We need to figure out who sent this to me. Who is my secret admirer guys? Look at this guy i’m, a spy ninja turtle, hello, who would send a turtle whoa whoa yeah? What are you trying to crawl to buddy? Where are you trying to go? I mean we have to find out who sent this guy, but we also got to take care of him. Ah he’s gon na fall. He won’t fall. Oh yeah, you’re gon na break him. No, no, no he’s got a nice hard. Shell he’s a hero and a half shell. Okay, do you want to go in the box? Is that what you want to do all right? What now chad? I know we need to do you need to figure out more information about this turtle daniel. You need to find this turtle a better home and i’ll try to figure out who this secret admirer is spy dangerous. If you have a guess of who sent this turtle comment down below this video, this person, i don’t know who it is for real. I seriously don’t know but i’m sure they’re, very, very cool people. You probably have a lot of admirers too. You are the most popular spy ninja with the most subscribers on their channel. Oh thanks and if you guys want to you, should add to that number make sure you’re subscribed to chad, wild clay because i’m, a turtle i’m, a spy, ninja turtle, and i say if that button is red, you click it and make it turn grey.

Cuz gray’s. The way the turtle way, okay, i got ta, go make sure this turtle’s house is absolutely amazing. He’S, not just your typical turtle, he’s a spy ninja turtle. He has to have the best turtle house in all of the land. Whoever sent us this turtle, we’re gon na, find out who you are but just know, we’re keeping him and he’s gon na have a great home melvin. What are you doing? I think i found out the species of the turtle. Judging by the markings on its body. I think it’s a red eared, slider whoa, that does look like him right. There great work, man we’re getting somewhere. How about now we got ta figure out the origins of this turtle. You know the turtles are huge: the descendants of early reptilians like like dinosaurs. You know dinosaurs were wiped out by the meteor, but no one saw the meteor, so some people think it was actually an attack of ufos that came to melbourne it’s, not about aliens right now, it’s about turtles and who sent me this turtle. We need to figure out who sent me this turtle. Oh it wasn’t an alien, an alien did not send it to me that kind of origins i don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl. Oh, i don’t know if i really want a check. It’S, a male if it has a long front clause. Those look like some long claws to me.

They look pretty long. Okay, melvin, you did great work figuring out the species of the turtle. You keep it up. Man i’m gon na go ahead and take the turtle here. Keep researching we’ll figure out more about this turtle. Eventually we’ll figure out who sent this to me: okay, yeah! You know i don’t even think aliens have genders because they’ve tried to totally like ascend above what we know as humans. Aliens, yes, Music daniel. Are you back yet melvin’s going crazy about aliens again all right, turtle boy? I got your stuff it’s time to officially initiate you into the spy ninjas daniel. You got the turtle at home. Yes, i got him a cage and i got him a bunch of toys. Perfect perfect, but i just had a brain blast. Remember when the stalker had that dog and we let the dog lead us right to the stalker, what if we let this turtle go free and he leads us right back to my secret admirer. I’Ll lead you to the person who sent the turtle. Yes, we’ll bring him over here, check this out, yeah he this guy probably knows his owner, or at least your secret admirer. Yes, of course, maybe he has a good sense of smell and he knows exactly where to go so i’m gon na put him down here on the ground, just like don’t turtles like migrate, every winter i don’t know from the ocean to the i don’t know: melvin’s Researching that right now, so maybe he would know slaad okay buddy there.

You are now lead us to whoever sent you is chad’s secret. Admirer this way go that way. Turtles are known for being extremely slow, so it might take him a while to lead us to the secret admirer think about it. This little creature was in the hands of your secret admirer, probably, like i don’t know, probably like yesterday yeah. He must remember his owner. These are smart creatures right melvin, you did the research. Maybe he can somehow hear us or give us a hint. Have you heard of the dog whisperer? He didn’t talk Music. Okay, do it hey little fella? I know you’re feeling nervous, but please come out. We just want to talk. Let me try to talk to him. Turtles don’t, make that sound. They don’t. What do they sound like? What does the turtle he’s not say daniel, this isn’t working? Oh there, he comes. I think he liked it yeah. Maybe he asked him where he came from hey you, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to bump you like that. But uh you think you can tell me: where did you come from? Is here he’s pointing somewhere that way over there out the backyard he’s? Pointing? Oh look that’s, where he’s looking he’s looking that way he wants to go outside is the person who sent you a girl extend your neck for yes put it in your shell. For no, oh, i think that’s a yes he’s putting his head up and down like this.

Do you see that wait? You know what guys what i think i know how we’re going to get this guy to communicate, what’s, that what is it ouija board to communicate with spirits spirits? This is a turtle, not a spirit. I want to communicate with spirits. I want to communicate with the turtles yeah. Well, maybe we could just use the board for the turtle to communicate with us. Okay, he can crawl to either yes or no or he can spell something for us. So now the turtle can communicate with us. Obviously, turtles don’t speak english. True, i think they speak italian, oh okay, whoa working all right. Yes, yes! So that means yes, it was a female who’s. My secret admirer that’s. What he just crawled to let’s. Ask him another question: all right: go ahead! Ask him a question: okay turtle use the secret admirer from las vegas. Oh, he probably doesn’t know his geography very well. He doesn’t know if it’s this is las vegas or not. Will i ever be as successful as chad looks like he’s crawling towards? Yes? Yes, wait! Melvin you’re pushing him yeah, just like all ouija boards. Oh yes, can you just push it yourself? Will daniel ever find love again? Oh, oh, i think he’s crawling towards the no don’t. Do it. Oh! No! No! Music! Oh he’s! Doing a 180.! Oh he’s saying goodbye! Is my secret admirer another youtuber ready and crawl and crawl this isn’t working? He must be too tired, melvin or he’s, not a spirit.

Maybe you got ta, do more research to figure out what will make him, not tired. I thought the ouija board was gon na. Do it? Okay? How about this? He must be hungry! Okay, daniel being you, you bought him food right, yeah let’s go get him some food melvin! You stay here and watch him. We’Ll come back! We’Ll feed him he’ll be ready to answer our questions. Cool yeah, yeah! That might work let’s go there. It is great purchase daniel an aquarium who would have thought that’s, the perfect home for a turtle, yeah, half water, half air and land. Look this shoots out water right here: it’s a cool rock he’s gon na love. This it’s, like a water slide waterfall in his own home wow, look at that he’s gon na love this he can sunbathe on that rock. If he wants to uh huh and check this out, look what i bought. I got his foods uh huh. I got his croods ooh, those are nasty and then i got his dudes. What are those it’s little plastic turtle? Friends for him. He needs someone to hang out with little turtle, friends that he can hang out with, because we look different than him let’s face it. He might be a little frightened yeah, but you know what i did put on my red headband, because i think he’s gon na. Like me. This way why? Because i’m, a teenage mutant, ninja turtle, my favorite turtle had the red headband.

So you think it’s gon na be a good home for him. I think he’s gon na love, it hey tortoise boy gorgeous. I don’t know what to call him. What should his name be? My ninja’s at home comment down below what you think his name should be melvin, where, where is the turtle? The turtle is a semi aquatic turtle. No, no melvin melvin, we got ta, introduce him to his friends drop the turtles. Now we got ta, we got ta find the real turtle, wait, which one is our turtle. Well, what the heck chad why’d you drop all them melvin you’re supposed to be watching the turtle. These are the fake ones. These aren’t real, mr charles okay, the other turtle, is obviously he’s, bigger, he’s way bigger. Obviously he should be easy to spot. He could have gone far. He must have crawled away somewhere. Where is he dude stop? Reading stuff on the laptop you’re distracted? We finally get a chance to have a spy ninja pet. He was in this house and he’s missing. His gun. Redder sliders are considered invasive species in mexico. Okay, okay, come here; no, he should have been watching him, but he screwed up and he’s. Now we got to find him sorry well, don’t, step over. Oh my gosh, oh full step on the real one. I didn’t want something i didn’t mean to it’s. Just let’s speak hello: chad, we just had a successful mission in the league were arrested.

Yes, did you hear that guys, yeah yeah, the girl who took my dog great work via regina? This is awesome. How’S, the turtle doing the journal. Oh uh, he’s, fine, daniel, just got him an aquarium and some food. So, oh, oh that, oh, what is that? Oh that’s, just melvin and daniel, you know how they are gon na fight him again. Nothing to worry about. Okay, i’ll, see you here soon, bye, guys being regina are on the way back. We got ta find that turtle quick. Give me this stop looking at this i’m. So sorry, look around for him. Guys just don’t, be sorry just find him. It’S got ta be around here. Those aren’t him he’s way bigger than that, and none of these are red. Eared sliders from the research that i’ve done melvin enough research, you’ve heard the story of the torches in the hair right, yeah, they’re, slow, they’re slow. We should be able to find them super easily. I got ta use my sense of nasal smell Music, okay, okay, if i was a turtle, where would i go? I just got ta think like a turtle. I need to think like an animal. What does everybody call me? They call me a giraffe. I could use that to my advantage. Right, yeah go go giraffe, neck i’ll use my draft neck and i will use eagle eyes to scan my environment eagles don’t. Make that sound by the way that’s just chad, wild clay, sound right there.

I don’t see anything yet looks like these turtles inhabit areas of a source of still warm water like ponds lakes, swamps, creeks or streams, and they’re pretty much always close to water unless they’re. Looking for a new habitat when they’re trying to lay eggs, i don’t even know if there’s, a boy or girl or anything was happening, omg split edges over here i see them. Oh my gosh! Oh no yeah, look at this guy’s! Ah, look where he is. You guys what he’s hiding under this no way. What is he doing underneath the hacker mask dude? Why are you of all hiding spaces? You’Re gon na choose a hacker mask. I thought this guy was on our side, he’s hanging out with hackers. Now maybe that’s a clue about your secret admirer dude. Maybe he recognized the hacker mask from his previous owner and he crawled towards it because he was familiar to him could be it really. I mean i thought it was because it’s by the window and it’s warm, you said that they do like to crawl and be on top of rocks in sunlight. Maybe he thought this was a rock. Is that right? Do you know where that mask came from hello? Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, he’s, ignoring you, this turtle’s just like v, oh speaking, of b you’re almost here, we got to put him in the habit. Quick, it’s quick, make it look like. We never lost him you’re daniel whoa.

He wants to go too whoa whoa. He wants to go, he’s excited, he heard it, he heard habitat let’s, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, dude, he’s, booking it, yeah go, go, go, go, whoa, yeah, keep doing that, he’s going he’s going he’s going he’s going, okay or We’Ll just take you there good job turtle. Whisperer, you got him wow, he came to you. He wants to swim already. Let’S go Music wow! All right here you go! This is going to be your home for a while until we figure out where you’re from and blah wow he’s active. Now he likes that water he’s having so much fun, doorbell close the doorbell. Why would who could it be? Oh gosh uh what oh it’s locked that’s weird? What did you guys ring it because it was live? Oh well! Well, chad, wild clay, danny gizmo melvin! Where is this turtle? Oh? Where is this turtle where’s the turtle at where’s, the turtle where’s the turtle? Why are you so concerned? Why the spunk, ladies yeah, why the tune? Because we we can hear through your voices, you guys were very, very uh about the turtle. Oh look let’s, look at this too. They don’t trust us guys. The tube this tude is rude. Just show us the turtle chat yeah, the tooth is rude: they must be hungry for food i’m, a rat dude yeah. You know girls, you want to see the dude yeah here’s the croods.

Here you go, ladies that’s, not a turtle, chad, oh okay! Sorry, the turtle’s right here in this brand new aquarium, Music daniel picked it all up from the store, really wow good job daniel. I am now an expert at turtles. So if you have any questions about the red eared slider, that is now in our possession, just ask okay wait: does he have a name? Is it a he or she, mr turtle? We think it’s a he’s based on the length of its nails and its tail. It doesn’t really matter all the turtle needs is a little bit of love. Oh cool, oh holy smokes that was close dude. Look how much they’re loving that turtle right there. That was really close. Well, i was like so worried i was gon na be like. I know bro, we i thought we weren’t going to be on fleek anymore. Oh no, i thought the ending of this video was going to be shocking. Oh, what was that? Oh someone knocked on the door. Oh my gosh! What the heck there’s a fire in here don’t touch. It though don’t touch it it’s a fire station, get the fire extinguisher. You can stop a fire by smothering it with no oxygen. Just like this, what is burning you leave that on there or let all the oxygen die out that fire cannot breathe without oxygen. Okay, just like a human! What else does the fire is? Definitely out that one too? Luckily, we caught it just in time before they burnt all of it.

Oh, my god, who did this wait? A second just told this box is totally burnt. Now people would do this. Was it ally in the league when you lifted the lid yeah put on the trash? Can what that was under the lid? Well, you know whenever there’s a random usb drive, we got some issues to take care of whoa come on guys, stand up for this baloney let’s plug it in as chad, says plug it in okay, it looks like it’s just a folder with a video file or Two let’s click into one of these: oh my gosh, Music, he’s bullying, one of our fans he’s, ripping his merchandise off him. Why is he doing that? He’S, stealing merch? Whoever this is he’s, stealing spy, ninja merch from our fans and burning it? What they can be? So angry gosh that stuff’s expensive, i mean it’s, really good value. You know what i will not stand for this. I do not stand for anybody, bullying, spy, ninja fans. If anybody bullies our viewers that’s what i do to them, huh no one bullies our fans, we’re gon na figure out who he is he’s gon na pay for what he did. What do you guys say? Huh i’d say let’s blow this joint yeah yeah, hey huge, shout out to all of you notification ninjas, who are here in the first 60 minutes leaving comments. I love showing your comments. I love reading, all of them it’s, so awesome.

Thank you for helping us on our missions, make sure you’re subscribed. I think i already mentioned that earlier, but hey in case, you forgot. Do it now before the video’s over, because it’s ending right now with a kickball or a turtle bump finger he’s, not a fan.