Currently the wba 130 135 pound champion superstar boxer, javonte tang davis. He weighs in on an update of the possibility of him facing undefeated rising mexican superstar lightweight title contender. King rod, ryan garcia, in which giovante tank davis stated that he’ll do anything in his power to be able to stage the showdown between himself and ryan garcia. He stated that uh, he informed his promoter, legendary retired former pound for pound king former five division world champion floyd money mayweather that he would indeed take a pay cut. If that included him getting the fight, he says it’s, no doubt that i’m, the clear aside, it’s! No doubt that i’m doing the bigger numbers i’m, the biggest star he says, but when it comes to making this fight come to fruition, i would do whatever it takes. If that entails me having to take a massive pay, cut, i’ll take a pay cut, because i want this fight and i told floyd mayweather that i would do so and floyd mayweather. He says that floyd mayweather is interested. He believes in making the fight happen as well. This is what you call javonte davis. You know, uh is seriously invested in fighting ryan garcia. He wants to prove that he is indeed the better fighter. He wants to prove that all of the talk that ryan, garcia is doing is just that. Talk that he’s not going to back it up. Javonte davis has a chip on his shoulder when it comes to this situation with himself and ryan, garcia and he’s.

Looking to make a statement against ryan, garcia, king rod, ryan, garcia ryan, garcia, just recently fought against olympic gold medalist british superstar lightweight title contender, luke campbell, in which he was flawed in the second round. He got up, he rectified it and he stopped luke campbell in the seventh round with a left hook to the liver, and that was all she wrote now: ryan garcia. He has a huge social media following uh ryan, garcia. You know um. He knows how to market himself. He knows how to market his name, and with that said, ryan garcia. You know, uh is a sort out. Man there’s a lot of people that want to face off against ryan garcia because he represents a huge payday, okay and so with that said, uh ryan, garcia. You know um, he has 8.3 million instagram followers. Now he went up a million because he had 7.2 prior to the luke campbell fight. He went up a million instagram followers since the luke campbell fight, okay, so ryan garcia knows how to market himself. He knows how to market his name. He knows how to make himself relevant. He has a huge social media following uh and you know a lot of people want to get in the ring with him. He has a lot of connections as well: he’s signed to uh oscar de la hoya, olympic gold, medalist uh former pound for pound king former cash cow former five division world champion himself, iconic legendary hall of famer uh.

You know and there’s a lot of similarities between oscar de la hoya and ryan garcia and his mentor. His mentor is uh four division world champion mexican superstar boxer, who currently is the unified wbc wba super middleweight world champion. Superstar basser saw canelo alfreds, so with that said, you know he represents a huge payday. He represents, you know uh uh, you know a huge demographic of fans and so a lot of people want that fight. But oddly enough, in this situation, ryan garcia has been calling for a fight with javonte davis. He’S been calling out javonte tang davis for the better part of two years, and he most recently was on mike tyson’s podcast, in which he stated that he’s going to knock out javonte tank davis within two rounds. Devonte tank davis came on facetime uh with mike tyson and ryan garcia, and he was you know he didn’t back down. He was like i’m gon na knock. You out within two rounds, two rounds i’m, knocking you out, okay and then ryan garcia. He went on tmz and he said i’m gon na find the biggest platforms. I could possibly find i’m gon na scream to the top of the mountains at the highest mountains. That i’m gon na knock out. Javonte tank davis within two rounds right uh, and he said i i want this fight. Then he was featured on teddy atlas, uh podcast, in which he stated that he wants this fight with uh ryan got with javonte tank davis because he says that it’s just in him right.

He says it was just meant for him to beat javonte davis he liking. It to a situation of uh when muhammad ali was not was knocked down in his fight uh prior to going into the fight with sunny liston uh by a uk fighter, but he was and he was 22 years of age. Okay, he was 22 years of age. He was knocked down by a uk fighter, he got up, he won the fight and then he called out sonny, listen and got the fight with sonny listening and he beat sonny listen. He was 22 years of age, uh there’s a lot of similarities to ryan garcia. He was just knocked down by a british uh fighter and luke campbell. We got up, he won the fight uh he’s, 22 years old and javonte tank davis represents uh the beast: the animal right uh and like uh, sunny listening represent right uh. So with that said, you know, ryan garcia is saying that it was it’s just fate right. It was just meant for him to fight and beat javonte tang davis, not to mention ryan garcia stated that he wanted to. You know teach floyd, mayweather a lesson so to speak, because he says floyd may be able to ruin a lot of things. That’S uh he made a a lot of things, is wrong with the sport of boxing is because of floyd mayweather, and he stated what better way to rectify that by beating uh his number one: cash cow and giovante tank davis uh.

He says and then javonte tank davis also he wants to uh humble javonte tank davis. He stated that javonte davis, you know uh uh, believes that he’s better and a bigger star than who he actually is. So he says he wants to serve up a bit of humble pie, to floyd mayweather and to giovante tank davis. So this is part of the reason why he’s looking to make the fight – and he says his physical attributes – are better than javonte tame davis. He says that well, if you don’t know javontae davis at five foot, five with a 67 inch arm reach, uh ryan garcia is five foot ten with a 71 inch army. So he has a four four inch arm. Reach advantage and a five inch height advantage over geronto tank davis uh, and he has lightning fast hands, but he has very, very slow feet. Javonta tank davis has faster feet: uh ryan, garcia has slow very slow feet. He’S very flat, footed uh, stationary uh, jeronte davis is very explosive, but ryan garcia has very, very fast hands and that’s because he commits to his hand, speed. He sits down on it. Okay, uh, and he says that how is javonte davis going to reach him? He don’t have the reach ability of luke campbell luke campbell was five foot, eight uh five foot. Nine excuse me with the 70 inch arm reach as well, so he had a similar uh height and similar reach to ryan garcia, as ryan garcia has so javante take davis a long way from that.

So he says luke campbell caught me. He feigned it to the body came up with a sweeping left hook: he’s a southpaw with a sweeping left hook caught him dropped him. Okay, he said for daronte tank davis to hit me with that punch it would. He would need a ladder. It would take a miracle and he would need a ladder. Somebody would have to give him a ladder for him to touch me, he’s, very, very short, so he’s uh, stating that his game plan is simply going to be to use his jab use. His reach use his hand, speed to keep him at bay all night and just simply outbox him. He says i could outbox javonte tank davis on my best day. He says he can’t outbox me. He says what is his game plan going to be to outbox me? That’Ll never work. This is what king rob ryan garcia said. He said that would never work. He said that’s laughable because he can never reach me. He said once again, you would need a ladder, so you know uh he’s, very confident that he could beat javonte tang davis and i believe that the competitor in giovante tank davis, the warrian gibrante tank davis, you know, and that ferociousness and gervante tank davis wants to Uh uh simply you know: uh uh, um, prove ryan, garcia, wrong and the rest of the boxing world who believes in writing. You all see a possibility of beating him, so you know he’s out to prove a point: javonte tank davis, uh.

Now one thing i will say is he cannot go in this fight. Uh, fighting emotional, because ryan garcia is uh. He does have these advantages, he can box and he does have power in both hands. So he can’t go in this emotionally. He has to go in his strategic. He got to work his way on the inside that being tank davis. He has to work his way on the inside uh utilize head movement get to the inside and then once he gets on the inside, he has to wreak havoc once he gets there, but that’s what he’s going to have to do. He cannot do what he did against leo santa cruz leo santa cruz. Uh was five foot eight with a 70 inch army, 69 70 in charm reach, and that proved to be somewhat a problem for giovante tank davis in their fight, as he was able to touch devonte tank davis. So with that said, he can’t fight emotional uh and he fought against leo santa cruz, emotional right uh. He was getting touched and eventually uh in that sixth round. He went to a high guard like this. He started walking him down. He took a couple of punches to give one right uh, he started walking uh through you know, um the adversity to be able to give one and that’s, essentially what he’s gon na have to do when it comes to ryan, garcia, but he’s gon na have to Fight him strategically, not emotionally.

If he fights him emotionally, he could he could lose, he could possibly move if you fight him strategically use his athletic ability use his quick feet, use his explosiveness and that ferociousness, along with his softball stance, he can beat ryan garcia. I believe he has far more uh of the enough tools to be able to defeat ryan garcia. The the the version that for jose pedraza of javon detained davis, that guy is who needs to show up against ryan garcia, not the version that show fought up against yorioka’s gamboa, not the version that fought uh um this last fight against leo santa cruz. No, we need to see the virgin at fought against jose pedraza. That version of javonte tank davis needs to be on display when he fights ryan garcia. So he says he don’t want to wait uh till september. He wants to make this fight happen right now, uh. He don’t want to sit on the shelf uh. He lies for uh um halloween october 31st, so he don’t want to wait till september uh, obviously the roadblock they wanted in may, but cinco de mayo around that cinco de mayo week in time to be able to you know trying to uh. In a sense, you know relive a floyd, maybe the oscar de la hoya saga, they’re, going to be a big part of building this fight up and cinco de mayo weekend is huge for that. But the problem is saul.

Canelo huarez more than likely, is going to face billy, joel saunders in a unification about that same day, so they could fight the weekend before because um, actually, i think single demand the uh may 1st uh is is, is a saturday that’s the weekend before uh cinco De mayo actual date, and then they could possibly fight. You know uh afterwards, depending upon what day canelo alvarez chooses. Is he gon na fight today the weekend before single mile single demand actual date or the weekend after that’s following saturday, you know and then they can fight the because canelo alvarez he fights billy’s. Your son is going to be on the zone, so it’s not going to be on pay per view. They’Re not going to have to worry about uh the the viewers not wanting to pay pay per view for that event, uh and having to do back to back because canelo alvarez fight is gon na, be on the zone that’s a stream in that uh. So with that said, they don’t have to worry about that robot. So let’s see how this unfolds and plays out drop. A comment in the comment section make sure y’all hit that like button. If you didn’t do nothing else hit the like button hit the subscribe button. That’S all i got for y’all man drop a comment in the comment section. Let me know what y’all think you already know what it is: it’s, your boy, blue, blue, blue sports tv hate like comment and subscribe.

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