17. Can you tell me a decision to make oh Music? Well, this is the kind of match. Every football fan looks forward to a lot on the line and the likelihood of attention packed occasion stay tuned. We’Ll have all the action for you live here on ea tv, Music, a really exciting night ahead of us here at the santiago bernabeu in madrid. My name is derek ray and joining me in the commentary. Position is the former arsenal and england full back lee. Dixon and we’ve got champions league group stage action to look forward to it’s real madrid against paris, saint germain yeah, derek thanks. You can’t really go on and win tournaments unless you’re consistent in the group stages very important. You don’t drop points looking forward to this one: Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so Music Applause, Music Applause and the starting players for real madrid coursework. The belgian will be in goal. Sergio ramos plays with rafael varan at the back tony course starts with casimiro in the center of the pitch and leading the line today is kareem benzema Applause, and here is the initial 11 for paris, as your man. Well, as a team, they do have their stylistic preference and it really is all about trying to put the opposition under pressure, making sure that they don’t compose themselves lee. Do you expect to see more of that in this game yeah pretty much? They love to press eye don’t, they it’s their preferred style of play, winning the ball high up the pitch.

It certainly benefits their strikers, they’re very good at it. Applause real madrid, moving the ball with purpose. What can they do from this position? Applause here? Well, it looked highly promising, but it came to nothing in the end: Applause in possession marcelo, so glancing at the table, and i must say when the teams came out of the various pots for the champions league draw. This was the one that stood out straight away. What a riveting game this promises to be well we’re in for a real belt! It might be the moment to get them ahead. He’S going to be angry with himself lee, having failed to take that chance so early in the game. Well, the first chance of a game is important, but the first goal – sometimes it comes you’re not expecting it. I almost think lee with tony kroos we’re talking about a player who’s brimming with class. What are you looking for from the german here? Well, the more you give this like the ball, the better the team normally plays. He switches the ball. He links play from left to right up and down the pitch. He keeps possession a brilliant player, germany in full control of the ball. Here it looked as though he almost forced the shot that time well, it’s, okay, shooting from there, but you have to test the keeper vinicius jr and space for the cross he’s, given it straight to the opposition. Applause space afforded him di maria and options in the center.

He must finish and offside is the decision. It must have been very closely well yeah. The linesman’s got the best view of them all. I think he got that right. Marcelo, quick thinking to dispossess his opponent under herrera with that lovely pass di maria only fail to get it away properly. Well, it’s a really poor challenge now what’s the referee going to do about it and the referee has determined that that is a bookable offence. I don’t think you can think anything else after that challenge, benzema playing with purpose and control, and the goalkeeper will see that as part of doing his job corner, given to real madrid, Applause, Applause and offside. It is Applause throw in here for psg cavani, with a sliver of pass Applause, he’s gone for power lee, but it’s wide, well, no real direction, but the power was there and you’re right. It’S just gone past. The post there’s been a goal in the manchester city, match let’s hear about it from allen. It’S a goal from manchester city it’s been scored by raheem sterling. It was some way out. He received the ball, took one touch to steady himself and then fired it low and hard into the bottom corner. 25 minutes played one nil thanks alan neymar very attractive. Looking move easy on the eye, but nothing there. Enzo must pass not accurate enough immaculately placed by cavani just unable to take advantage of that developing situation, not too fussy in clearing his lines.

A real difficulty, keeping the ball exquisite pass from di maria and a girl here, Music and the floodlights are shining down on the players here in the spanish capital of madrid we’re at the bernabeu. My name is derek ray and with me in the commentary position is the former arsenal full back lee dixon and we’re ready for uefa champions league group stage action tonight: it’s real madrid against patty, sergeant, yeah, it’s, important you’re consistent throughout these group stages. You can’t afford any slip. Ups, no drop points as before. You know it you’re out the running, anticipating a really good game today, derek, hopefully we’re, not disappointed. Do they mean business on this occasion appearing in field here and the keeper there to make sure nothing? Untoward Applause happens, marcelo Applause alert defending now the attack promising as it was scuppered there well let’s see what they have in store for them on the break. Will it be sufficiently imaginative and scope for the cross masterful piece of foiling Applause corner awarded to psg? So glancing at the table – and i must say when the teams came out of the various ports for the champions league draw. This was the one that stood out straight away. What a riveting game this promises to be well we’re in for a real belt. So i think so much height leading up to this game. Both teams expected to go deep into this competition. Can’T wait for this one it’s with vinicius junior, giving away Applause; well a sloppy clearance.

What can the opposition do with this quick thinking to dispossess his opponents? Applause, neymar and the parisians have lost Applause possession. It might be perfectly set up for the counter attack. You know real chance now they seem to be on to something positive, but it faded away. Excellent, defending shouldn’t keep the ball. Neymar makes his way forward with purpose options around him. Here is juan bernat. Oh, he needs to clear it here: Applause, the possession lost intercepted ferrari, timaria nunier, individual quality coming to the four well. It was pretty straight forward for the goalkeeper, oh he’s, giving it away and vagan foiling them. Applause it again. On the city game, alan mcadaley, it’s, a goal from manchester city it’s been scored by raheem sterling. He didn’t know much about it. The defender hit it straight at him and it came off his knee and then he’ll claim it. All 25 minutes played one nil, alan mcadaley, keeping us right up to date. Of course, Applause. Is it going to end up being productive for them poor, pass under no real pressure? Applause under here we might see the wide route as a fruitful one. Psg options in the center only fail to get it away properly and plenty of skirt to be creative. In that wide position, Applause, Music, being pressed and pressed high, given away by real madrid Applause benzema, so plenty of forward momentum from real madrid here, and it will be a free kick to real madrid.

Now let us point you in the direction of champions league group stage, action coming up live here on ea tv, it’s, real madrid versus paris, saint germain, knockout football derrick, you know it’s, my favorite properly focuses the mind that does well. It should do anyway, i’m. Looking forward to it not a good pass, and that was a very fine read a change to the situation at the johan craft arena alan mcinally it’s, a goal for the visitors ‘ minutes played 1 1 cheers again. Alan cavani space afforded vsg Applause well, that’s.