. Our first news for today is based on Elon Musks clash with the FAA on Starship. SpaceXs Starship. Serial number 8 SN8 test flight was carried out just more than a month before, with approval of Federal Aviation Administration, to demonstrate the rockets ability to securely launch to high altitudes and return back to earth. The vehicle exploded on a landing attempt for a pressurization issue.. Within a short gap of more than a month, SpaceX has gone through a series of events., Ultimately on the verge of launching SN9, a serious clash has grown between SpaceX, CEO Elon Musk and the US Federal Aviation Administration regarding prolonged delays in granting Starship launch license. All Processes from preparing a Starship for a wet dress rehearsal to Raptor engine static fire tests are indistinguishable from official procedures.. This delay in granting the license has been seriously disrupting the SpaceX test launch cadence. In the overture of an odd last minute, abort of Starship SN9s. First, real launch attempt Musk was seriously disappointed.. He cursed the FAAs space division with this words that FAAs regulatory structure is fundamentally broken and, under their rule, humanity will never get to Mars.. After that briefing about the status of the rockets FAA launch license. Spacex seemed to start loading Starship SN9 with liquid oxygen and methane propellant.. Now its our wish to see the Federal Aviation Administration quickly, resolving the issue of licensing SN9 to see starship roaring in sky. In the next segment. We have some great news for the space lovers.

. For the first time, world will see private crew mission to International Space Station.. On 26th January Tuesday, the first private space station crew mission was brought into glare of publicity. Three men, who are each paying 55 million ticket to travel on a SpaceX rocket to ISS.. The mission will be guided by an ex NASA astronaut now working for Axiom, Space. Mike Suffredini President and chief executive of Axiom Space, who was also a former space station program manager for NASA said This is the first private flight to the International Space. Station. It’s never been done before.quot. According to report, Suffredini had said that four person will be sent to ISS by this mission.. He said that the mission commander will be Michael Lopez, Alegria, a most common name for Space. Industry. Suffredini also said about the other three crew that the other three guys are just people who want to be able to go to space and we’re, providing that opportunity.. These guys are all very involved and doing it for kind of for the betterment of their communities and countries, and so we couldn’t be happier with this makeup of the first crew because of their drive and their interest.. Suffredini also said that each of the private astronauts had to pass through medical tests and will get fifteen weeks of training.. He also confirmed that the first crew will stay for eight days at the space station. Additional one or two days will be needed to get there aboard a SpaceX Dragon capsule after launch from Cape Canaveral, launch site Florida.

The customers of Axiom Space who will go to ISS using SpaceX Dragon capsule comprises of three great personalities.. First customer is Larry Connor. Who is a real estate and tech entrepreneur from Dayton Ohio? He is seventy years old at present and will become the worlds second oldest person to travel to space. Second, customer is Mark Pathy, a Canadian financier and third one is an Israeli businessman named Eytan Stibbe. Eytan Stibbe will operate as a pilot under command of Michael Lopez Alegria.. According to report, these paying customers not only want to do a space journey, but also plan to execute educational science. Research in the orbit., The crew group, is named as collection of pioneersquot to quote Lopez. Alegria. Let’s move to our second news, based on SpaceX double booster recovery. SpaceXs. Two drone ships have returned home with two previously flown boosters within the space of about 40 hours., Just like in the rocket launches, SpaceX, also completed a number of achievements in the booster recovery. Department. SpaceXs two drone ships named Just Read The Instruction and, Of Course I Still Love You always stay on duty for a quick booster recovery.. As a quick reminder, SpaceX launched two Falcon 9 rockets. First one was the Starlink 16 launch for SpaceXs starlink constellation program and another one was a rideshare mission to launch a total 143 satellites to Orbit known Transporter 1 mission on January 20 and 24. In both launches SpaceX successfully landed two of its booster on the drone Ships Just Read The Instruction and Of Course I Still Love You.

. On January 24, Booster 1051, which was flown in Starlink 16 mission, returned on SpaceXsJust, Read The Instruction drone ship. A twitter account named Richard Angle: posted the update of SpaceXs booster return. 8 flights and landings for Booster 1051, now Marching closer to 10 flights as SpaceX increases. Its launch cadence this year., The workhorse Falcon9 fleet and crews working them will certainly keep very busy. He twitted.. On the other hand, Booster 1058, which was flown in Transporter 1 mission, came back to port 3 days after the return of the first booster. Wednesday. Richard posted a tweet Booster 1058 returned to Port Canaveral. This morning. After its 5th successful mission for SpaceX., The Falcon9 will now be readied for its 6th mission.. This launch delivered 143 sats to orbit for various customers.. As per a previous statement. Spacex is gearing up for up to 48 launches in 2021, with an average of one launch in every 7.5 days., Because of that the availability of SpaceXs booster recovery drone ships might be a problem. After each recovery. Spacex drone ships require an average five days to transit. Time., However, SpaceX has given its best shot in clearing obstacles, so they will find a way to overcome this problem. Too. With two of SpaceXs drone ships back on port Starlink 17 is scheduled to launch no earlier than January 30.. In that mission, booster B1049 will fly for the eighth time.. Meanwhile, SpaceX is targeting February 4 for Starlink 18 launch.

Lets move to our last news for today, based on Long March, rockets. Li Dan deputy chief designer of the Long March 3A rocket said that, with intervals of at least fifteen days, the quotGold Medal Rocketquot series will Complete more than ten launches in the coming six months of 2021., The Long March 3B is also scheduled to conduct parafoil recovery system, experiments. Theyre, aiming to solve the problem of falling parts from rockets which seriously affects normal lives. Three rockets, namely Long March 2F Long March 5B and Long March 7 rockets are set aside for launch missions of the Chinese space station construction.. These rockets will be launched from three launch pads of two space centers for launching the core cabinet of the space station. At first then, Tianzhou 2 cargo spaceship mission will be conducted and finally, Shenzhou 12 crewed spaceship will be launched into space this year for complete docking procedure monitoring and in orbit technological verification.. The Chinese space station construction requires numerous docking procedures in orbit with different spacecrafts.. First instance of it will be the docking of crewed spaceship with core cabinet.. The Long March rockets involved in the launch will have no gap between missions at an initial stage, which is to be done without any failure.. The China Aerospace Corporation CASC announced that Long March 11 will carry out nearly five space launch missions in 2021. Launches will be conducted both from ground launch pad, as well as sea platforms.