I thought it was like something you clip into your hair, but no, you put it on your toothpaste. It replaces the cap comes out of his mouth like a tongue or vomit your choice. They mixed up some resin made a wooden mold, then a whale, i think, it’s a whale made, some cuts in it and then poured the resin into it and wait for it. Sanded it down until this bad boy was super smooth, made a spoon, a whale spoon. Is it a spoon or is it a ladle, i don’t know, but i could stir and eat my soup with it. I wanted a headboard, so i drew one wait. Oh man. If i could freehand everything that good, i would be drawing all day me and my shaky hand could never that came out so pretty better than any headboard you could buy. Oh the fish, you see the fishy, the fishy with the boots. I like him. Are you sick and tired of having a boring mask well, who would have knew that you could actually paint that? Oh, i was like oh wow, the mona lisa. What happens when you open her up? She thought that went through y’all got hundreds of used, masks, don’t, throw them away this dude glued them all together, like how big can i make the largest mask? Wait, wait, wait, wait, he’s soaking it in cement. I thought we were just gon na. Have a godzilla sized mask, we started up with a bunch of masks.

How did it come to this a pot for a plant? I mean that is creative, but a little too much i would have just made a flag out of it hung it up in my driveway this ain’t, your average pack of cigarettes, so those cigarettes they’re actually teeth. This is what happens when you smoke. So every time you take one out, she loses a tooth, so the whole pack is gone and the whole mouth is gone at only 22. Ashley will now need dentures that’s. What happens when you smoke, so they started out with crayons right. These are crayons. I don’t see no crayola wrapper around these, i mean hold up hold on hold on i blinked or something they took like always a tissue paper tissue paper. How does it look so smooth you’re telling me i could have smooth crayon color this whole time 10 year old me. Would i love to know this and then made this photo i’m still trying to process how you all blended, the colors so nicely? Okay, they’re doing another side. I have a second chance to see what was going on. Oh and then they took a black colored pencil it just like pops, so much like it’s, so smooth crayon should not be that smooth that should be illegal. They came out beautiful. Oh, i was like is one of these drops real that’s, a real drop of water? Are they both drawn on anyways how to draw a drop shade that bad boy in blend all traces of pencil add the little shiny, part and bam i can’t tell which one’s real, which is fake? Are they both fake i’ve been seeing a lot of venom makeup on tick tock? But this this is crazy, like the teeth, don’t, look real don’t, be shy by something just started out as a normal room right, but wait.

He gon na mess. With my mind, real quick draw some lines: it’s gon na be like a perspective drawing and now it looks like it just drops off, but no, how do the lines trick my mind? What kind of icing dispenser is this it’s like a piping tip, which creates a hole in the middle, so you can just like pop out donuts like that? What creates the whole it feels illegal to watch at first. I was like what are you doing: a mascara wand on a nail eyelashes put mascara on that that’s illegal in so many different countries, but no they acrylicized it proof that anything can be made into a nail and wait. It actually ended up looking good. They took many people and made an actual swimming pool out of their mask it’s a summer 2020. Looking like wait where in 2021 i forgot the year so they took these clean white nikes. Oh, that is a beautiful shade of blue very nice. Oh, there is no tape, they didn’t even tape anything on this we’re gon na freehand. It one mess up and it’s over y’all really good at staying in between the lines. Oh even the logo. On the back, you got some balls free handing it. Oh, they came out nice, oh, that is one ripe mango, so they pureed it added some sugar put some flour in it and then wait you’re, never gon na guess what they’re making cut it up rolled out.

All these little balls put them in the water made boba made mango boba put the mango puree. Oh, my goodness that looks delicious. I will give you a strand of my hair for a sip. I know exactly what you’re doing you are making a fake orange. That is not a real one. I can see through your lies. Oh my goodness, even the stem it looks very real. This is dangerous. How realistic this looks. Don’T be shy. Peel it open it’s, not a real orange i’ve, been deceived more with epoxy. You put anything in this: you go about, flowers leaves gold and then it came out like this it’s, so beautiful it’s like encapsulated forever, but i can’t believe the amount of things that you could do with epoxy and resin. Oh, i saw a fancy. Decor store selling one of these. They were selling them for, like several hundred dollars, y’all out here, diying them they take some clay. Put some mushrooms in it put a barrier around the mushrooms. I thought they was gon na. Let them grow in peace, but no, they sealed them with epoxy preserved forever. Wow that’s actually really cute, oh and it lights. Up too, it looks so magical these mushrooms are off limits, do not eat that’s, not a real burger, the coke it opens up. It has to be, it has coke in it. We poured it out and then made an accordion out of it. I’M confused.

They took a bunch of different colors of icing pop them all in one two and then decorated this cake and then, as they go through the thing of icing, that creates this ombre effect. So every single flower is a different color yeah. I look real good at this. They do a splat but wait. Watch the splats come to life. All the q tips that that’s, how you smooth smoothed it all out and whoa. That kind of looks like liquid mercury very dangerous. They made a bunch of different colored paint dots on zero two’s head. I wan na see y’all smear this color it. I ain’t never seen somebody water color like this. Is this how you suppose a watercolor? Oh, when it dries? It looks so nice. Now we got shinobu just finished, watching demons layer by the way i’m a little late. I just want to see them blend out everything it’s kind of like an ombre and then when it dries whoa, very cool, okay, but different colors. Now, on a hat, how the different colors work, what that’s kind of crazy they didn’t show the end product? How are you i’m, not gon na show me what it looks like this makeup was tripping me out. I thought those were her real eyes until she blinked. I thought the white ones were the fake eyes, but you know they’re the ones blinking. That means they’re real right. I don’t know what to believe anymore, like the drawn on eyes, looks so real.

These special effects getting too advanced. Okay, i’m confused. How did you do this? There is a green screen. This is a green screen. My guy you’re you’re missing a little piece of you, a very necessary part. It’S got to be a green screen. They took the smallest little slices of watermelon poured resin over them, pop them out of the molds, and they make jewelry like keychains and rings, look how stinking cute that is, and then they like sanded it down. I ain’t never seen anything like this like watermelon rings. I love me some resin art, you can even do it on a phone case and then put in some butterfly some flowers. Is this the back of the case, or is this the inside of the case? I am confused with the location of the case. Put some gold flakes in it. Fancy they even made a sword me goes on. Amazon buys a sword mold immediately i’m, making this wait. I can’t tell if this is an edit they’re playing mind tricks with me. Is she painted on the strips of the building or is there a woman standing there? I can’t tell y’all trying to mess with my brain and it’s working. I think it’s edited and it’s like cut out to look like she’s part of the building she lives here. Now, rent free at an art exhibit there is this funky little frog. Looking thing that’s very stretched out, but wait in the middle is a mirror and you can see him perfectly like he looked normal.

This is the opposite of body. Dysmorphia, like he looks very long in real life, but it’s in the mirror. He looks normal. They crocate this plushie of an avocado, but wait. Wait, wait! Take out the sea. Look in the sea, there is a mini avocado with a little mini avocado. That scene has an even smaller avocado. Why is that so stinking cute, so let’s do time this scene at the perfect time, no why’d you go and do that they was having a nice evening at the park and you had to go drop a branch on them. Okay, but how about some cookie, decorating and mickey mouse cookie, and then they use a little needle thing and that’s how they make the icing so smooth it doesn’t come out smooth like that. You got ta like do, mix it up a little whenever it’s toyotathon and all the cars are on sale. There is somebody that hand paints the sales on the car. So whenever you see this kind of text, somebody is literally hand painting it. How do they all write the same, it’s, all the same font? We got at least one guy in every city, making bank doing this for a second, i thought they were painting a real person and then i’m, like no. You can’t paint a real person, it’s a photograph. I can literally hear her sniffling but anyways that’s all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure to hit that like button and comment below which one was the coolest one and make sure you turn on notifications, click click and make sure you subscribe to the wolf pack.