Playstation cfo, has stated worries about the playstation 5’s supply. Given the fact that demand isn’t slowing down – and he doubts it will for the rest of the year, at least so despite jim ryan, the president saying that it will get better every month, getting a ps5 won’t get any easier for a long time. So in summary, playstation doesn’t even know what’s happening with their own production mixed messages, the pokemon remakes are coming out on november 19th and legends is coming on january 28th. We got about 20 minutes of far cry 6 gameplay, which you’re seeing right now and is linked down in the description it’ll be coming out on my borf october 7th. Although it seems to be focused on the single player, it will be fully co op. Just like far cry 5, too it’s, very political as it’s all focused around the modern revolution in cuba, so get ready for some serious topics in this shooter. Now i personally didn’t like far cry 5 very much, but based on this trailer, it seems like they learned from their mistakes, but i guess we’ll see for sure soon. According to imran khan of fanbite, there’s going to be a spin off final fantasy souls, light game announced at e3, obviously at square enix’s conference with a demo coming this summer, that’s. Basically, all we know, of course, we’ll know more soon, of course, of course, of course, of course, a surprise to no one skull and bones has been delayed yet again, making it now delayed for four years.

Total it’s sounding like battlefield 6, might be more of a life service game than its predecessors, which basically means it’s joining every other modern multiplayer game and becoming more and more money, grubby, which honestly isn’t a surprise. They are doing a little showcase soon, which is kind of part of e3, but not really it’s kind of its own thing, so i’m sure we’ll learn more soon. A lot of learn more soons in this episode, just just a warning pretty much. Everything in this episode is a learn more soon kind of situation. I’Ll talk more about that later. Keep on going keep on watching ghost runner 2 is happening that’s. All we know. Moving on overwatch 2 is going to be a 5v5 instead of 6v6, creating a less chaotic battlefield, and it will also cause for more aggressive tanks based on the new steam app beta and found by vgc and tech radar. There may be a steam switch coming down. The line this is based on several mentions of a project: neptune and a steam pal device. There’S also been references to power, menus bluetooth, airplane mode. You know all that good stuff, gabe newell even hinted at a new project that will compete with the consoles coming at the end of the year, so it could be right around the corner. Donald has apparently refused many buyout deals from big names in the effort to stay independent. They want to steadily grow while creating unique and diverse games instead of rapidly growing under the control of a higher power.

According to our favorite chatty journalist, jeff grubb starfield is going to be shown at e3 next week and will be an xbox and pc exclusive accordion imran khan, who i talked about earlier. Sony and bethesda were in talks for an exclusivity window mere months ago. So it seems like this was a rather recent decision by the boys up top most likely to draw further attention to game pass. Jeffy grubgrub also said that he thinks it’s a 2022 game, but jason schreier, who is a crazy journalist that everybody knows and loves. Jason schreier disagrees with both his statements and the statements made by other analysts and instead believes the game is nowhere near done and although he doesn’t state a release year or even a theory, i assume he’s suggesting a later release date than 2022 and cites that the Team wasn’t fully dedicated to the development of starfield until 2019 and then, of course, the great bat migration happened so i’m sure that set everything back even more. Personally, i think we’ll see it at e3, certainly but given bethesda’s development, style, i’m gon na guess for 2023, but maybe maybe we’ll see at 83. Maybe maybe maybe in an effort to compete with netflix warner. Bros and discovery are merging together both on the film side and on the video game side. Because of this, the video game side is being split into many parts, some staying under the at t, umbrella and others moving under this new and unnamed company.

We have no further information about the developers themselves, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It all depends on how the new company and the now split at t treats the developers according to bloomberg. The swiss pro is going to be announced at e3 with production beginning next month, that’s about all we know about this leak but of course, there’s been loads of other leaks, as this is probably one of the worst kept secrets in gaming. My theory, although in reality, it’s not based on much they’re gon na announce the pro directly before breath of the wild 2. and then the entire breath of the wild 2 trailer, which will likely be a gameplay trailer, will be shot using the switch pro. Then, at the end of the trailer or another, more cinematic trailer that follows they will announce the release date for breath of the wild 2, which will be the same date as the pro and the second. The pre orders go live, all of it will go down and nobody will be able to buy it. There also was a leak on a french retailer for a listing of the console, but as i’ve never seen intend alerts due to it being a french leaker. I can’t say i trust it, but it doesn’t really matter cause we’ll know more soon. Hopefully, borderlands 3 now has cross play across all platforms, except for playstation, showing once again playstation’s disdain for the consumer friendly feature.

Sonic held a little showcase where they revealed sonic colors remaster in an official capacity that will be coming out september, 7th a new 3d sonic game coming next year, a retro pack which will contain sonic, 1, 2, 3 and knuckles and sonic cd. Oh and in a very confusing move by sega, roger craig smith, is voicing sonic again after announcing he was done just a few months ago. Blizzcon has been canceled this year, but they are planning ahead for next year dragon quest 12. The flames of fate is happening, but beyond that we don’t know anything. Horizon. Forbidden west got about 20 minutes of gameplay revealed, but i honestly didn’t watch it beyond what you’re seeing right now i already plan on buying it so i’d, rather not watch it it’s linked down below. If you would like to though, but there’s no release date. Yet the devs of gears of war, the coalition, will soon be shifting to a new project using unreal engine 5.. Before this announcement, jeff grubb, who has been very vocal lately, stated he’s heard rumors that it was going to be a star wars game, but it wasn’t reliable. Now we know that is false. Dying. Light 2 got a massive gameplay trailer, which is once again linked down below. It looks about how you’d expect parkour zombies it’ll be out. On december, 7th nvidia announced the ti variants of the 3080 and 3070 both releasing on june 10th, but of course you won’t be able to buy either of them for possibly years.

Playstation’S. First, change to evo is releasing an all new public tournament that will start on june 10th as well and last till august 3rd, with 74 000 in total prize money, god of war ragnarok has been delayed to 2022, which was pretty obvious. Honestly, the bats are pretty violent when migrating and it’s caused issues for most game developers. For the first time since the museum in new york shut down, nintendo was opening a museum in uji ogura nailed it to show some of their old products from years past. Valerian is getting a mobile spin off game, but that’s about all we know originally liton read it, but later confirmed by jason. Schreier borderlands is getting a spin off game called wonderlands, which will star tiny tina. Xcom is getting a new ip starring marvel heroes and 2k. Will be publishing a new game that is described as cthulhu meets saints row reddit claims all of these will be revealed to e3, but jason trier states doubt that all of it will be there, maybe some, but not all. Nonetheless, they all sound, really cool, except for the wonderlands thing, i’m, pretty uninterested in the yuji naka. The creator of ball in wonderland has left square enix after ballin’s very poor reviews. So obviously, as you heard, a lot of news roaming around right now is all about e3 and nick tacula. My my very good streamer friend and i will be covering most of it, live on both his and my channels, but here’s the massive schedule of all of the showcases.

So far, some of them will be covering in our own time later in the evening, but most of them we will be live for stay tuned to twitter for those going live announcements, but the majority of the times for the showcases have been announced. So far. Speaking of which gaming last week is going to be a tad late for next edition in an effort to recap all of the showcases next week, so we’re not exactly back on schedule yet and i’m. Sorry i was gone, but look i made you some content, Music and now releases there’s, a lot of them so i’m, just going to kind of shotgun through operation. Tango is a co op spy adventure where one player infiltrates the building, while the other hacks to help necromunda hired gun is doom in the 40k universe, which is an amazing fit stonefly is an exploration game. Starring tiny mex in a giant world astalon tears of the earth is a metroidvania starring. Three vastly different protagonists on a mission to save their village until we die is a post, apocalyptic side. Scroller meets strategy game inside a metro with obvious inspiration from well metro sniper. Ghost warrior contracts 2 is an fps stealth game. Mighty goose is a co, op run and gunner starring. A goose with a vast variety of weaponry. King of seas is an open crpg with a procedurally generated world. Shin megami, tensei iii, nocturne hd, remaster biomutant, is an open world action game which i played on stream i’m.

Not far in so i don’t have much of an opinion yet, but feel free to come on by to see it live. Knockout city is a pvp game that is much more fun than it looks. Warhammer age of sigmar stormground is a turn based strategy game. The earth defense force world brothers deploys crown of the magister is a turn based. Crpg essays on empathy is a point and click game about struggling comedians. Relatable just die already is a comedic sandbox. The wild at heart is a puzzle game which i’m kind of curious about. I might give this one a try soon. Metopia is a turn based game featuring me’s of your choice, i’m playing this on stream and it’s a really good time. You should definitely pick it up. Retro machina is a puzzle. Platformer gin conception is a jrpg huntdown is a co. Op run and gunner comparable to contra lost ruins is a metroidvania. Sunblaze is a precision platformer before we leave is a management game mass effect, legendary edition subnautica below zero, which i did for a 24 hour stream. I liked it and it’s definitely worth the play, but i preferred the og personally famicon detective club, the girl who stands behind and famicom detective club, the missing, heir and that’s. All i got for you this week. How do you drop by more often i’m working and making better ass she’s doing a lot of squats i stream every night at 11 p.

m? Est, except for sunday and wednesday, over at, slash insano link is down below i’ll, see you on the interwebs.