The sewer now i’ve already showed off this map here, we’ve already taken a look at the leaks, but we have something new and that is the skin before we hop into this, though i do want to say, yesterday was my birthday hi there it’s me great craft Today’S my birthday, i turned 24.. I just want to let you all know that i’m still not bald, and i still have hair and i’m feeling feeling a little good i’m going to be giving out some roblox codes in the comments down below all you got to do be subscribe to the channel And then leave your roblox name discord twitter. Some way for me to contact you down in the comments. I’Ll be picking a winner in tomorrow’s video, but with that being said, let’s go ahead and hop into the skin. So obviously earlier today we had the piggy birthday. Was piggy’s one year anniversary and we had this here – this is the brand new trap that was added into piggy. Today it is free, if you haven’t seen it all you got ta do is go into roblox piggy, select it from the trap. You don’t even have to buy it and then it’ll show up in the game. It’S really cool trap and basically what it does. Is it blocks players from an area? So if you put it in front of a doorway and then they activate it, nobody else can go through that door, so it’s great for blocking the exit, and it also distracts the player they can’t move uh.

The person who activates it so pretty cool trap along with that, though, we’ve got this right here, let’s check it out, minitoon tweeted happy first birthday piggy. I released a trap you can get for free. If you play the game between now and the release of chapter five, it distracts the closest player and serves as a little barricade. So you got ta hurry up and get it if you haven’t yet chapter five is planned to release on sunday. So it’s two days away, here’s another quick look and then he uploaded this right here and um. Well, yeah i mean it’s great it’s a little dark, though, like you literally can’t, really see anything. It looks pretty scary, though, like this is how the game is going to look. This is a screenshot oven in the game, so, yes, this is going to be a really scary chapter. Like imagine seeing that coming at you in the dark, that’s terrifying, the scariest piggy chapter yet for sure, but i can’t really see much so let’s brighten it up. So shout out to the comments on twitter they’ve done a great job of brightening it up for me here. It is right here. This is part of the map and there’s. A few things we can take away here. First off the skin is an alligator i’m, going to be showing a full on uh. Basically preview of the skin here in a second, so stay tuned you’ll see the skin in all of its glory here in a second, but this is actually really cool.

Yes, it’s. A crocodile yes, it’s, a sewer and keep in mind. Minitoon has said before that the bot in this chapter is going to be able to do something that no other bot has ever done now. Keep in mind of where it’s at here you can see that it’s in between two sewer lanes, there’s a sewer over here and there’s, a sewer behind here and then there’s this little grate in the middle that we can’t get into because it’s blocked off this crocodile I’M, calling it right now: okay, this is just a theory but i’m pretty sure that the crocodile will actually be able to swim in the water underneath the barricades so it’s like a vent, except only for the crocodile, i think, it’s a cool idea that, along with This should lead to some pretty scary moments so, as promised it’s time to see the new skin in all of its glory. So this right here, if you guys don’t know this – is the piggy discord server here, it is right here, everyone can come on here and chat mini tune runs. The server creek showed the new skin uh yeah yeah i’m, about to right now, anyway, in this discord, server there’s an early sneak peek channel, and if you boost the discord server, then you get access to this channel and minitune posts. A bunch of sneak previews of different things in here before new maps, come out new chapters new traps.

So, for example, i knew what the new trap was before it even came out. I knew like actually like two days early because minitoon posted it in here beforehand. Now, i’m not allowed to leak anything in here until he says that we can, but he said right here feel free to leak these now, if you’d like so here we go here, is the brand new skin let’s open these up and take a good look? This is the crocodile i’m guessing carl crocodile candy crocodile i’m, not really sure what his name’s gon na be definitely a dude, though i’m, going with carl anyway. This is the brand new crocodile skin he’s got orange eyes, which leads me to believe that he’s got something to do with tsp generally tsp members have orange eyes, and then here is a preview of him from the back. He’S got the little crocodile dinosaur tell going on here, and it is confirmed. He is a dinosaur. Minitune himself did say that in the discord, so i can confirm that something. Interesting, though, is that he doesn’t have a weapon, so it looks like he’s literally just going to eat you whenever he uh whenever he catches you so that’s kind of scary, like i said, imagine this right here literally going in the water, i think that’s what’s, what We’Re going to be able to do because if you go to the map, let me actually do that here’s the map here you can see that there’s green water down here.

So i assume that we can’t jump in the green water. I assume it’s going to be harmful to our health, but i assume that this guy right here can so he’s going to be able to. I i assume anyway, go in the water and swim around in the sewers and actually jump out and scare us just like that kind of looks like a freddy fazbear’s fnaf character about to jump out and get us dude anyway. I’M super excited for this chapter. Of course, i will be live streaming. It’S gon na be awesome and i’m excited to explore this new map with you all. But there is one more thing: wrapping up the news for today, ikea tweeted out the basically wall, art, that’s, gon na – be in this chapter here so hidden around the sewers will be these pictures right here, drawn literally by you guys. So this is really really cool. I just want to give you guys a little sneak peek of this, because i think these are really cool and you’ll you’re, going to be able to find these on the walls of the map, literally just just drawn by people in the community, which is really epic. All of this will officially be canon in the game crocs in the sewer that just looks super super cool, the silver paw. This one here was literally made by ant antics, he’s, always watching no idea who he is, but i’m very excited this.

I think this looks good that look good anyway. Thank you guys. So much for watching subscribe, leave your name down below we’re, going to be giving out some bow box and, of course, keep using star code. Real, quick as well and um. I’Ll see you guys in the next video. Thank you guys so much for watching let’s go get some piggy hive. Dude i’ll, see you guys later. Oh man, oh, i ran out of breath there a little bit anyway bye. I had a voice crack there too.