I’Ll. Give you all the information about the dragon boat festival before going ahead, i will request you to subscribe to our channel zenit institute and click on the bell icon to receive notification for our new videos. So let’s start. The dragon boat festival is a high spirited tradition. Where competitors paddle long vibrantly painted long wooden boats into rivers and race, to the finish, the team of dragon boat sellers row as fast as they can toward a finish line. While one team member sits towards the front of the ship and beats a drum to maintain their pace and keep energy high spectators and racers alike enjoy zhongzi a tetrahedron shaped sticky rice treat wrapped in reed of bamboo stocks believed to bring good fortune in some cultures. Revealers add another friendly contest to the day egg. Balancing noon is said to be the best time to keep the egg standing recognized as an official holiday by the chinese government in 2008. The annual event means three days off of work or out of school. For ten of millions of people culminating in celebrations and dragon boat races where access to water permits the origins of dragon boat festival or dwan vujay in chinese, are it like so much else in the murky depths of china ancient history, depending on who is telling the Story the festival began as a way to commemorate the society of a code official more than two thousand years ago, who that official was still an uncertain question.

The most popular version of the story, centers around a man named cu pian q, was a code official and accomplished poet in the kingdom of jude during china’s warring states period, Music accounts differed that q somehow ran full of either jealous mandarines or the king himself, regardless Queue managed to get himself banished and began to roam the countryside, composing poetry years later, upon hearing that the kingdom of ku had suffered defeat at the hands of its rival of the kingdom of kin. The poet carried a rock into the river and drowned himself villagers who respected queue for his poetry, raced out in boats to try and recover his body again here the tale has two alternate tellings one says that villagers battle furiously in their boats to keep evil spirits. At bay and also threw rice wrapped in paper into the river in at attempt to keep fish from devouring q’s body, so the other version says that after he died, queue visited villages in their dreams. He requested that people wrap rice and silk paddle out onto the river and drop the packets into the water on the way to nourish you seoul. A similar story involving a man named vuzixo is also attributed to the creation of the dragon boat festival. Wu was a general during chinese spring and autumn era. After years of royal service and a decorated military carrier, wu was forced by the king to commit suicide. After the two days of disagreement after dis bowling himself, wu’s body was thrown into the river Music.

So these are two different stories around the dragon boat festival.