So get your roast beef ready and smash the like, because it’s about to go down number 15 pure chaos. When ronaldo was getting some games in on his twitch stream. He loaded into a fortnight match with his teammate. It seemed like a normal match until an actual legion of players flew into pleasant park dad, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! No, no! No! No! No! No! All right! Can we freeze frame that for a moment as much stream sniping as i’ve seen in my time, i don’t think i’ve ever seen this much chaos. If this happened in my game, i would have kicked my controller harder than the actual football player ronaldo and on the topic of random cars. Let’S show you number 14 little car big car, even if you didn’t buy the master chief bundle, you’ve, probably seen or used the little warthog it’s adorable. And while this thing is tiny and cute halo, spartans are known for their thousand pound armor equipment. So the vehicle may be heavier than it appears. Music looks like the gaming legend series can be paid to win after all, yeah catch me in my little tex warthog, going approximately four miles per hour down the interstate. With my sunglasses on the scoot, nemo doesn’t stand a chance which brings us to the age old question number 13. Why are you running we’ve just watched some pretty ridiculous moments, but you can’t beat good old fashioned, perfect timing and that’s.

Why this next clip from heal mike puts a huge smile on my face. Why are you running fly? Are you running? I don’t know whether to call this instant karma or not, but i do know that it was pretty satisfying to see this dude flaunting his confidence. Then get outplayed and fall off a bridge. I love fortnite because of things like this, but another reason is number 12. The carolers, sometimes christmas killers make me want to slam the door and run out my back door, but in fortnight they can give us some really wholesome experiences. It’S, not all sweats, building a three story: hotel in seconds don’t. Believe me well just watch it’s rare to see people in the spirit like this nowadays, but when it happens, it’s truly magical. If anyone in pubs came across these guys caroling, it would have been a massacre hey. At least they had visual footsteps on so they know if you’re coming. Wholesome moments are great, but so is trolling noobs at number 11., the flopper bait, when cipher pk had one person left in the match, he thought he’d try a little experiment. The only thing that stood between him and a victory royale was a noob, so he had some fun. I threw it for you, come on. Man come on, eat it eat it, eat it. Yeah yeah eat the flopper Music he’s sliding he’s sliding let’s go. The memes man threw the guy in line with that flopper, like hey buddy seconds later.

He impulses him into the storm pure evil sheesh, but that’s, not even close in comparison to our next clip. At number 10, the bridge we’re continuing the clips with one from reddit, where this player set up an ingenious trap and put it to the test Music Applause Music. You can say: where are we dropping boys again, one minute you’re minding your own business and running through a room and the next minute the floor has disappeared and you’re falling to your death. Sheesh life comes at you fast when it comes to fortnite, but if you feel sorry for that, guy you’ll probably feel even more sorry for the person at number. Nine, a mistake when you get your hands on a rocket launcher in fortnite your eyes light up. So most of us use it on the first person we see, but when this guy went to shoot his shot, he learned that not everything goes to plan see ya pal, oh no, oh, no! Okay! But can we get a rip in the chat for my boy? The grass it’s hilarious, but i still feel bad for the duke, but hey he took out the enemy, at least even if it meant blowing himself up. Although this wasn’t as unexpected as number eight frozen fail with season five anything can happen. There’S a few wacky weapons in the loophole, especially with all the mythics in chapter two, but with the christmas chiller grenade launcher. Some people have been pretty creative.

Others, though, had no idea what they were doing Music. I have never seen a death in fortnite, be so quiet yet so funny wait a second. This must be that uncut ending to that upcoming spider man movie everyone’s been talking about, but while the christmas period is over, it looks like four nightmares started a bit early. This year, at number, seven ghost driver do you believe in ghosts. There once was a man who went to a gas station in the middle of nowhere where creepy things can happen. He needed to grab a car to escape the storm, but when he got into the pickup truck something peculiar Music happened. Music. How did this happen? This is surely just another glitch, or could there be an evil spirit possessing the truck haunting its driver? The truck began to slowly reverse unexplainably as if to say it wanted a new driver. All i’m saying is if that thing starts driving towards me, i’ma head out and if you’re in for some more spooks just wait until you see number six sniper surprise for those of you familiar with the call of duty franchise, you guys have probably seen sniper jump Scares and sure a demon truck is pretty chilling, but it doesn’t really give us the scare factor when this redditor was trying to pull off a clean sniper shot in team rumble. I don’t think he or really anyone was expecting this to happen. I thought the truck was bad man.

I need to go get some new underwear after watching that who, over at epic, decided that this creepy looking backlink was a good idea. Jeez. I think i got ta cool off with a satisfying clip over it number five. The snipes, when i say satisfying it, really depends on whose side you’re on for this next clip. When this streamer came face to face with the mandalorian in the desert, i don’t think he quite expected mando to fight back Music. I mean he is an elite bounty hunter. We can’t expect everyone to have storm trooper aim, but really, though, did this dude just hit two back to back aimbot snipes, no comment but let’s go from overpowered npcs to absolute noobs with number four noob watching getting sneaky in fortnite can make things interesting, but when It comes to noobs, they make it all too easy and that’s when chica renewed her vows for her lost love of her favorite recreational hobby noob watching. Is this considered teaming Music, okay yeah? He saw something yeah. He was like dude that door closed. Why did that door close a little bit? No longer do i feel bad, i feel amazing, and that i just did that holy. That is karma at its finest i’d say. It was pretty good karma that she got taken out there at the end, but the amount of times that little bambi should have seen her is incredible, like this dude’s got ta, be deaf and blind there’s simply no way, and now our final three clips, starting with Number three: these trucks know how to party we’ve seen, haunted trucks, broken miniature cars and a complete raid of every car in pleasant park, but wait there’s more, it looks like cars are making one last appearance on our list, because these trucks know how to party what’s That now that’s the kind of joyride update i want, but now for number two watching from a safe distance.

If you’re a fan of 200 iq plays – and you have a large cranium, then you better pay attention to our second to last clip Music you’ve heard of saved by the bell. But what about saved by a lamp? The way he just watched them? Fight from a safe distance is the cherry on top, but for our final clip let’s finish off with number one: the quick wall in life we all face adversity, it knocks us down. Sometimes you just hit a wall. If you expected me to expand on my motivational speech, i regret to inform you him hitting the wall is where this clip ends: okay, but the reflexes that guy has are insane crazy placement and speaking of placement, here’s a placement of another video. You should watch you should also like this video, so we can bring you more awesome.