. Here we are expecting one Starship flight test from a week, and now we get to see two of SpaceXs starship prototypes, SN9 and SN10 standing side by side under the Texas sky.. It came as a surprise to us, as SpaceX rolled out its latest starship prototype serial no. 10 to the pad uniting with its predecessor SN9 on Friday January 29, at the company’s South Texas facility, near Boca, Chica Village. On Saturday January 30, SpaceX, CEO, Elon Musk shared A view of two of his suborbital rockets, Starship SN9 amp SN10. Other tourist sites such as Spadre.com also caught the view.. Both the starships are now standing side by side and waiting for their turn to fly.. The reason behind SpaceX introducing its latest starship SN10 to the launch pad is that the FAA, which oversees commercial rocket launches scrubbed the much awaited launch of SpaceXs SN9 starship., The Federal Aviation Administration stated quotWe will continue working with SpaceX to resolve outstanding safety issues. Before we approve the next test, flightquot., Of course, SpaceX CEO is not very happy with the FAA’s decision., As per that, Musk brings out SpaceXs latest starship to the launch pad. quotUnlike its aircraft division, which is fine. The FAA space division has a fundamentally broken regulatory structure.. Their rules are meant for a handful of expendable launches per year from a few government facilities.. Under those rules, humanity will never get to Mars. Musk said in a statement., SpaceXs, SN9 and SN10 are the current starship prototypes of an original version, designed as a fully reusable launch system to take astronauts on a deep space journey.

. Both of these prototypes will fly with the help of SpaceXs powerful three raptor engines. Although the original version of SpaceXs starship will have six raptor engines., As we all know, SpaceXs previous starship prototype SN8 reached up to an altitude of 7.8 miles 12.5 km, but exploded while landing. Now SpaceX is expecting a slightly better outcome regarding SN9s launch.. For the past days, SpaceX fans have been watching Starship SN9 standing on its test stand waiting its turn to fly.. The launch was planned for a 10km high altitude flight test, but as it appeared, the launch has suffered from many delays and ultimately did not happen on Friday.. So SpaceX fans have to wait a little more to witness SpaceXs history, making starship launch. Let’s move to our next segment, now. Moving on to the next segment of our news, which is NASA scheduled a launch date for SpaceX’s Crew 2 mission.. This mission will have astronauts from Europe, Japan and the United States.. On Friday January 29, NASA announced that SpaceX’s Crew 2 mission would launch on April 20.. It is SpaceX’s second, commercial crew mission to the International Space Station. Shane, Kimbrough and Megan McArthur. Two of NASA astronauts are selected as the commander and the pilot for this mission.. In addition, Japan, Aerospace Exploration Agency, astronaut, Akihiko, Hoshide and European Space Agency, Thomas Pesquet, will fly with them as mission specialists.. Previously NASA stated that the launch date for SpaceXs Crew 2 mission was scheduled no earlier than March 30, but it was pushed back to mid of April because of Boeing’s CST 100 Starliner launch.

. According to the information Boeings uncrewed Orbital Flight Test 2 is scheduled on March 25., As we know NASA astronauts, Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover and Shannon Walker and JAXA astronaut Soichi Noguchi, as Crew 1 astronauts are currently on board the International Space Station. On January 27, Hopkins and Glover conducted a spectacular spacewalk to support the Bartolomeo external payload platform and install a new communications antenna on the exterior of the Columbus module. SpaceXs upcoming Crew 2 mission will replace the four Crew 1 astronauts as they return to Earth in late April or early May, depending On the Crew 2 launch., Another reason for Crew 2 launch delay is the launch of Soyuz MS 18, which will send three Russian cosmonauts to the station.. The launch is scheduled on April 10., A week later, Russian cosmonauts, Sergey Ryzhikov and Sergey Kud Sverchkov and NASA astronaut, Kate Rubins, will return to Earth on Soyuz. Ms 17 rocket. Around the mid March timeframe well really start to ramp up our preparations for doing some visiting vehicle operations, Kenny Todd deputy manager of the ISS program at NASA stated.. We are still working with our Russian colleagues, as well as the Commercial Crew Program to firm up the schedules for the Soyuz 64S and Crew 2 flights.. Both flights are currently targeting spring 2021, but specific launch dates have yet to be finalize. Todd said in a statement on January 27. Lets move to our next news, a weird one as Russia may fine their citizens for using SpaceX’s Starlink internet.

State Duma Russia’s legislative body projected a new law which hunts for preventing citizens from using the network connection through one Of SpaceXs, hundreds of satellites. Reports also say that the Russian government will fine people or business firms for using Starlink internet of SpaceX. By using this law. John Byrne, a service director at GlobalData said that it’s really difficult for Russia to fine the internet service provider. Here SpaceX., He also said quotIt’s easier to fine or at least threaten to fine. Your own citizens.quot Byrne warns that this invasion of the skies by SpaceX poses a danger to the authoritarian rule of Russia.. He said that government is capable of manipulating the rights to run an internet connectivity service.. He also said quotSatellite potentially turns the tables, because the government doesn’t control space. As a result, the government has a much harder time regulating content over satellite.quot. If China orders its network operators to prohibit availability of sites through this channel, then Russia could also follow up Byrne added.. According to report, normal users will be charged nearly 10000 to 30000 rubles, which figures about 135 to 405.. If the user of the western satellite connection is a legal entity, then the amount of fine will circulate near about one million rubles, which is nearly 6750 to 13500. In US, currency. SpaceX, CEO, Elon, Musk tweeted after Russias. This declaration that quotWe’re just trying to get people to Mars. Help would be greatly appreciated.quot. Our next news segment is based on SpaceX, CEO amp, Turkish president.

. On 27th January 2021, Wednesday Turkeys, Presidential Communications Directorate announced that both President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and SpaceX founder Elon Musk conversed over a long phone call about the future cooperation and potential joint ventures. Turkish President and Tesla CEO have discussed cooperation in various fields.. The main topic of discussion was based on Space technologies, where cooperation would take place between Turkey’s, public and private sectors and Elons company.. President Erdogan said on social media that quotWe will continue to closely follow the developments in our country and the world in the field of technology and to support every step taken in this field in order to benefit our nation.quot SpaceX. Ceo Elon Musk has previously visited Turkey in November 2017. From that time, the mode of cooperation was started as Turkey start using SpaceXs rocket launchers.. The seed of cooperation, which was sown at that time, has resulted in a fruitful launch of Turkey’s fifth generation satellite Turksat 5A. A couple of days before., This was launched aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from the Cape Canaveral launch site.. There are also future plans of launching Turksat 5B in mid 2021 according to Adil Karaismailoglu Transport and Infrastructure. Minister of Turkey.. Our last update for today is NASA’s. Second SLS Green Run test. On 29th January 2021, NASA announced that they will move further for the second static fire test of the core stages: four RS 25 engines.. They have planned to carry out this second test at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.

On the last week of February., This test will be the last step in the Green Run. Test campaign. NASA said that they are preparing for the upcoming test.. They had already swapped an electrical harness that set off a major component. Failure warning in the fourth engine during the previous test.. They also said that engineers will be updating conservative control logic parameters that resulted in the flight computer. Ending the first hot fire test earlier than planned. NASAs aim is to complete a full duration test. Prior to the first static fire test, officials of NASA and Boeing said that they would gather most of the data they requires if the test continues for 250 seconds or More., Unfortunately, in the first static fire attempt NASA ends up just after sixty seven seconds of test., So the upcoming test will cover up duration of nearly four minutes. According to report. John Honeycutt SLS program manager at NASA said prior to the first static fire test, Our team is locked in and focused on delivering the rocket for a 2021 launch. Were continuing to look for opportunities to do things concurrently and improve our schedule. For more Than a month, the second Static fire test will postpone the delivery of the core stage to Kennedy. Space Center.