. So this year’s semi final will be a battle first by anastasia publishing, quebec russia, who is the 31st tennis player in the world, and the number 5610 is a player in the world. Tamara sedan, sec of slovenia. So, to be honest, it’s really really very unfortunate that we don’t have any top 10 in the semi finals or even the finals. But let us take a daily journey of what starting from the first round, we’re in tamara sidan sheikh defeated bianca andreyescu in a very thrilling three sets. It was six seven, seven, six, nine seven! We all know that bianca anderson is a champion already, who defeated serena williams and for the second round, tamara sudan shed defeated brangel of united states of america in just a matter of two sets, and it was a six four six one and for the third round She defeated significa of the czech republic in a very amazing theater. It was a series, six, seven, six and six two and for the fourth round of the french opened tamara defeated christelle in a very amazing two sets. It was seven six six one and for the quarter, finals, um tamara sidan check, defeated paula, bedosa gibbert of lee spain, who is a one of the future stars of tennis in in a matter of jesus. It was seven five, four six and eight six and four anastasia fabry chinkava. She defeated mackel during the first round of the french open.

It was a 6 4 and a dominating 6 0 in the second set, and for the second round she defeated tom yanovich of australia. Also in just a matter of two sets, it was six two and six three and for the third round of the french open. She defeated a champion also arena sabolanka in just a matter of t sets were in. It was six four two six and six and zero, and for the fourth round from which chincova defeated victoria azarenka, who is a champion also in a very thrilling three sets. It was five seven sixty and six two and for the a quarter final pablo chinkova defeated elena rybakina, who defeated serena williams during the fourth round. It was six seven, six, two and nine seven so guys. I know that you have like the same sentiment this year that no one in the chapter and get through into the semi finals until the finals. So definitely we will have a new champion this year, so it will not be um igastratic of poland anymore. So one of these four, ladies will be the champion for this year.