For you look at this, these are not shadows. Do these look like shadows? These are not shadows. I’M. Finally, wearing different shoes, haters shut up Music. I have really amazing wonderful super exciting news. Barber shops finally opened and i finally got a haircut. This is the best thing. That’S happened to me in like three months, probably on top of that it’s semi, less freezing than it’s been the past few days in winnipeg, which is great and the nike store finally opened. Yes, i know that’s, where my life is at where i get super super super excited about a sneaker store opening, but it is my life nonetheless, no matter how weird or strange it is, i do get excited for a sneaker store opening guys. Thank you. So much for tuning in i appreciate every single one of you you’re, my favorite people on earth. If you haven’t already, please make sure to hit that like button hit that subscribe button and go follow me on instagram tom stefani. Just like you see right here on the screen, there’s, of course, a link in the description so nike opened. Let me explain a little bit more earlier today when i still had a mess of hair on my head. I drove over to the nike outlet because they were finally opening up everything in winnipeg and everything over most of canada has been closed since the beginning of november, and most things opened up this past saturday, but some things just opened up today and nike was one Of them, so i assumed that there was going to be some amazing restocks at the store, and i was right so i didn’t want to miss out on any of these.

I got to the store five minutes before it opened. I wanted to be there early. I was very excited. I figured it’s a monday, how many people can possibly be there uh well. Famous last words let’s hop in the youtube time machine back to 10 55. This morning, Music, okay, here’s the situation i mean. I obviously knew i wasn’t gon na be the only person that showed up there, but this many people are you serious. There was a line of like 85 people in front of me, 10 minutes before the store opened, so i stood in line all sad and distraught. Staring through the window, hoping that all the good deals and all the good shoes weren’t taken by the time i got in and then i finally got into the store and they had some really really good stuff. Oh my goodness, this is the best nike outlet haul. Ever okay, so i have six pairs of shoes there. I think one of them is – and i just thought they were sort of cool. Five of them are amazing, and i spent five hundred dollars on this and it’s eleven hundred dollars, retail five hundred dollars eleven hundred dollars, retail you do the math. This is the best nike outlet opening i’ve ever seen in my life. Oh, my goodness, i cannot wait to show you guys what i got. This is the greatest nike store opening i’ve ever seen in my life, the amount of stuff we got, and if i was there a little bit earlier like i got there, five minutes before the store opened up.

If i got there half an hour before the store opened up – and i was one of the first people in line there – was people walking out with jordan one boxes, i don’t know what was in the jordan one boxes, but i saw people checking out with jordan. One boxes as i was waiting to get into the store now i ended up getting six pairs of shoes. Five of them are awesome. I’M. Just going to show you all of these shoes, absolutely incredible. The good part is: is that i’m? Not keeping any of these? These are all either going to be going on shop where you can buy. I have tons of pairs of shoes so just go over. There check it out, see what you want to buy. They’Re all great prices cheaper than stockx or they’re, going to be going into mystery boxes, which you can also find on and speaking of mystery boxes. This month’s mystery box, we’ve done it again. We’Re, bringing them back is going to have the dior jordan ones and 30 other pairs of jordan ones, so all in all 31 pairs of jordan ones for the february mystery box, you guys are the first people to hear right now, so keep it quiet, keep it On the down low, so you guys can get it uh. Every time we do d or jordan ones or any jordan ones. They sell out crazy, crazy, crazy, quick so make sure to get one 49.

99 with the link in the description. But let’s take a look at what we actually got. First pair of shoes, though we’re gon na start with the least exciting uh, these were 28 dollars, that’s. The reason that i bought these uh – i really have no interest in wearing these personally. The nike joyride cc3 setter that’s a lot of words in there, but these are pretty cool. These are one of the ones with all the beads in it. If you guys can see all of that with all the cool little it looks like nerds. Like you remember, the candy nerds and it just looks like they put nerds in the bottom of the shoe, but yeah for 28 it’s, a pretty decent shoe like it looks good it’s put together nicely. It was 35 canadian. So when i say 28, i’m speaking us dollars, 35 canadian dollars really really good deal cool pair of shoes if you’re just looking for like i don’t know, if you could run in these, i guess you could probably run in these let’s go to the exciting stuff. So this one purposely did not oh okay. Well, i know what it is because i saw the jumpman. These were not on the shelves, one of the employees, that was very nice. Let me know they had one pair of these in the back and asked if i wanted to buy them, and i said sure why not he just told me: jordan, 13.

, he didn’t tell me which jordan 13s, but this paper should probably give you guys a little Bit of a hint, it is these ones right here, oh there’s glue and never mind. I scraped it off. I don’t even know when these ones came out to be 100 honest, but i do know that these are reselling for around 200 on stockx and i got them for 98 that’s. What i’m saying everything in the store was 30 off everything and not just 30 off of retail 30 off of the sale price. So these were like 150 or something like that, and then they were 30 off of 150, which is insane so 98 on a pair of jordan. Retros is always going to be a good price. Is this my favorite colorway? Probably not. It has like this python print on it and it has this teal suede, which is i mean if you like, tiffany jewelry, you’ll, probably like that color, but otherwise it might be a little bit out there for some people. I think they’re cool it’s, just not something that i would wear, but for the price it’s a no brainer to pick up a pair of jordan 13s, one more pair of jordan retros, which i was very excited to see. You guys probably know what these are. This is one of the craziest pairs of shoes. We’Re going to stand up, so i can show you guys the full glory of this pair of shoes.

Look at the paper first off let’s. Take a little close. Look at the paper looks very, very cool. You have like the original jordan bugs bunny print right there and then inside you have one of the craziest shoes i have ever seen in my life there’s. So much going on here. There is a pink tongue. There is like this teal like it looks like some creature from a dr seuss book was skinned alive and then put on a jordan shoot. I don’t know how to feel about it. Look at the bottom it’s, so many colors on the bottom there’s fur. There is this pale pastel pink and then they gave you these pink laces as well. So many strange things going on in this pair of shoes – i sort of love them and they are in my size, so these ones i might keep, but they might be up on shop as well. I’M. Honestly, not sure these ones are. This is just such a crazy pair of shoes. Now i wish i had gotten the jordan ones that were at the nike outlet. I might have to try and go back later this week and see if i could get some jordan ones. Maybe they restock something i’m. Honestly not sure what they’re gon na do, but it would be amazing to get some jordan ones at the nike outlet. Now we have a pair of lebrons. These were very exciting to see there.

You guys probably saw some b roll of these, so this is the lebron 7 christmas day, lebron wore these on christmas, the year that he was wearing the lebron sevens. He was still in cleveland. The first stretch that he was in cleveland when this shoe was out and just a really classic shoe. I remember one of my gym teachers always used to wear this exact colorway of this shoe the lebron 7 christmas. When i was in like 9th or 10th grade i’m honestly, not sure what year these would have come out, one of my favorite lebron models giant airbag on the bottom super comfortable super cool colorway, but that was not the coolest lebron that they had. They also had this lebron right here same thing: lebron 7, quick strike. I think this one is also yes. This one is also a quick strike. I’M super happy that they’re retro in lebrons, because i really love them. These are the lebron chinese new year, so there’s all that chinese characters going on there i’m, not gon na pretend, like. I know what it is at all i don’t, but this is one of my favorite lebrons to ever release it’s. Just such a clean, colorway, it’s white and gold and it’s a lebron and it’s super comfortable, and you could play basketball in them. What i love about all these lebron retros is that they’re keeping all the tech and everything you need to actually still play basketball in.

I remember when originally played in the sevens these metal things that all was digging to their feet, so hopefully they added some extra padding in the tongue or something like that. That is all of these six pairs that i got at the nike outlet. As i said, there’s some people walking out with jordan ones. It looked like there’s, a few pairs of jordan 11s that i saw people walking out with as well. So the moral of that story is don’t, show up early show up really early, because i got there at 10 55 and the store opened up at 11 and i still didn’t get into the store until 11 45.. I should probably mention the prices i completely forgot to mention the prices. These jordan sevens the furry ones 108, both of these lebrons 108 dollars these ninety eight dollars and then those like twenty eight dollars, whatever. That is four hundred and forty dollars total, or something like that very, very, very cheap for all of these shoes and i’m very happy that i was able to get them, which one is your favorite. Let me know down in the comment section below mystery box: sneaker reselling course links in the description and the pin comment guys. Thank you. So much for watching i’ll see you tomorrow with a brand new video.