We thank the inhuman labs and adventurers for providing us intel about this area fingers crossed so we can track down godzilla and complete. The mission successfully hold on the energy detection device is responding. Maybe our mission will end sooner than we expected. I said one o’clock, a large energy source has been detected, prepare to observe it up. Close wait, look ahead, something is wrong. The carrier is under attack, drop the anchor and stand by. Oh god, it can’t be godzilla. What on earth is that it’s coming our way attention passengers, emergency safety measures have been activated soldiers report to your stations, i repeat, to your stations, it’s on the right side, it’s mecca, godzilla code red, take cover permission required to deploy anti ballistic missiles permission grant weapons Activated chris, everyone take up arms and prepare for battle watch out for those drones, knock them down to reduce the pressure of their attacks, pay attention to the trajectory of missiles and avoid their target destination. They’Re coming again intercept them hold on keep the shooting engine has failed and can’t be started. All soldiers cover the evacuation of our passengers. Danger avoid beam attack, monarch, giving critical alert activating evacuation measures. Chopper imposition, please evacuate conveniently is everyone okay hold on to your seats? We’Re still not out of the woods yet. What wait is it gon na fire a beam at us, godzilla, it’s, godzilla, it’s savings. Another beam watch out, wow donkey, injuring me: unbelievable we’re, still alive, it’s, uncarved, huh, godzilla and kong saved us.

Are they drawn by that colossal heap of metal that’s? How you do it all right, nice job godzilla guys, even though it’s dangerous let’s talk real, quick it’s just that this is an opportunity of a lifetime shouldn’t we stick close to watch their last stand. Watch out, hey you doing. Okay, the technology of this aircraft is one of its kind. I wonder who came up with this drone’s up to you, my incoming Music, be careful, come save this again hope that he’s all right, oh, what a sight i’m speechless! Well, pay attention to the body of mecca godzilla the spot that emits the red beam is its weakness now’s the time fire good job continue the great work, bullseye, Music, alright, Music, so Music, all right, guys, it’s time to leave. That was totally a peaceful observation in traffic. I hope that the info we collected is useful, otherwise sacrificing the ship.