com and in today’s video i’m going to share some interesting facts, facts, something which will blow your mind away fact something which you haven’t heard before coming up. Okay, however, one day you come across some social media posts or maybe through some international news that the billionaires of this world – but you know those who are so much entrusted to the space i’m talking about elon musk, maybe jeff bezos, all this kind of guys. You come to know that these guys are getting together for a mission outside that could probably bring a whole lot of richness from outside of the space. Not only that it’s going to wipe out, probably completely out from this world i’m talking about 7.5 billion of us. If this mission gets successful, every one of us will become a millionaire. Do you believe in me not possible right? Okay, if that’s the case watch this video until the end – and you are definitely going to have an answer to your question. Why i’m telling this it’s practically possible guys just stay in stay tuned, then i’m, going to tell you exactly why i’m just revealing this out? Okay to now, to justify my point i’m going to share with you one news, our national space agency nasa has revealed in the recent past that one single news believe it or not guys. This is going to blow your mind away, even when i was going through that those information it was amazingly mind blowing now coming to the subject uh.

You know there is a rare asteroid, and now i don’t know you know about uh asteroid. You know you don’t. Okay, let me let me show you on my computer what’s, the definition google definition of an asteroid these days. We normally does that right. If suppose, we don’t know anything about anything. We just go and do a search. So let us do that together, Music, okay, let’s type in asteroid. You can see it’s already there so i’m just going down. I like this this website from nasa. It gives you all the live, updates, good definition, comparison of all these space facts, so it’s a good website to visit. Let me go there and show you what i’m just talking about. If you go here, you can see that there is a page where they have given all the definitions of uh asteroid. Comet meteoroids, you name it. So all these uh stuffs, all these space stuffs are belongs to a category known as near earth object. So if you are interested, you can go and check it out. There are a bunch of information available on this website and looking into the definition of asteroids, it says: asteroids are rocky fragments left over from the formation of the solar system about 4.6 billion years ago. So there are a whole bunch of information available here. One of the uh other facts that i just wanted to show you here is about this link view next five closest approaches, so it gives you a live update of uh what’s uh visiting us at the the the asteroids which are passing nearby the uh the space To earth so here you can see that this one names does 2021 ls2 is of a size of a bass.

You can convert this approximate size either in feet or in meter. This is closest to you know. This is the closest approach to earth. There are plenty of them. This is the size of an aeroplane, so almost 30 meter in diameter and uh its closest our distance from earth is something like this, so another one. This is on 11 june 11 june is the same day when i’m recording this. This video, okay, there is a rare asteroid, the size of massachusetts orbiting between mars and jupiter and is estimated to be valued around 10 000 quadrillion us dollars. 10. 000 quadrillion us dollars quadrillion. What is that Music? Google on earth? Normally we deal figures like a billion or trillion to express the quantum of money that we handle as a human, but what the heck is this quadrillion? Okay, let me show you on a piece of paper. What i’m really talking about to put this touted figure into perspective when written out in full epos a line of zeros that could nearly stretch to the asteroid itself? That is that’s that’s, the the real sum, so that is actually about 10 000 quadrillion u.s dollars. Oh, the rarity known as 16 psyche was actually discovered back in 1852, but nasa’s hubble telescope has finally given earth dwellers a closer look. The new study which was published recently in the planetary science journal indicates that asteroids composition is the key to its astronomical value. This makes psyche 70 000 times more valuable than the global economy.

Global economy was about 142 trillion in 2019. Okay, a little bit more information about this asteroid psyche, psyche which spans 140 miles in diameter, appears to made entirely of iron and nickel. This metallic construction sets. It apart from other asteroids that are usually comprised of rock or ice. So how did this pricey asteroid come to be, according to scientists it’s possible? That psyche is the leftover core of a planet that never properly formed because it was hit by objects in our solar system and effectively lost its mantle and crust. The asteroid is currently about 230 million miles from earth in the solar, system’s main asteroid belts orbiting between moss and jupiter, and surprisingly, nasa already has plans to do just that as part of its discovery program with an orbiter set to launch from florida’s kennedy space center. In august 2022, the mission would arrive in 16 psyche in january 2026 and spend at least 21 months mapping and studying the asteroids unique properties if they could kindly bring the asteroid back to earth by some means, whatever it could be. A space exploration going to the space and drilling the asteroid, whatever it could be if it could bring that asteroid back to earth every one of us. Every single human on this earth will get 1.3 billion us dollar wow that’s, uh that’s. You know estimated awesome freaking. Sam right, you can go and check it out. The whole news is there. I know no longer going to stretch this video anymore.

I just wanted to pass on that relevant information. There are sources outside there are richness outside. Let me know in the comment section below: how can we bring this planet to earth to end our property completely? Let me know, because we have a lot many space agencies. We have the richest men and billionaires on earth who have certain specific interests on the space, and we know there are something something hiding in the days to come: okay, that’s it guys for today hope you enjoyed this video. So let me know in the comment section below: how can we bring this asteroid back into the earth back into our planet? Will these space agencies like nasa, isr or strata, launch blue origin? You name it there are. There are plenty of billionaires, of course, those who are very much interested in to travel or explore the space more in the days to come. So let me know in the comment section below what do you feel? How can we do something if there are some technologies that we can adopt, at least in the future? There is a possibility to do exactly the same, so nasa’s expedition to the asteroid is going to give us more information regarding this. Thank you so much for watching me.