I am your host jacques slade it’s. The show that is proud to introduce our very first sneaker it’s called the cloud naturo double ones. What other brands are doing less work than this photoshop that’s, not even a photoshop it’s. Just the silver anniversary, elevens let’s try harder people come on. Alright let’s start with some hot takes. Of course, the hottest story of the week is the battle between wall street and reddit traders. The short version is that finance bros bet big, that a failing business like gamestop would get worse, but instead of that happening, reddit and twitter got ahead of them and raised the price of gamestop stock screwing over the bros and making what appears to be a life. Changing amount of money for the people who jumped in early emphasis on jumped in early in snicker terms. Just imagine you went on a reseller platform and pre sold a pair of dior jordans for 7 000, knowing you’d be able to buy it for its retail price. From a connect for 2k, but before you can cash in travis scott wears them inside of a mcdonald’s with a backpack that said top secret playstation 6. that drives the price up of the dior ones even higher, and your connect will only let you get them for 15K, now you have to buy them at 15k, get paid only 7k for it and lose out on ak. Oh and pro tip for anybody that’s going to make a lot of money from the whole meme stock thing and enter a new tax bracket.

Just remember to set aside a nice chunk of that new change for uncle sam okay. This is jock slade llc signing off disclaimer. The following bit was for entertainment purposes. Only hard pass is not a financial institution and is not qualified to give advice. It’S, an internet variety show mostly about sneakers all right: great news for smoke: dog 69 bad news for kansas city chiefs, offensive coordinator and guy, who should have been an nfl head coach by now eric the enemy nfl coaching legend john madden thinks that gamers should be Brought on to help coaches by playing madden, you know the game that has his name on it and is the only official nfl simulation game on consoles, because we can’t have nice things shout out to nfl 2k5. Besides the blatant product plug that i totally respect. I’M. All for having gamers become assistant coaches, because you know they wouldn’t kick a field goal on fourth and goal down by eight with aaron rodgers, as the qb i don’t even know why i’m still bitter about that i’m, a niners fan but come on all right now, If this fallout green bay somehow leads to rogers coming home to the niners i’m glad it happened no offense, but if we can get rogers, i am driving jimmy g and his jordans on the first plane to wisconsin, thanks for getting us to the super bowl. Last year, though, appreciate you, bro uh rumors are running rampant, that the golden state warriors could be a contender in the trade for bradley beale.

As a basketball fan, i would love to see beale on a great team and make a run for the championship, especially after seeing this graphic wow first guy to ever score 40 points or more in a game 10 times and always loses man makes you want to Hug him uncle field style after wields, got ditched by his dad again, but as a laker fan hell though, besides we can offer a better trade package of kyle, kuzma and uh. You know kyle kuzma’s pumas for bradley emmanuel, beale aka double b, because nobody knows his middle name huh. Could you imagine if bill’s middle name was also a b, though, would he sue levar for gimmick infringement will levar counter sue for double b and pretend jello is just a figment of our imagination huh the things i think about shout out to espn’s media kinds for Becoming the next aew wrestler, i guess her wrestler name is brook havoc, which is actually a dope name. I don’t have that problem because i bet you i could just show up to wwe tomorrow and pull off jock slade. I would either be the smoothest manager ever backing up the dudes in the hurt business or i could be a throwback 80s wrestler with a deep sea explorer gimmick and a bad french accent prepare to deep six hulk hogan you resist before we move on to the Next segment, let’s go back a few months ago, when we congratulated john wester, aka wex for his move from adidas to shopify, so here’s, your flowers, wex and now the countdown to seeing him pictured in public in jordans begins.

Are we setting the over under at two weeks before we see him in travis, scott dunks or not? What do you guys think well turns out? You should have taken the over by a lot, because look who’s got some nikes. This is like when sonic the hedgehog. First appeared on the nintendo console, which would have been sonic advance on the game boy advance in 2001. Yes, i know that fact by heart man. First, the fat boys break up now. Wex is gon na be wearing nikes. Nothing will ever be the same, so the sneakers that failed you last weekend, huh well no surprise, but it failed me too, and seemingly everybody else, but there’s something different about the dumpster fire. That is the sneaker zap the past few weeks in comparison to other times. At least, i think it feels different. It happened during the release of the street hawker sb dunks, our pick of the week during the last episode. For starters, there was several glaring technical glitches that caused loading times to run for what felt like an eternity payment’s not going through and checking out with the wrong size and then for a significant number of users. They weren’t even able to log into the app or were kicked out and forced to sign in again causing them to miss out. The cries were a little louder this past week with a number of people claiming that they are going to delete the app from their phone.

I mean good on them for finally saying enough is enough, but let’s be honest, it’s not actually enough. Sneakerhead logic works like this. Most people who say they are deleting sneakers are either just being performative on social media to get clout or are so tiny in number that it doesn’t actually matter and really for every one person that deletes the app. There are thousands who think, oh good, it makes it easier for me and go even harder to try and buy kicks, not to mention the bots who also helped ruin the process. It has gotten so bad that complex sneakers seemingly waved the proverbial white flag last week and wrote a whole piece on bots and how they use them to your advantage, it’s a little more nuanced than if you can’t beat them join them type of piece, but that’s. The perception yes, i am in the very fortunate and privileged position to be able to receive sneakers for free and ask for occasional favors to buy kicks from stores i’ve built relationships with. At the same time, my preference would be that the only hindrance to people buying their sneakers is the size of their bank account not their ability to hustle. The time has come once again for nike to rethink the app. I don’t think they need to ditch the sneakers branding or anything like that, because let’s be real. The adrenaline rush that people get when that got a message shows up has a lot of value and even if more people get to experience that and share it with everybody, it’s not going to lose its luster first of all, they need to get their best engineers.

In there to fix those bugs that have been screwing people over the past two weeks. Second of all, they need to change up the process. Here’S. My hypothetical scenario for future sneakers release. Let’S say there is a hype release coming out like the new phone posits that we’ll be talking about later in the heat check, instead of dropping at 7am pacific standard time, the shoe drops at random times during the day that’s right times, people get a text or Notification on their phone saying that they have 10 minutes to log in and complete their purchase, it’s like when you mysteriously get exclusive access for a pair of jubilee 11s, and you don’t know why or how. But you have to make a decision right then, and there to get it and once you’re logged in just like the latest union air jordan release, you have to answer a few simple questions. Nothing too, fancy nothing! You need to google or wikipedia the answer for and once you’ve done that congratulations. You now have a pre order for some phones, yep pre order. Let people set the market if one million sneakerheads want to buy phones get all their money. Let them wait. A few weeks or months, and once those orders are fulfilled, do a standard release for those who missed out. We all know that nike is not going to make something like the air, jordan, 1 high or a height pair of sb dunks perpetually available, but giving everybody the chance to buy a pair within the limited time frame is more than fair.

Will it happen, probably not, but i really do hope that nike takes the time to look at sneakers and realize that it’s been a few years and a refresh really needs to happen now, it’s time for the heat check, where we bring you everything that’s dropping this Week, first up we have the adidas oswego sea locks. This is on the first for 120., the solar yellow aka vault shell hides some bright red mesh inserts hard to tell without getting a chance to see them in person. But these have some mid 2000 vibes when people were trying to recreate the magic of the phone posits in the original adidas, the kobe’s, but as we’ll cover later it looks like somebody may have found a new secret sauce to revive the phones. Then we have the adidas t: mac 2 home on the 1st for 1 30., ask a sneaker head of a certain age and they will tell you that the early years of the adidas tmac was neck and neck with the best basketball shoes of the early 2000s That’S because they were designed like t max silky, smooth and easy on the eyes, especially in the home white colors there’s, also a multi color splatter pair dropping on the same day, but eh i go with the classics for this week. Then we have the adidas top 10 ice tray on the first 100 it’s, a pretty basic introduction of tray to adidas originals you’ve got the translucent outsole with the ice tray branding his jersey number, which i guess is also his logo on the tongue and the insole.

Pretty par for the course stuff, but i’m still excited for what the three stripes can do with the young rising star from the atl, then we have the nike lebron 18 low fire bearing on the third so from the bottom it’s, not unlike the standard lebron 18. But as you move up, it looks nothing like the lebron 18, which is a bit of a change, because lebron lows typically borrow plenty of design cues from their higher cut models. We have the nike dunk low coast and football gray on the fourth yeah. I believe it when they actually drop in we’re all crying on sneakers apple. On a thursday we’ll see we have the arizona ice tea, adidas superstars, on the 4th for 100 it’s, not a dollar like the infamous launch a while back, but the embroidered cherry blossoms on the upper gives the superstar a premium. Look that i think will fly under the radar with what everything else is dropping. We have the ambush converse, chuck 70 fuzzy on the fourth for 140.. I feel, like somebody missed the boat by not calling these the cookie monsters or something i mean you could have replaced the chuck logo with the googly eyes and it would have been perfect. Oh well, we have the nike air force one low valentine’s day on the sixth, the cell, colored swoosh, and the midsole are the only things, keeping me from complaining that these are no different than the lazy supreme air force.

One collabs last year, so props to nike. For doing the bare minimum, i guess then we have the air force, one experimental on the six for 130.. So these are apparently vacuum sealed uh did they put saran, wrap around the shoe and use a blow dryer to give it that sealed? Look! What like you’ve! Never done that to give off the appearance of vbbv nds, then we have the air jordan, 5 anthracite on the 6 for 190. it’s, the answer to the question: what if they made union air jordan 5’s, just something to marinate in your head, while you stare at These and wonder if they just had a mix of light red and blue and then our pick of the week is the jordan 12 low super bowl. These are on the six from 190.. The biggest game of the year gets a fitting pair of kicks to celebrate the occasion. It’S, almost a guarantee we’ll see somebody rock these on the field, but it won’t be tom, brady and more on that later, all right and now for a heat check on the upcoming comes the garcon ohms plus nike air foamposite1 collaboration. This was first revealed during the japanese, brand’s fall winter 2021 showcase. This is the most significant change to the iconic basketball shoes. Since the 2012 galaxy release that brought sneaker culture to the mainstream, the silhouette is the same and the shape and curvature is just like. It was in the 90s, but the foam shell is completely different according to the blogs it’s supposed to replicate the appearance of a zen garden, which is cool and now it’s, officially reasoned 5090, to move to japan.

But even if that’s not the case, i have to applaud cdg for daring to ask nike if they can create a new mode like what i wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall of the meeting where there was a pitch to do a new foam. Shell, this could not have been the first time the topic has been breached, but it is the first time nike has said. Yes, i can only imagine the brands and the artists who have probably made similar overtures to nike and got laughed out of the building, like soul. Collector has a phone, positive, collab and it’s. Basically, a reworking of the og colorway supreme naturally has a foamposite and their whole idea was slapping a faux, versace print on it and calling it a day. This is really the most ambitious take on the phone posit we have ever seen and i applaud it at the very least, it is a decade overdue. The only thing i kind of have against it is the colorways it’s, basically black and white, which i guess fine. If you’re looking to keep things simple, you can’t go wrong with the most basic of colors, but i cannot wait to see if cdg will decide to branch out and try different color combinations. At the very least, the colorway of these should be in the color scheme of the og royals penny hardaway could just wear them on the sidelines, as the coach of the memphis tigers and sneaker twitter would lose their collective minds.

Could this be the pair that kickstarts a new phone positive renaissance? I don’t know about that because we’re still in the middle of what appears to be a very long obsession with dunks and jordan ones. But who knows if travis scott rocks him into mcdonald’s while wearing a backpack that says top secret playstation 6? It could start the trend again. I know wale would be happy to see that go down, because if anybody was repping for foams for a minute, it was him. So i give this upcoming collab nine nike air penny, one orlandos out of ten nike air penny, one royals that have yet to retro, because nike hates my co writer, the real one, all right, it’s time for this week’s hard pass. Where we take a look at something in the culture that just needs to go like tom brady and no it’s, not for the reason that people in the comments who obsess over every word that i say and look for political meanings behind them. It doesn’t help. But it’s not about that it’s about the insufferable talk that if brady were to win his seventh super bowl, he will replace michael jordan as the goat of goats yeah. No, absolutely not, and it’s, not even close. Yes, tom brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. It pains me to say that, as a san francisco 49ers fan, we had like a dozen chances to draft brady in the 2000 nfl draft and somehow we didn’t, but we did take a qb named giovanni cormazzi, who never played in the league but i’m guessing would Have been a dope character in the sopranos brady would go on to unprecedented success and dominance in one of the most difficult, but also glamorous positions of all sports.

Nine super bowl appearances with a tenth on the way and he’s won six and seemingly out of spite, which i absolutely respect because i’m, here for all the sports pettiness, he stepped out of the shadow of his legendary coach in new england to prove that he was More than just a really really good system, quarterback sure brady’s, not the same as he was in his prime in new england, he’s no longer capable of flinging it to randy moss like in the late 2000s in tampa bay, sorry tomba bay. He has to rely on his very talented teammates to help carry the load but that’s, not the narrative of the media and the fans. Tom brady is the lead in this drama, that’s playing out right now and no matter how good or bad he plays next sunday. He will get most of the credit win or lose just like patrick mahomes is the lead of the kansas city chiefs. The quarterbacks get an unfair amount of credit and blame honestly, i think brady and his legacy are playing with house money. He has nothing to lose in the super bowl yeah, a 6 4 record in the biggest game, isn’t as cool as seven and three, but nobody is even close to those numbers. Mahomes has a shot, but it’s gon na be a really long time before we can even have that discussion like hard pass is gon na have to be in its 40 or 50th season before we can even sniff that we’re in season four, by the way.

Now that you know so, if brady wins, does he have a claim to the goat of goats which is currently being held by michael jeffrey, jordan? You know the singular most significant, most influential, most deified figure in the culture, no, not a chance. First of all, he’s, not even in muhammad ali’s or serena williams or babe ruse level. The three people that i would say are the closest to mj but i’m, not dissing football, it’s, america’s game it’s, the most popular sport in the country. So, of course, the majority of their fans are going to want to give that title to their goat, but no okay, let’s start with dominance, jordan and brady dominated their respective eras and both had to endure tough challenges on the way to that level. Brady had real competition, there was peyton manning aaron, rodgers drew brees, kurt warner, oh brett, favre, michael vick, philip rivers, ben roethlisberger, russell wilson, lamar, jackson and now holmes. Jordan had real competition too magic bird isaiah, dominique drexler, barkley ewing and some indiana random wait. There was also shaq penny payton kemp young kobe, young iris, in stockton and malone. The difference is that while brady was often the winner of those battles, you could always make an argument for manning or rogers or breeze or now. Mahomes. Jordan was not only the winner of almost all of his matchups, but you couldn’t make an argument for anybody else. The closest peers he had were in aging magic and larry, and even they conceded by the time nj was in his prime.

There was no doubt when jordan was on top. He was untouchable. Even when brady led the patriots to an undefeated season. You could always yeah, but brady’s greatness. He would lose the super bowl during that undefeated year to eli manning and then he would lose eli again. A few years later, the jordan, equivalent of that is losing in the finals to the 96 sacramento kings, led by mitch richmond after a 72 win season and then doing it again. A few years later, the flu game doesn’t go down as a flu game, but rather a game that michael jordan didn’t play in because he was sick. He doesn’t get a last shot in utah, but rather at last clanked by cowbells in sac town now to brady’s credit. Helping taba to the super bowl is a notch over jordan’s attempt to get the washington wizards to the finals, which ended without even making the playoffs twice in the field of play. Brady’S goat of goats case is solid, but not good enough, and while you don’t really want to include cultural impact when it comes to these type of discussions, we’re going to do it on hard past, because why not jordan is the freaking culture. Gisele is more of the culture than brady as an influencer. Jordan was the bar for so long, and he continues to be that bar even in 2021, look at how the internet lost their collective minds when they saw the dior ones on inauguration day brady.

If he can even be bothered to show up at the white house when he wins, the super bowl will end up being overshadowed by a whoever the president is b gronk doing gronk things at the white house or c the shoes he’s wearing, because everybody’s gon na Yell, what are those and then there are the sneakers i mean like. Do we even need to talk about this and i’m? Not even talking about the uggs it’s jordan versus under armour somebody on the box is going to be wearing those jordan 12 lows on sunday. I couldn’t even tell you what cleats brady is wearing because 50 of the time, it’s taped up, i can’t even say it’s a close race with a straight face. Put it this way if brady sticks around a few more years, there’s a chance he’s going to wear a jersey with the jump man, they already have it at his alma mater michigan and what even is brady’s logo. So thanks for playing tom we’ll be we’ll, be taking your application for goat of goats because you do meet some of the qualifications but we’re putting your resume in the second pile, with tiger gretzky and messi all right, that’s gon na do it for the show. Thank you guys for watching hard pass. I am jock. Slade i’ll see you next week, but not before.