Who will tell us a bit more about what the team has accomplished so on the xbox series x and ps5? Fidelity mode runs in a native 4k 30fps. The xbox series x and ps5 performance mode runs at 1440p 60fps, while in the xbox series s fidelity’s 1440p 30 and on the xbox series s, the performance mode is 1080p at 60 frames per second. So having all these options as a player is excellent and it’s going to improve things like ambient inclusion, ssgi, anti aliasing you’re going to get higher res textures, higher quality shadows that are equivalent to a pc running on ultra and, of course, faster loading times. Some footage was provided to us so that we could get a quick look at some of the things you can expect here. This first shot is really doing a good job of showing off some of the things i discussed, but, most importantly, the anti aliasing is very much improved here. You don’t see any more of that sort of shimmering on the edge of textures, especially on the net that’s. One spot that i noticed it and it was something that they pointed out in their notes when sending it over and as we start looking through this footage, you really start to see the improved textures a little bit more fog in the next gen scene and keep In mind, every scene is going to have that screen: space, global illumination and ambient occlusion improvement, as well as shadows that have been upgraded to the ultra setting.

The impact of the ao and ssgi is one of my favorites. Apart from it being kind of a passion project of my youngest engineer, who did a really good job with it? What i love so much about it is a lot of eso’s ambient lighting that’s. That was one of its weaker features was the ambient lighting was, could be flat and that’s just a product of the effect of like you know, authoring a game that’s, you know been around for quite a long time. We have like a way of doing things for ambient lighting. That was, you know older started, starting to see its age. What these features do is really give that a much needed lift so now there’s there’s, a lot more detail coming through the stuff is interacting with local lighting a lot better and the best part is it. It impacts the entire game, uh from our oldest content to our newest content, but did so in a way that our art team didn’t have to go back and re author. Anything. These are things that are subtle, but have a drastic improvement to the overall vision, and the thing that i just can’t get away from are the ultra high quality textures and those textures really really do a lot they’re going to make your character. Look awesome, that’s! What these games are all about right, looking cool, and now you look cooler than ever before, especially when you can see every little detail on your armor or on your mount.

We would normally cap it to like your you know. Your immediate group of people would be higher resolution, and now we can allow more of them and further out so that the people around you look better too. The npcs look better and then there was an effort to go back and address uh, some of our oldest textures that are still used, frequently uh and actually upgrade like to higher resolution versions of those uh. Specifically for this now, i was surprised to read that they are actually using planar reflections in the water because that’s a really expensive rendering technique, but it really really pays off and if the consoles can handle it for this game, then more power to them. Of course, other improvements like draw distance here, you can actually see buildings that weren’t there in the shot they just sort of pop in the tree below has a ton of life added to it and it’s these little quality of life items that you’re really gon na Notice, if you’re playing on a next gen console, because until now, you’ve just been playing the previous generation version of the game. I really really like this shot of the bridge, because you can see the textures on the bridge and we got our first peek at what water is going to look like when reflecting things. But also even the foliage at the beginning is drastically improved. And if you want to see the difference in textures, just look at the rocks in this scene.

The added detail does so much more to paint a clearer picture of what you’re looking at the rocks actually look wet. Now, because they’re, surrounded by water and things you didn’t even notice in the older version of the game, are crystal clear in this version, like the indented patterns on the rocks seen here. So, in addition to all that, they also sent over some of their footage from the trailer showing off the god rays. Shining through the trees here and the improved shadows, especially on the ground, were something the team seemed to be really proud of. Of course, in this footage they show off those new planar reflections on the water and it’s really really gorgeous, especially in the shot of the animal running by you can see all the trees being reflected this little island and and the camera follows the animal just to Show off what they’re doing here, it’s very purposeful for us reflections was always like, at least on the base consoles. We had no reflections at all the payoff for going from no reflections to like full actual planar reflections were at a decent resolution where you can see all the characters dynamically like running through it and stuff. We had the advantage of all of our water being planar. We considered ray tracing for the job, but that had its own implications as well. Planar we had that setting on pc already. We thought all right, we’ll, take it for a spin and see how it runs uh.

Initially it wasn’t great. We had a couple engineers that did a significant rework to our underlying render threading, which made it a hell of a lot faster and got it into shippable state as soon as that work was done. It’S like oh okay, like that fits. This is the this. Is the tip of it there’s actually more more to come this year? That i’m excited about that is quite a tease, alex. Thank you so much to bethesda for making the time to chat with me about these enhancements. The update should hit consoles on june 15th. Thank you so much for watching and if you’ve been missing, our performance reviews be sure you’re subscribed to youtube.com ign games where we release new episodes regularly. Can’T wait to dive back into my low level character. Hobbs real tiger, if you find me online, be sure to say hello, maybe help me out on a quest. Thank you so much for watching and for more on all things.