So it looks like four division world champion superstar boxer adrian the problem broner. He will be making his ring return since his loss to uh manny pac man pacquiao two years ago. Uh that took place two years ago in 2019 is 2021. uh. With that said, uh adrian broner. He lost to manny, pacquiao and now he’s looking to make a ring return after losing tons and tons of weight, there’s a conflicting report. Some people say he lost 30 pounds, some people say he lost 35 pounds. Some people say he lost much as 80 pounds right. We do know. Adrian broner uh stated that he was going through a few things and that he had to get his health back in order and he had to get his weight back in order with that said, uh adrian, the problem broner will be making his ring return. Uh saturday february 13th and when he makes his ring return, he’s now had been scheduled to face two separate opponents: uh uh and they’ve all pulled out now right so now, he’s on his third opponent and guess what it could be a huge storyline because his third Opponent, possibly could be avenged a loss that he took back in 2013, his first loss december 14th for 2013, when he lost to marcos, elcino madonna. He could be facing marcos, el cino, madonna’s, brother fabian madonna, whose sports record of 17 and 1 13 by way of knockout he’s 28 years old uh.

He is a 5 foot. 9 72 inch uh arm reach uh uh orthodox fighter, like i said, he’s 28 years old, and we know he has one loss on his resume that took place back in uh january of 2019 uh. So he too uh had his last loss was quite some time ago. Uh, but he’s fought uh in september of 2019 and he got back on track with a knockout victory with that said, you know this is going to be a huge storyline. Obviously, adrian broner has been out the ring for quite some time. Uh adrian broner needs to get himself a tuna fight. They are trying to set up a massive showdown between adrian broner and regis progrey, former ibf julian welterweight world champion superstar boxer, the rougarou regis program. That’S, what they’re looking to set up uh adrian broner, you know, like i stated uh. He had a few opponents that were scheduled um and those bonus fell through right, uh, uh, macau, mikhail rivera was set to be his opponent uh. Prior to that, it was another opponent that was set and that opponent fell through uh due to um uh injuries or something that was cited so adrian broner’s uh is is losing opponents. Adrian broner is 33 4 and 1 33 wins four losses. One draw 24. By way of knockout, he is uh. Adrian broner is 31 years of age. He’S five foot six 69 inch arm reach so he’s, still a relatively young guy.

Okay, uh with that said, you know uh adrian broner, you know, has a lot of talent when adrian broner asserts himself. Like i said the last time we saw him in the ring was january 19th of 2019 when he lost to legendary iconic filipino superstar boxer, manny pac man, pacquiao uh. With that said, this is a huge story line right because obviously uh adrian broner needs to get his feet wet. Adrian broner is trying to get it back in the win column he’s trying to get back in the groove of things. He’S lost a ton of weight. Uh, if you see him on social media, he’s back getting focused he’s back asserting himself and focusing on the sport of boxing uh and adrian broner has like i stated he has all the talent in the world when he asserts himself uh the biggest issue and the Biggest knock on adrian broner is adrian broner, refusing to let his hands go, and adrian broner admitted that, after his loss to marcos, el chino madonna in a fight, he was dropped two times, and that was the first loss in his career and he took a lot Of punishment in that fight, but he ditched out a lot of punishment to marcos, elcino madonna, as madonna stated that he was the hardest hitter he’s ever faced. So with that said, you know uh. This is a bitter get back for adrien broner. Obviously, adrian broner be favored to win the fight.

Uh adrian broner is still the smaller guy. In this fight, uh adrian broner stated that he’s became hesitant to let his hands go after that fight with marcos, madonna, and that was the biggest knock on adrian broner. Was that he just simply does not let his hands go in fights that are there for him to to take for their they’re there for him to win right uh, you know the fight with manny pacquiao. If he would have just let his hands go. You know it’s always the if factor with adrian broner, because the talent is definitely there it’s undeniable. If he to let his hands go with manny pacquiao, who knows would have been the outcome if he to let his hands go in the first half of the fight with jesse vargas. Who knows what would have been an outcome if he would have let his hands go in the fight with sean porter? Who knows what would have been an outcome if he would have let his hands go more in the fight with mikey garcia? Who knows what would have been the outcome and adrian broner stated that the reason why he was hesitant was because of the punishment he took in the marcos, madonna fight. He said after the madonna fight it made me very, very hesitant to let my hands go. He started uh, throwing one punch at a time and picking his punches and then you’ll see him unconsciously, throw in the second half as he got in the groove, like with mikey, garcia and with jesse vargas and with you know, manny pacquiao when he gets in a Groove and you could tell he’s not thinking and he’s just you know reacting.

He lets his hands. Go beautiful combinations, he uh hand, speed is um immaculate, you know, uh jesse vargas was a draw. Why? Because he didn’t let his hands go in the first half of the fight uh in this situation, with fabian wash it with fabian madonna, you best believe adrian broner. He promised that he was rededicated he’s gon na let his hands go. Uh and we’re. Gon na see the old adrian, the problem broner, hopefully so, because adrian brown are moving forward. Obviously he’s uh he’s going to open up as a huge favorite to beat uh um uh uh fabian uh madonna uh. Like i said, another opponent was um mikhail miquel rivera. He was undefeated uh, that was the undefeated guy. That was scheduled uh. You know he’s 1912 by way of knockout, 22 years old uh, but according to reports that adrian broner doesn’t get along with members of his team, his manager and so uh. There was an issue there and that fight is, according to reports, have fell through uh now adrian broner, fabian, madonna, storyline it’s, a cell adrian pro adrian broner, is a draw. So it’ll do well and it’s understandable that he needs a tune up fight because he’s been out of the ring for quite some time now. Uh, and so you know, um it’s acceptable for him to fight a fabian madonna and it has a storyline right. You could sell it, you could madonna will be president, you know there’s a storyline that you can sell.

Uh adrian broner, in my opinion, would get a knockout victory uh and then the fight that everybody’s going to be looking towards after that is a huge fight with uh regis pro grey, the ruger rule. Okay, the rule reaches pro grade 25 and one 21. By way of knockout, he himself is 31 years of age stands at five foot eight, with a 67 inch armies they’re very compatible when it comes to size. Uh regis prograde recently lost in a unification about against josh taylor, that was in october of 2019 uh. It was for the wba and the ibf world titles uh. He lost that was the super um uh. The wbc diamond super belt was on the line as well um, that was the world boxing super series uh and he lost josh. Taylor won the world boxing super series. He won the muhammad ali trophy uh, then region’s progress. He came back. He then signed with uh pbc premier, boston champions, the founder and advisor al haymon uh, and this was always seemed to be the plan uh to fight uh uh adrian the problem broner he fought juan harrell does uh. He got a beautiful tko victory over him uh. His first fight with the pbc and now they’re looking to match the rougarou up with adrian and problem broner, but adrian broner obviously has to do his part, and this is a great storyline to see adrian braun against fabian and madonna. Okay.

We saw his brother marcos, madonna, el chino. We saw him training and getting back in shape and say he wanted to make a return. Adrian broner said he wanted to rematch with marcos madonna. So adrian broner beats fabian madonna. You know, uh beats uh regis pro gray. Maybe it sets up a huge, huge rematch with big brother marcos, madonna right, maybe marcos, madonna, says listen. I want to get some get back from my little brother. Adrian brown is back on track and it makes for a huge fight because it was action packed. The first fight was action packed and it sets it up for a huge fight. Uh adrian broner could use these he’s never had a rematch in his entire career with any of the losses. Uh now we know mikey garcia, maybe that’s the possibility he can get a rematch with mikey garcia. You know so this storyline should adrian broner. If he goes on a three fight, winning streak or a two fight winning streak and beating fabian madonna and then beating uh regis pro gray, this puts him right back in the conversation for a world title. He said he wants to be a world title: uh he’s, a four division world champion the the opportunities are there let’s see if adrian broner secures it and capitalize on it. Like i said, the story line is there uh with adrian brown and fabian madonna they’ll sell it as such it’ll be a huge fight.

Adrian brown is never showing on words, i’m sure marcos, madonna will be part of the build up and obviously we got something to look forward to between himself and regis progray. If he don’t let his hands go in the fight against regis program, he could be in a lot of trouble because regis pro grey is going to let his hands go and he has a lot of power. So let’s see how this all unfolds and plays out, but uh drop. A comment in the comment section make sure y’all hit that like button, you already know what it is: it’s, your boy, blue, blue, blush, sports tv hate. Like comment and subscribe, you haven’t subscribed hit the subscribe button hit the like button hit the bell icon to get all the new notification. Follow me on instagram tv or word. You already know what it is shout out to the entire l d b c, shout out to new media shouts out the black meteoro make sure you like and share these videos that’s.