If you are someone new, as i drop daily gaming, videos and i’ll have up to date coverage of all things e3 when it comes to edited videos and also live streams. Restreaming the events and going over your thoughts and opinions on all of the big shows from the companies which we will get into a little bit more in this video, so let’s go ahead and start off first here with this big nintendo switch milestone. That is kind of flying underneath the radar but i’ll give you guys the stats and the details. That kind of show that this is a pretty impressive thing that nintendo’s accomplished in japan, so the week’s past famitsu sales have been revealed. This is from may 24th, 2021 through may 30 to 2021, and we have the typical suspects in the top 10 there’s nintendo games. There’S a few playstation games in there. Bio mutant actually got into the top 10 and there was some other stuff as well. Roon factory still doing good ring fit adventure monster to rise. Metopia is the number one game in japan, which is interesting as well that game’s over a hundred thousand units not including digital sales, at all, so pretty typical when it comes to these sales numbers in japan. But the big information, or the big news that came out from this is that the nintendo switch has officially crossed 20 million units sold lifetime today in japan, which is just absolutely incredible because while the nintendo switch is a hybrid device and yes, there is a portable.

Only switch most of the units sold in japan are of the nintendo switch base version, which comes with the dock it’s, where you can play it as a home console hooked up to your tv, so it’s very impressive, to see anything that is even resembling a home Console across these number of sales, now in reference there’s, only a few systems that have ever done this in japan and i think the playstation 2 from what i remember is the only home console that has ever crossed the 20 million unit mark in japan. Everything else has been portables like the nintendo 3ds or the ds. I think game boys stuff like that. I think maybe even gb – i’m, not 100 sure on that one, but yeah it’s all been portable type of systems and, of course, the almighty playstation 2. The best selling system of all time gaming system of all time so to see the nintendo switch, get into that category up there with those systems and it’s still going. We still have more years left on the switch’s life. That is just something that i don’t think many people even predicted before the switch launched or even in the first year of the switch or so i don’t think people thought that to be able to reach this type of height, so exactly how did it get there And what’s next for the system when it comes down to this, and what does this mean going forward? Well, of course, it does mean more third party support from japanese developers, we’re seeing square enix we’re, seeing bandai namco here and there a little bit kind of coming around we’re, seeing falcom we’re.

Seeing a lot of these traditional japanese developers actually start to put out more stuff on the switch system than what you saw early in its life or what you saw on the wii? U, and even to some degree, with the nintendo 3ds, it looks like the switch. Is getting far more support than even what that system saw, and that system was a great seller in japan, so that’s one really good thing, but also the next thing here. It shows that this hybrid format is the way to go when it comes to the future. Nintendo can solidly say: hey. We have this hybrid format. We have this style that sells in japan that sells overseas, and we can go forward with making a better switch go forward with making and evolving what the switch is. So i do feel that nintendo will take that because the gimmick with it it works worldwide, no matter where you are now here in the west, some people might not be, as i would say, expressive about taking their systems out of their homes and all that and You don’t hear about it as much, but i do feel that it’s something that people do quite a bit, even if it’s not taking it out of their homes, but even within their homes, and just saying hey, i’m, going to play out the tv i’m going to Lie down in bed and play or i’m just going to play comfortably on the couch or, if there’s, like a basketball game on tv or if there is a football game, they’ll play the nintendo switch and watch or wrestling or whatever the case is they’ll buy the Accessories the attaches like with the pro controller and stuff like that, so i do that this format in terms of what nintendo’s doing and what they’re going with with the hardware, is only going to get better and better.

So these sales have solidified that these sales have pretty much said that hey they’re, going to continue on, in my opinion, with this, because even with the wii right, you looked at the wii in japan that didn’t sell over 13 million units and that’s nintendo’s best selling Home console of all time at this point, obviously the switch is probably going to pass it up by the end of the year or early next year, but yeah at this time. It is the best selling home console that nintendo’s ever produced and that didn’t even cross 14 million units in japan. I think it was around like 12 to 13., so the fact that the nintendo switch is kind of smoking. The wii kind of tells you like wait. A minute it’s, not just a fad, it’s, not just something that we can do for this time. We can actually go forward with it because we are seeing these strong sales in all regions and the gimmick of portability sells itself it’s like a cell phone or it’s. Like anything, that’s become portable, that used to not be portable like a computer or a laptop, or something like that. So it makes sense to me and it’s pretty cool to see that not as many sites were pointing on it as much. But once again i expected that considering that we’re getting close to e3 and people are just excited for games and other things, but it is a huge milestone and it shows that nintendo made the right call with the switch and we should see some pretty cool stuff.

Coming up here at e3 when it comes to various different nintendo games and also third party developers, as well with their renewed confidence in what the switch is doing in japan and, of course, worldwide sales. So what do you guys think about this huge milestone that nintendo has accomplished here with the switch system? Let me know in the comment section below all right and moving on to the next topic here guys we have a little bit of a rough e3, 2021 june checklist that is going down. Shout outs to i think her name is samia. I might have said that wrong, but either way she made this checklist on twitter and it’s, something that i had to talk about. I’Ll have a link in the description below for her twitter page, but i wanted to go through it because i talked about this. How i’m going to have pretty much wire to wire coverage when it comes to e3? Now i might not stream every single game show here, because there are some corny ones that i just don’t feel like streaming, but all of the big game shows. I definitely will stream and i’m gon na go over my most hyped events for this, so this should be a good segment here, guys so let’s start off here. Let’S, take a look at this e3 june 2021 checklist, this nice little font controllers and all that very nice done by her here on top of that, the official e3 channels when it comes to their twitter page and everything released the info as well.

So this is something that’s official. This is something that they’ve actually put out there. You can go on the official e3 page as well they’re, starting to line up when the shows are happening and everything so the hype is starting to build. The anticipation is starting to build and i think that it’s going to be pretty cool, to see everything that’s going on here, all right now, starting off on june 10th, that’s thursday, we have the summer games. Fest at 11 am pt, slash 2 pm et next up friday june 11th, which begins on june. 7Th technically is the netflix geek week 9 am pt, slash 12 pm et and the ign expo from 1pm pt to 4 pm et now, saturday june 12th. We have guerrilla collective at 8am, pt, slash 11am eastern time wholesome direct at 10am pt 1pm et, and the ubisoft forward at 12 pm pt 3 pm et might want to look forward to that one, because maybe mario plus rabbids kingdom battle too maybe that’s their mario Plus rabbids too i’m crossing my fingers and i’m hoping that happens next up. We also have gearbox and digital devolver, which those times aren’t quite filled out yet, but they will be saturday june 12th. Next up sunday, june 13th, 10 am pt, slash, 1pm eet. Then you have square annex which i’m very excited about at 12, 15 pm pt, slash 3 15 p.m. Et next up is the pc gaming show.

We still need to get the date for that, after that we have. The future games show at 4 pm pt 7 pm et and then the warner bros games show as well now monday june 14th. Things get a little bit more crazy here, guys take two capcom mythical games: freedom games and razer all have events so we’ll see about the times, then in there and then on tuesday june 15th. This is the big show. This is when people are going to have their mind, blowns or be very upset when it comes down to it, and that is nintendo direct nintendo and the treehouse live. 9 am pt, slash, 12 pm et and then bandai namco eureka. If i said that name was a eureka, either way games, game spot and the e3 awards show and then wednesday june 16th to cap. It all off ends on june 22nd, technically the steam next fest at 10 am pt, slash 1pm et. So there are a lot of shows now. What am i hyped for? Well, i think you guys can guess, but if you’re new to the channel i’m big on japanese rpgs, you guys know that i do like xbox. I do have an xbox system. If sony was here, i like that too, so i mean it’s all good, but what i’m most hyped to cover. Obviously the nintendo direct, but i want to talk about a couple of the ones that i most have to cover before the nintendo direct or at least in terms of my anticipation, levels, bandai, namco, that’s, something that i want to see.

What are they working on? What are the next games what’s going on? They have tales of a rise that’s coming out in september. They have scarlet nexus that’s coming out end of june, so they’ve got some pretty good games. So what else are they working on? Definitely want to see what’s going down with bandai namco and then, of course, square enix. Yes, on sunday square, annex they’ve had some good shows before we got kovid hit last year, the 2019 show from square enix was absolutely phenomenal. They had final fantasy 7 remake. They had trials of mana, they had all sorts of cool games that they announced from the smaller retro games, all the way up to the biggest games as well so i’m. Looking forward to seeing what square enix has now square enix’s show will be a 40 minute long showcase and will feature exciting news from across the globe, including the world premiere of a new game from idos montreal. An exciting update on babylon’s fall and i guess the idols montreal game that is going to be the guardians of the galaxy game, according to jason, schreier on twitter and an article that he linked and then we also have, of course, babylon’s fall. That is a platinum games, developed action rpg, which i’m very excited to see what’s going on with that game, because it’s been a while, since our last update so very good to hear about babylon’s fall getting that next up details on the marvel’s avengers expansion, black panther War for wakanda and updates on upcoming in game events, not sure if that game can be saved, but it’s going to be cool to see what they can do with black panther and then last but definitely not least.

A deep dive on life is strange. True colors and a first look at life, estranged, remastered collection and also according to the square enix blog post, its lineup is quote mostly under wraps for now, and the list above is tantalizingly vague. So there is going to be more surprises. There is going to be more stuff going up, there’s going to be more things happening when it comes to square enix, so yeah, maybe we can get some classic revivals is this the year that chrono trigger comes back? Is this the year that we finally see? It is this the year that we get a bit more from them. Well, we’ll have to wait and see project triangle strategy, maybe they’ll be at nintendo’s event or maybe they’ll show more. Maybe they’ll have more here so we’re gon na have to wait and see on that, because what they showed here doesn’t fill out 40 minutes unless they spend a lot of time on some of these games so i’m very excited to see what’s mostly under wraps and The tantalizingly vagueness of this list so great stuff from square enix, nice little tease, can’t, wait till june 13th, 12 15 pm pt slash 8 15 pm bst so that it’s going to be 3 15 p.m et as well. So i will be streaming the show. So look out for that and all of the big shows here guys i will be streaming them when it comes to like square enix.

Bandai namco i’ll be streaming those and then of course, nintendo’s event, which i’m very excited about that. I actually went over five of my predictions that i had in my previous video. So if you haven’t checked that out, i’ll have a link to it at the end of this video or you can check out the main page. It’Ll be right there for you guys. So you guys can check out my predictions for nintendo but obviously nintendo’s the big show. Here i mean that’s what everyone is going to have their eyes on. I think xbox and nintendo are both going to be the big shows because that’s the first party developers right. So you want to see what’s going on. I think microsoft with bethesda. They have a lot to prove in terms of first party development and what they’re going to get going. Obviously, people are going to want to see halo there, so i will be streaming that one on sunday june 13th 10 a.m. Pt 1 p.m. Et, i will be streaming that and of course, nintendo’s show. I will be streaming that 1 000 we’re gon na go live a couple hours early, maybe even up to three hours early when it comes to nintendo direct, slash, treehouse it’s, going to be a fun day of streaming. I am going to be excited and hyped to get things going, so i cannot wait for that. On tuesday june 15th, man it’s coming up pretty soon here’s coming up pretty soon.

So what do you guys think about all this when it comes to the schedule? The checklist what’s going down also the huge milestone of the nintendo switch in japan. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below all right, guys that wraps up for this video here check out the description. We’Ve got twitter going to give us a follow on there stay up to date on all the latest game. News information also make sure you like comment and subscribe and share this video.