We are back again here with another video. Now, today, boys was an absolute crazy day for news in terms of fortnite, mainly in the realm of competitive and just the future of epic games, and how they’re going to be treating both mobile and console moving forward. Now, normally i don’t bring console stuff into my videos because i’m, not a console player, if you guys haven’t, noticed and uh on top of that it’s just not really an area. I have much expertise in and i don’t want to say something or say the wrong thing, but today’s video has to deal with both mobile and console players. So if you guys are an ios, android, ps4 or xbox player, then today’s video is going to directly affect you. So i hope you guys enjoyed the video. As always, if you do make sure you drop a like click, the sub button, if you guys haven’t already boys this you this gnome, is you if you don’t click the sub button, so click this up on boys? Just do it so today, fortnite posted a new blog post and whenever fortnite puts out a lengthy blog post, something crazy is going down. I can’t remember the last time: fortnite posted a lengthy blog post for either fortnite competitive or just fortnite on their main twitter, in which it wasn’t something that had some pretty big implications and some pretty big effects for most of the fortnite community and well.

The same thing happened today: fortnite competitive tweeted out about fncs 2021. If you guys don’t know what ffcs is. It is the tournament that associated at the end of every single fortnight season. It is about a week, long there’s qualifiers for it every single week and it’s. A pretty big deal last year, over 17 million dollars was given out and competitive earnings are price warnings for fncs players and the that’s absolutely wild. Now this blog post was a pretty general blog post if i’m gon na be honest, you know just talking about fortnite competitive, some new fortnite competitive updates that are honestly pretty cool, but there was a very small bullet point chucked into this article. That really has been overlooked by think a lot of people, but at the same time, this bullet point means a lot for both the mobile and console community. So in the blog post, this bullet point states that from now on, in the 2021 season of fncs, it is not going to be cross platform. Fncs is no longer going to be a cross platform tournament where console and mobile have their own tournaments and then pc have their specific tournament as well. What a pre shot dude! Oh you’re, dead, holy crap. I was pretty shooting the crap out of that guy. So because 2021 fncs is going to be a combined tournament, meaning if i play on mobile, i can actually now trio up with someone on pc.

There can actually now be a a trio that has a pc player, a console player and a mole player, which is honestly pretty cool. I would love to see a trio with all three different platforms combined, but because this platform is no longer platform specific and is now cross platform. This means that mobile and console players are gon na have to go up against pc players and fncs, and now you guys might not be thinking. This is an incredibly big deal because mobile players and console players we’ve always been going up against our pc players in arena and other cross platform tournaments, but fncs. In my opinion, as a mobile player was one of the really first times that we were allowed to earn serious dollars playing fortnite mobile and console cash cups were first introduced into chapter two, and this is where you know competitive was first introduced to the public, for Both mobile and console having these specific tournaments – and this is where people were able to first make. I would you know good money, but it’s, not serious money. You know each region maybe gives out 10 15 000 each week for that specific platform, which is good, and i don’t mean to come up as like someone who’s complaining about the tournaments or earnings i’m, not but you’re, not going to become a millionaire overnight, like booga Playing in these cash cuts, but when fortnite decided to add fncs and they decided to make it that mobile and console players would have their own specific tournament.

This was the first time in which mobile players could make bank. There was a mobile player by the name of b b twins in which they made 50 000 winning the fncs. I think season three tournament, which is absolutely wild. You don’t make fifty thousand dollars playing cash cups. You only fifty thousand dollars playing anything on mobile, really other than fncs and qualifying for world cup, which no more player was actually able ever to do. You’Re dead, dude holy crap little little sky beams little air beams, bro don’t, mind it and genuinely. I do not believe that any mobile or console player is going to be able to make money against pc players and fncs with the new rigorous qualifying layout. They have set up for the 2021 fncs. It is going to be a miracle if any full mobile or console trio ends up qualifying and going to the finals, which is now the only place you can make money in fncs in the 2021 season. Now a mobile or console player could squad up with some. You know some pc players and maybe have a chance that way, but genuinely a trio of mold players and a trio of console players versus a full pro trio of pc players is just really not going to stand a chance in 2021 and if you guys have Been following the competitive development so far of fortnite and 2021 for just constantly mobile it’s, not looking good right now, mobile and console, i believe, have no specific platform.

Cash cups lined out for all of 2021 fortnite did an outstate, some new solo cash cups, but these cash cups are for champions league only and they’re, not specific, to either mobile or to console the only platform specific tournaments that are going on right now are the Shout out cups in which, if you win, you get a shout out on twitter, so i think there’s, a big difference between a shout out on twitter and winning fifty thousand dollars and f and cs for both mobile and console players. And honestly, i think this just shows to me that epic games is sort of giving up on the hope of having console specific and mobile specific tournaments at the very, very, very, very bottom of the blog post. Epic games did actually say that there are going to be console specific tournaments happening throughout the year, but they said nothing about mobile. Obviously, mobile is down bad without ios and with android not really having too many competitive devices out there. So i don’t really blame them for not mentioning mobile in this at all, but console you know you guys are huge. You guys are literally the largest player base of players for fortnite there’s, like hundreds of thousands of people that can compete and in fncs – and i remember seeing numbers previously of f and cs qualifiers for console just having massive massive turnouts and massive amounts of people playing Which is awesome and so for epic games to be pretty much just saying you know: hey guys, you had your turn with.

You know console fgcs and prize pools, but now it’s pretty much done for you guys it’s kind of unfortunate if i’m gon na be honest because in my eyes console is kind of just like mobile we’re, not the pc we’re, not you know the perfect golden child, But we still play the game, we still spend money on the game and we still love the game at the end of the day and we’re still competitive in our own areas, and so it’s really unfortunate. Epigames is deciding to to not really support the console and mobile competitive scenes as much as they once did. I understand it’s a lot of money. 20 million dollars is a lot a lot of money. Don’T get me wrong and the fact that epic games is going to be putting it in one central place for people to earn. I respect it and i’m not mad at them, but it is unfortunate to have had so much competitive support over these last few months and honestly last year of playing fortnite uh competitively as a mobile player, just to realize that one fxcis is gone and the you Know watching mobile players pop off is no longer gon na, be a thing and then two it doesn’t look good the future. If, if they’re not doing this for fncs, i really don’t see why they’d be putting a lot of time and effort into other mobile or console specific tournaments mobile. Obviously, right now i don’t think there’s gon na be any mobile, specific tournaments for a while, especially ones that you can make money in but console as well.

I mean you guys are a massive player. Blazer the majority player base and it’s unfortunate. That epic games is is not going to be supporting you guys to the fullest at least what they used to because, like i said, i think they’re still going to be doing some tournaments here and there uh, so that’s, mainly the information today. It is competitive information and it’s, not any information about you know, ios, coming back or console getting banned, or anything crazy like that. But i feel like competitive has always been. Were epic games. You can really see their true colors shine, because if epic games is putting in time and effort competitively into mobile, then sure, as heck they’re going to be putting in time and effort into the game to make sure it runs well to make sure you can actually Play and compete on a high level, let’s go that was so freaking awkward. That guy was so bad, oh my god, but almost any kill him, and so if epic games, isn’t gon na be putting time and effort in into the competitive scene, there’s a good chance that effort is also gon na fall through in other areas. Like i said, i completely understand it it’s, you know where the money is is where epic games is gon na, put their time and attention and that’s just kind of how business works. Oh, what a stupid third party that was, but you know, as a mold player.

I want everyone to, you know thrive. I want you know the the the console kid the council 12 year old, to have his chance to make money and really there’s just no chance. They’Re gon na be making any money in uh, fhcs against pc players and, like i said no way in the heck. I’M gon na be playing on mobile in this i’m gon na probably try to play competitive fncs as um as a pc player just giving it a try. Oh my god you’re. I why why do i fumble the bag so much i was doing so well. I was popping off obviously expecting the rest of the game. Who cares and really this is all sort of just me talking out loud. I mean it is confirmed that both mobile and console are gon na, be combined with pc players for fncs, but for the future of competitive for mobile and console it’s still up in the air and epic games. Is a company known to surprise people, they’re they’re known to do crazy things that no one would ever assume and they’ve, also known to be super resilient, as in they don’t want to change their mindset and they’re super stubborn in their way, so it’ll be really interesting. I honestly don’t know what to expect for 2021 for mobile, especially, i have no clue to expect with ios still being gone. I don’t see epic games putting in too much time and effort.

This kid is running an edit course on the other guy, absolutely just clipped on by the way, and so at the end of the day. We’Re gon na have to see, but all in all, as a mole player and as someone who respects console players and feels for them. It’S it’s, unfortunate, it’s gon na be a rough view.