The excitement for e3 is finally back it’s been far too long since we’ve had an e3 with last year. Shutting down everything – and i just can’t – wait to get right back into everything and to see what super smash brothers and nintendo has in store for us. So i think we can all agree that nintendo is probably going to show off the next smash brothers character at this year’s e3, which, by the way, nintendo’s presentation is on june 15th. Don’T miss it, but we’re probably going to be getting our new character. On that day and that’s just so exciting, because we know that e3 always brings a big reveal, and i really think we’re in for a real treat here. So, of course, i wanted to share with you guys what i think is going to be happening, even though it’s always the least expected thing, but i think i have some ideas of what nintendo could be giving us this year and which smash character. We could be getting so for my first prediction. I think our mystery character will be a third party character. Now i wouldn’t put it past them to actually release a first party character, such as a pokemon, for example, but i definitely think there’s reason to believe that this character will be from a third party, franchise and that’s, because this is likely nintendo’s last e3. That super smash brothers ultimate will still be making new characters, and if you want to compete at e3, you really got to bring your a game.

So i think smash ultimate is going to take their last e3 and give us one crazy, impactful, significant third party character and to leave a lasting impression on all of the eyes that are going to be watching this year’s e3. So i definitely think that this next character will be third party, which is just so exciting, because third party characters bring so much variety to the game, but i also think that this third party character will be from a new third party franchise. I know a lot of people were expecting a new sonic character or even a new street fighter character, for example, and while i think that those are all definitely possibilities, i think there’s going to be a new third party franchise represented here and that’s, because when you Look at the past right now there has not been a brand new third party franchise since steve with sephiroth. Of course, final fantasy was already represented in the game and even with pyro and mithra. That was a xenoblade chronicles character. So we haven’t had a new franchise. Come into the game in a long time and i think it’s definitely time for a new series to enter the fray. So for my next prediction i really think we’re only going to be getting one character. At this event, there has been a lot of speculation about us. Getting two characters revealed to d3 to call back to our 2019 e3, where we got banjo and hiro and personally i don’t think that’s going to happen back in 2019.

There was still a whole new fighter’s past to come out after hiro and banjo, but right now it seems pretty likely that there won’t be any new characters after fighters pass 2.. If there are only two more opportunities to reveal new characters, i don’t think they will waste them both at one event. On the same day, these character reveals are so valuable for nintendo over time they reach. So many new fans and nintendo’s audience grows once we’re out of characters to reveal that kind of publicity that only smash could provide will be mostly gone for nintendo. So i think they’re going to take their time and dedicate an entire reveal and event to the very last character, probably a smash focus direct that will advertise that they’re showing off the last character and that will be a very big win for nintendo they’re gon na Hype up the last character as much as possible and get the most out of smash ultimate, while they still can so i’m thinking one character for e3, and it will be a big third party character, so let’s get into these characters. Who do, i think, has a really good shot to be one of these e3 characters. So first i want to talk about crash bandicoot. Now, if you’ve been following my channel as of late, then you would know that i think crash bandicoot is one of the more likely characters for this game crash being one of the last video game.

Mascots not in smash, definitely gives him a leg up on the competition, in my opinion, crash is a western character, so we’ll have to see if nintendo and activision can work something out. To be honest, i really wouldn’t be surprised. If crash was the actual pick, it would get, a lot of people excited and e3 would be the prime event to reveal crash bandicoot for smash next up. I want to talk about sora. I think he is actually a pretty solid candidate for e3. Obviously sora is my most wanted character, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s been one of the most highly requested characters for years upon years. If he was announced for super smash brothers, it would totally break the internet if sora really was getting into this game. I feel like now would be a really good time to reveal him, and it would also be a really great way to end off smash ultimate with e3. We know ultimate and e3 have had a really good relationship. We saw everyone is here at e3, 2018, along with ridley and in 2019 we got banjo and hiro, and probably they planned for 2020 to be steve’s reveal. I just feel like if sora was getting into ultimate, they would save him for towards the end of the game. Anyway, just based off of how much speculation would change amongst the community and now we’re at the e3, where we’re towards the end of the game.

So, like i’m getting excited, i feel like it’s possible. Of course we all know what’s standing in sora’s way. We all know you know it’s going to be a tall order to get sora and smash. I know it would not be easy to get sore in smash, but hey. I can dream and it’s e3 time it’s, basically christmas for gamers, so hopefully fingers crossed this time. We see sora at e3. I’Ve talked a whole lot about sora for smash on this channel. So feel free to check out any video you would like to, i definitely think, it’s possible, so here’s. The dreaming. One of the other characters that i’ve seen floating around that i think is possible too, is another sonic character. Now i did mention earlier that i think this character will be from a new third party franchise but for the sake of conversation, let’s just entertain the idea that’s, mainly because we saw what happened with sephiroth sakurai and the smash team wanted to really do justice. The final fantasy compared to what was in the base game, so they added in an entirely new character from the same final fantasy game. So we know that there are some issues with sonic’s representation. He does have two stages and quite a bit of music, but sonic’s moveset is really lacking, so maybe they want to add tails to really make up the difference there in terms of sonic’s moveset, i think that’s definitely possible in terms of getting eggman.

I would say: they’re probably going to go with someone like tails, because the the games are about the anthropomorphic creatures that can run really fast, not necessarily about the human who is the villain. Now there are other characters, like master chief, that i think are really likely, but i talked about a lot of characters in one of my more recent videos called ranking, most likely dlc smash characters, and that is 15 of what i think are the most likely. So go check that video out, if you want to hear more, but i have one more character i want to end off on and that character is rayman. One thing about smash reveal is that it’s always the character that we never seem to be talking about, and i never see anyone talking about rayman being a possibility anymore. We know that nintendo and ubisoft are super close. They made mario plus rabbids and there is the elusive iceberg, so i don’t want to tell anybody how to think, but at least in my opinion, i think this was intentional and is actually supposed to be rayman in there. I don’t see any way that it could have been a coincidence or done by accident. It might not lead to anything, but i still think it’s rayman now. Let me just say i’m not really expecting this to be the outcome. That rayman will be an actual fighter, at least not right now, but i also wouldn’t be surprised if, in an e3 trailer that iceberg starts a crack and rayman just jumps right out and everybody gets surprised because nobody’s talking about him uh definitely keep an eye out For that, because i don’t know this easter egg really just perplexes me and it might not end up being anything, but i can’t deny that i think it looks like rayman in there, but guys e3 is going to be crazy.

I know whatever character, they reveal it’s going to be a really big, significant character that we’re all going to have a lot of fun learning about and seeing in a trailer. I just can’t wait it’s going to be so exciting fingers crossed for all of the characters that we want. I know i really really want sora and if that happened, i would just bawl my eyes out, but whenever we do find out that character, i’ll be right here, making a video about it so consider subscribing.