Not only was hiro announced to be a playable character for smash ultimate, but also banjo kazooie. In this video, i will be giving you five characters, i think, have a very good chance of making it into smash. Ultimate’S roster, as well as five characters that seem to get requested. A lot that i don’t think will make it in something i want to add is if i don’t think a character will make it into ultimate’s roster. It does not mean i hate the character there’s. Actually, a couple i personally would want in the game, but i just don’t think it’s very likely same thing for if i think a character has a good chance of making it into the game. It does not mean i personally want them in the game. I just think they have a really good chance of making it in and obviously everything said here is my opinion, so i could be completely wrong with that being said, let’s get started with the five i don’t think we’ll make it into ultimate. I feel like a lot of people want waluigi to be playable in smash, and i just don’t think nintendo will do it at least for ultimate i’m, assuming because he’s playable in other titles, like mario party, mario kart, mario tennis, etc. That people think he’s going to become a playable fighter and ultimate. The main reason i don’t think this will happen is because he is already an assist trophy and there has never been a playable fighter.

That is also an assist trophy. A good example of this is little mac and dark sadness. They used to be assist trophies in the prior games, but as soon as they became playable characters, they were no longer assist trophies. Of course, this is nintendo’s game and they could make an exception to the rule, but i don’t think it’ll be with waluigi. This is actually one of the characters. I really want to be in smash, and that is the knight from hollow knight, though i think you would be a great addition. I highly doubt nintendo will include him. This is because the game series is pretty new and nintendo tends to only pick third party characters from series that have been around for a long time unless they are owned by nintendo. If i were to guess, i would say if hollow knight were to be put in smash, it would be as a spirit or me costume, hopefully i’m wrong, because i think he’d make a great addition to the game and it would be nice to hear some remixed Hollow knight, songs, Music, although i feel like master chief, would be a great addition to smash. I don’t think nintendo will add him. The main reason i don’t think this will happen is because he’s from a first person shooting game and i feel like all the dlc characters are choosing from – are platformers rpgs or fighting games. That’S. Honestly, the only reason i see them not getting in, but maybe they’ll make an exception for the series that not only helped revolutionize first person shooting but online gaming in general.

I really don’t get why vandan d is such a requested character, but i don’t think he’s going to make it into ultimate, although they have the ability to add him, especially because master hero, sakurai, the creator of kirby is also the creator of smash. I just think they would add a more iconic character to the smash roster or if they were to pick a character from nintendo’s ip. I would guess it would be from pokemon, metroid or legend of zelda Music out of all the characters i mentioned on this list. I personally feel like sora has the least chance of any character i’ve mentioned of getting into smash, except maybe waluigi. The reason being is that sora is owned by disney, and i think his ip and putting it into smash would be very difficult and probably expensive for nintendo to do even if they had the opportunity to put soar in smash. I would assume nintendo would want to put other characters from kingdom hearts in the game as me costumes or spirits, and i think it would be very hard to do on top of getting sore to begin with. I think an alternative would be to maybe use square enix characters that have been in kingdom hearts instead of the disney ones, but i doubt nintendo would want to do that, which is why i don’t think this will ever happen. I personally would love to see sora in the game, so i’m really hoping i’m wrong on this one, and that is it for the five i don’t think will become playable and ultimate now let’s get into the five i do think have a great shot of being Playable characters before i get into it.

Please drop a like if you’ve enjoyed the video so far and if you like smashed content, but are not yet subscribed to my channel, consider subscribing anyways let’s get into the second half now chun. Li, in my opinion, has a very good chance of making it into smash as one of the next two dlc we’ve seen, both ryu and chung lee become playable in fortnite, as well as power rangers battle of the grid. We already have review in smash ultimate, so all that’s missing is chun. Li i’ve also heard a rumor. Obviously i don’t know if this is true or not, but it does seem possible and it’s that chun li was in development at the start of smash ultimate. But for some reason they stopped and never finished her. If they already had a character model and moveset someone developed, it would make sense that they finish it up and make her playable in fighter pass too. I know there’s quite a lot of people who don’t want her to become a playable character, because she’ll most likely be able to auto turn around, like all of the other fighting game characters, but as a fan of chun li. I think i would be okay with that. A lot of people are speculating that they might try to add an additional iconic villain and there aren’t too many video game villains that are more iconic than dr eggman. It would make sense, since sonic is already in the game and they’re, also celebrating sonic’s 30th anniversary from a gameplay standpoint.

He would also bring a very unique playstyle, since i assumed he would be fighting in his egg walker, which means he could attack in some pretty interesting ways using the various weapons he’s created throughout the years i’d assume if they were to do that. He’D probably be one of the heaviest characters in the game, and that would make him the first super heavy dlc character in any smash game, which i think is kind of interesting Music crash bandicoot is one of the pioneers of the 3d platform genre. So it would only make sense that he joins the likes of smash with crash 4, releasing in 2020, giving him new abilities. He has a more diverse moveset that he can implement for the game. It’S also going to be his 25th anniversary soon. So this would be a good way to celebrate it for the character i’m. Personally, not a huge crash fan, mainly because i’ve never played any of the games from the series, but i still think he would be a good addition to the game Music with namco bandai. Being the head developer of smash ultimate it’s, very surprising, the only namco, bandai character, playable in the game is pac man. I feel like there’s an incredibly good chance. They put a character from the tells up series in the game being that it’s one of the most popular jrpgs, and there are a lot of characters to choose from. If i were to guess, they would probably put lloyd irving in the game since tell’s symphony is one of the most iconic games of the series, and he also fights with two swords.

So maybe that’ll give him a unique trait that sets him. Apart from the other swordfighters, something else to add is that he used to be a meat costume in smash 4 and they have not yet brought him back, which could be an indicator that he becomes a playable fighter. Music Applause last, but certainly not least, is that nintendo pulls from their own ip and puts a character from a game they’re trying to promote. If i were to guess i would say this would be from pokemon. They have two new pokemon games coming out fairly soon and what better way to promote the games than to add another pokemon to smash, i think there’s a good chance. We get a character from sword and shield since that’s from their newest generation. If i were to guess it would probably be one of starter: pokemon’s fully evolved form. This is incredibly unlikely in my opinion, but maybe we get a new pokemon trainer, and that is it for this video. Let me know in the comments what characters you think have the best and worst chance of becoming smash.