens and a 2v1 is never fair. To be honest with you, the keeper’s got no chance to stop this it’s lovely football it’s, a massive lead and it’s very hard to imagine them losing it now not getting anxious when they have the ball. Applause run it well.

10 minutes left for play in this match: Applause, couldn’t, hang on to the ball: possession lost intercepted another great pass and just the one minute left in normal time here, and there goes the final whistle it’s gone the wrong way as far as the home fans are Concerned well, derek they were out fought today and that’s unforgivable, you don’t mind being outplayed and they surely work but not to put up a fight, that’s a scandal, and he puts in a really thorough performance tonight, lee well clearly the difference between the two sides.