All right. Welcome to my january 21st, live item shop, review. Video! Look at this. We have got the future war bundle. Oh wow! It is expensive, though 2 800 v bucks. What do we got in this bundle? We’Ve got sarah connor. She was just a girl from l.a, but destiny had big plans for her awesome. She has selectable styles with shades in the hat and without the back, bling is reactive it’s. The t800 endoskeleton arm that’s awesome i’m, a huge terminator fan by the way. So this is awesome. The t800 is not reactive, though no so he looks to be a bit creepy no arnold face, though wow. Look at that bulky back bling, the skynet uplink you tell me neither of these are reactive there’s no way so i was hoping for the human form and then he would progressively turn into the t800 here. But that is not the case. Combat knife that’s interesting. I wonder what that looks like in game. Then we’ve got the techno grip axe, nice and then the cyberdyne salute. Oh, no spoiler alert that’s when he dies in the movie. Look at his face or her face rather that’s awesome. So the only reactive item in this pack is the t800 endoskeleton arm and it doesn’t tell you what it does. So you know what that means. I’Ll do a full review on this set soon bloody buffy you shouldn’t, have. I know what you’re gon na give me here.

Thank you so much in advance let’s see it is the t800 right off the bat bloody buffy. You are incredible. Thank you. So much truly appreciate it. I love the t800. This is gon na, be awesome. This thing creeped me out and gave me nightmares as a kid. The first terminator. Thank you so much. My england friend love you so much what else we got so that lowered my price to a thousand now awesome, so you could buy them individually. If you wanted, looks like 1800 for sarah that’s, a weird price but it’s, because she comes with the pickaxe, wait a minute inspect banner one. It says in the bottom right weird and the t800 is 1500. This is eight. This is three all right. What else we got? Cozy, chomps and comfy chomps are both back two pretty awesome skins with selectable styles, i own the cozy chomps myself. They look quite warm in those what else we got here’s comfy. I think i prefer i don’t know he doesn’t have a tail. So just depends if you want that tail on or not. I guess here’s the sharky slappers silly. Looking pickaxes sharky wrap. I do own this because i needed a grayscale wrap. Looks nice sail shark is a very, very good glider. One of my favorites actually huge fan of hammerhead sharks bubble bomber is reactive, wait does it say reactive, just kidding, she’s, not reactive, but the little bubbly balls in the backlink move.

Hey we got a gift from shawnee roo let’s see what it is. It is sarah connor, thank you so much that’s, basically the entire pack. I love it. This will help me immensely with my review, truly appreciate it shawnee and bloody buffy. Thank you guys so so much i love it. That’Ll help me get the review done quicker bubble. Popper is what was reactive so every time you hit this, the balloon or bubble blows up, and then it pops on the poor swing bubble. Bombs is a very, very bright wrap, goes great, with pink and teal skins pizza party. I love the background for this 200 by the way it’s that bright orange double up great synced emote paper plane. I guess it’s a creative glider. If you like that it’s complicated, i like that one interesting moves swamp stalker. I never like this skin it’s only 800, though it’s, basically a beefed up default skin and moisty merman. This guy has four different styles. All of them are quite unique. I love that one right there, the orange and black. It looks tremendous, although it is quite a silly skin, and then the graph is still here so there you go that’s all there is to it. I will do a full review on the future war bundle, including how is that reactive on that backlink stay tuned? For that i’ll try to crank it out as fast as possible, but if you didn’t know, i have the worst internet in the world.

I have satellite internet 5, download 0.5 upload it’s a miracle. I can even upload a video in an hour.