1, which we did get some news that that we’ll be releasing very shortly yes, and when i say very shortly, that should be coming out February, 2nd so that’s gon na be on tuesday, so they did announce um. They didn’t announce anything via like them on a state of the game or anything, but they did put something on a post um by one of the community um developers. And it said our current focus lies in the immediate release of title update 12.1 on february, 2nd, which brings our latest apparel um resident evil to the game. The next gen console improvements bring in 4k 60 frames per second to xbox series xs and playstation 5, as well as the reduction of the optimization station cost based on community feedback. We know that many of you have questions what lies beyond title update 12.1, and we hear you and we understand you are hungry for news. While we have no concrete news to share today as soon as we do they’ll, let us know so. I know everybody’s been really trying to figure out what’s going on with the division two, but at least what we do know is that the optimization station is coming and if you guys haven’t heard a question was asked for the optimization cost reduction. What is the significant reduction of it and then johan came back and said 75 reduction from what we have right now, which is outstanding, and what i wanted to make this video on is i want you guys to know that you guys a little tip that you Guys should be doing, is you know your shade level as you guys level this up? You guys get scavenging points right and any scavenging points you can use get some of the resources you need for um, optimization the shade calibration on field recon data and then, of course, you can get a lot of materials, but what a lot of people don’t know Is if you guys have more than one character and you guys share your resources – everything you level up here right, so my watch is 1178 and i never play on any one of my other characters.

So if we log out – and we go to the main screen you can see – i have four characters right here: right, um, one’s, a hardcore character, the other two are already level they’re in warlords of new york. They’Ve already finished the story so i’m, just gon na click on this one right here: i’m, going to click on my second character and we’re going to log in so neither one of these characters i’ve played with in the last. I want to say six months: haven’t played with any one of those characters in the last six months and well, no not last six months. I did play with the other character to level it up, but i haven’t played to level up the watch at all on each one of these characters, but my watch is shared between all three characters. So when i go to my watch now entered i go down here to shade level. Look, i have 36 scavenging points and you already saw that was more than what i had on my other character and then i can use those scavenging points to buy, say shade. Calibration, if i need to buy ceramics whatever i want to buy right, i can use this and it’s going to be shared throughout all my characters now to share your characters. Um your resources, there’s. One thing you guys need to do once you guys get to level 30. um just head over here, go talk to the crafting vendor and she should have a blueprint for you guys, not a blueprint, but she should have two items that say: share your items.

Um between all your characters and that’s what you really want to do now, you remember as you’re leveling up on one character, say you keep leveling up the watch, you’re, farming and stuff. After that, all these points are going to be here so once you use claim all the rewards on this. One it’ll continue to gain points as you’re leveling up on your main character, and then i go to my third character and we’re gon na check that character out. So this is our third character right here: we’re gon na click on her and then we’re going to log in real quick. So we click on her. We go to her inventory, let’s go shea level and look. She has 87 points i can use now. Remember after you guys hit watch level 1000, you only get scavenging points, so that means you can technically have infinite resources over and over just go far in a day on one character, and then you can use all that to get those shade recalibration, because i know You guys are going to need the shade calibration. You need the field recon data – maybe i’m i’m – pretty good on that. But if you need materials, it’s, definitely a great way to um. Do that. So i really recommend before title update. 12 comes out 100, just um level, up your characters. Um, you can use a level 30. So if you have, if you have an extra spot, you could use the level 30 um little token that’ll push you up to warlords of new york and then from there.

You could just go straight to 40, takes you about four hours and then you’ll be done and that’s what i did with this character and now not only that i use this character for storage. So, look at all the storage i have here, but yeah just a little tip. If you guys have any questions, let me know, i think you guys should be working on this um shouldn’t. Take you more than about four hours spend the weekend two hours a day. Knock it out, do it with some friends, make it fun and then that way you guys have more resources right at your hand, right when 12.1 comes out is which is on tuesday, so i would recommend don’t um optimize. Anything don’t go to the optimization station. Don’T optimize anything that you’ve been dying to optimize because you guys know this. This cost right here is really expensive. If we go over here, um optimize, sorry, that’s materials, sorry let’s go over here. Other side, we go optimization, say we want to optimize this mask.