Well, we’ve got dortmund here again i mean, of course, memories of wembley very, very close, finally got their hands on the trophy ahead of dortmund, but it was a great advert for european football. German football in particular yeah fantastic occasion that, but bayern obviously can spend more and pay more to their players, so it’s always difficult to keep tabs with the german giants. Dortmund under the microscope now well a lot of expectations at this club. Many people feel they can end the season as champions and uh. We might get a little glimpse of that today. I know there’s a long way to go and the players aren’t fit, but uh they have got some good, really talented players there. Now this is the borussia dortmund lineup in goal. Roman berkey socrates papastathopoulos starts alongside mark bartra in the heart of defense, whose mantelpele plays with marco royce in the wide positions and they’ll play with a soul. Striker by munich’s lineup it’s been all right. Closing goal david alaba starts with rafinha in the full back positions thiago plays with arturo vidal in the center of the park. Robert lewandowski is the main striker today, whoever is the coach of russia, dortmund the passion and the nature and the dna of this real working. Man’S club is it’s special it’s, very special indeed well it’s one of my favorite european grounds. You come here on the european night and it’s, just wonderful that yellow wall behind the goal, it’s a sight to see yasha zur haider is today’s.

Referee, hello, everyone, martin tyler here alan smith with me as usual: big welcome to you to today’s game, one of the best games, i’ve seen in recent times it wasn’t for the greatest trophy it’s, the german super cup actually and dortmund beat by and poor too. But you know could have been easily fall through the other way it was spellbinding. I hope we get to you know. A tenth is good today, yeah. Remember that one martin jurgen klopp leading them with so much charisma, dortmund, and i think this one has got the hallmarks of another classic match. I mean it: don’t get the domestic opposition that say: uh premier league teams do and trying to win tiles. I just wonder whether they would benefit if somehow there was more competition for them in germany. Well, it’s a fair point because it is difficult to you know, raise your game by a couple of notches which they might have to do from the weekend to the midweek. Having said that, they’ve done pretty well in uh last few years in europe. Well, they do cram the fans in here and it is the biggest stadium in germany. I think it’s, the seventh largest in europe as well. So it tells you what the potential is and at times in recent years, the rich dortmund have really used that potential to their advantage. We’Ve had some fantastic teams here to to grace this stadium and under jurgen klopp they’ve got the better of buying munich.

A couple of times in league football and produce and it’s bayern munich getting us underway at the start of the first half arturo vida, frank ribery, on the attack here: Applause, Music, it’s, a wonderful goal from a stylish player. So a real captain’s contribution here with a fine goal was a good goal and it came at a crucial time. I think, for his side. Captain’S input there, Applause, referee Applause towards alonso, so the first goal is a team. This group of players, now the goalkeeper can maybe think about starting their chat that’s. The final score 2 1 here. Well, that sort of win it’s really satisfying, because they’ve had to give body and soul to get it yeah it’s a really close call, but uh a lot of those players produce the best out there and they deserve that win. Well, it was a good away record. A great away record coming into this game, but they’ve met their match on this ground with the home team. A really good game actually not too much to separate the sides and everybody goes home happy. I think. Certainly the supporters do anyway, Applause. Well, the 90 minutes have been played plus the added time and we’re still level Music Applause looking for royce, and he goes Music trying to thread it through here.