Yeah they lost their jump scared. I don’t know if i jump on freddy, but you know those okay. I’M broken. Looking at poor chica wow look at bonnie over here, yeah buddy loves his whole face. Oh my gosh look there’s something. What are these wires yeah the wires and look over here? It’S foxy there’s, their heads yeah, we got ta, go, find all their parts and their jump scares so that we can see if we can fix them, because they’re broken let’s try to get them fixed yeah we got ta try to get out of here. I don’t know: if wait, how do we get out of here? Door’S locked, i think we got ta have to find a way out of here. Wait: oh yeah, oh yeah, this flashlight! That would be good if we got ta find our way down the hall here. We’Ll try to go up this way: okay, ready, yeah, we’re gon na jump in the ceiling. I think we can get through these wires up here. One two three: this is a good. This is the room that i was looking for. All the parts are up here. Oh yeah, those are freddy there’s, a big head right here. We can get this head for freddy let’s, get it and bring it back to him. Applause here come on, let’s, take it outside and see. If we could find him, i think we got to get back out this way.

Okay, oh yeah, over here yeah. Oh no, look! We’Re in the office we got ta get out of here. Somehow our heads are too big. I got ta try to squeeze through the office. Oh see, we’re barely fitting the hallway. I know freddy fazbear heads are too big, but we got ta, bring him to freddie. Oh look we’re outside now, well, let’s see well, we are outside the pizzeria. Now wait a minute we got ta find our way back to freddy. Oh man, he’s gon na look wait! Oh look at down here. We’Re like on the roof or something hey. We can have freddy fazbear battles with the giant heads. These are great, like bumper carve carv, i know they’re so funny, they’re, so big they’re waiting for oh yeah. You got pig pet’s feet, that’s funny, that’s, really cool. If we go down over here, we could probably get down back to freddie and everybody. Okay, let’s. All right, yeah let’s go this way: okay, you’re ready; okay, what happened with freddy fazbear heads the gun we’re on a race track? Oh wait! A minute what happened to foxy’s car there’s, look at there’s, freddies and chicas. Oh, my gosh and bonnie’s whoa wait a minute! Oh here’s boxies hey, maybe we could race to the end of the track and we’ll find all of the parts and jump scares that we needed at the end of the track. Oh you’re, gon na be foxy.

Okay, i’m gon na be pretty fast, bear: okay. Okay. We got ta get into our cars and we’re gon na do a cool race. Okay, we got ta just start the starting line. Okay, wow these race cars are awesome. Look at it since five nights at freddy’s on the back. Okay, are you ready? Yeah? Start your engines marks not nice foxy, whoa wow. Oh, i hit a cactus. Oh no, oh! No! Oh water! Oh Applause, wait a minute. We got it. Wow there’s a checkpoint! Oh wow, wait a minute! We got ta find the parts somewhere. I don’t know where they’re at uh let’s see whoa oh wow, that was great. Oh wow, oh fire there’s fire over there. Oh, oh! No! Oh! No! Oh it’s, a fire here! I’M coming! Oh no, oh it’s, hot! The slob is still hot wait! A minute is that a cave under there, oh here, let’s, go in and see where it’s taking us. I bet you there’s parts that we need over there ow. This is really hot ow ow ow ow ow ow hold on. I bet you we can find the parts we need under here. Yeah here come on. Let’S go looks like we found all of the jump scares for all of the characters over there we could pick out. We could pick out the jump scares we want to bring back and then put it back in them so that they could be scary again yeah, which one should we pick.

Okay, i’m gon na pick, one all right, let’s see we got ta pick the scariest one. Okay, ah i’m gon na pick nightmare, freddy, oh now, yeah nice Laughter, mr hippo, okay, what’s! That party gone crazy: okay, uh i’m gon na do a nightmare; chica, oh no yeah and then you’re a chica, yeah yeah. Oh wait a minute! I don’t like waiting for these jokes. I don’t know what’s gon na happen. The fact that it’s just gon na come at you, i don’t know the waiting parts like Laughter: okay, it’s, your turn. Yes, i’m gon na try, oh circus baby Music, phantom foxy phantom foxy. Okay, the last one i’m gon na do is um nightmare mango, lighter mango, but guys it looks like we did it yeah. We totally got to play five nights at freddy’s. That was super fun, but we got to put on the great big, freddy head yeah. We got to go for a race today and we even got to find their jump scare, so we could bring it back and fix them scary. It was scary anyway, guys if you liked the video make sure you give it a great big, like and don’t forget, to subscribe this channel and check out some of the other videos, while here on the channel and we’ll, see you guys soon.