The spotlight is almost certainly going to be shining brightly on some of the biggest upcoming games, such as halo, infinite, starfield, far cry 6 and nintendo’s follow up to the legend of zelda breath of the wild and that just scratches the surface of what we’ll be seeing On june 10th to june 15th, amid the e3 2021 schedule, but of that excitement comes its own confusion, e3 2020 was cancelled due to the pandemic and instead we had a series of events that stretched across the entirety of last summer. Thankfully, e3 2021 has been condensed into a five day window, which includes some major first party showcases dedicated in the events and various streams from publishers like capcom, 2k games and square enix. With all that said, you’ll still probably have a lot of questions regarding how the digital events are going to play out and that’s. Where i come in throughout the week, i’ll be giving you some live streams, some exclusive gameplay and, of course, some trailers of the biggest showcases that will be coming from e3 from the first joint conference of microsoft and bethesda to nintendo’s highly anticipated e3 direct. This week is going to be insane now a handful of people and youtubers that i know will be going live showcasing these events so, of course go and watch them as it is important to catch up on this information and then after come back to my channel, Because i’ll be giving you guys all the breakdowns, big announcements and, of course the gameplay reveals, but first off let’s, just give you a breakdown of what is actually going to be happening in 2021.

So if, on june 10th, we have the summer game, fest kickoff – and this is at 2pm et and 1pm central time now. The e3 related festivities begin two days prior to the actual show itself with the summer games fest kickoff. Now this is organized by the game. Awards jeff keely now and the show promises plenty of world premieres a day of the devs indie showcase and performances by artists like weezer and japanese breakfast, who is also composing, the music for the upcoming indie game sable. Now, given that summer game, fest kickoff, isn’t beholden to any one publisher, expect a wide array of announcements ranging from radical indies to massive aaa spectacles. Rumors are swirling that we might even get a look at from software’s elderly, an update on playstation projects and even an appearance by keeley’s power, hideo kojima and given the caliber of reveals we’ve seen at the game awards in the past. Our expectations are very high for this one and then on june 11th. We have cot prime time now. The showcase is at 3 p.m, et and 2 p.m. Ct now koch media has slowly become one of the most fascinating companies in video games. Today, a subsidiary of embracer group, alongside the likes of gearbox and thq nordic koch, is best known for his own deep silver division, which includes the developers of games like saints row, dead, island, metro and time splitters. However, deep silver got its message out ahead of the reveal by confirming that none of its games or studios will be shown at cot, prime time or any other e3 2021 event.

That leaves us wondering exactly what it is, that koch will be showing off during its own showcase on june 11., perhaps new studio acquisitions, or even the formation of some new indie label, similar to how take 2 created pirate division as its own indie publishing arm. Then, on june 12th we have the big ubisoft forward conference and the showcase is at 3 p.m et and 2 pm ct ubisoft generally makes a big splash at e3, and things seem to be no difference for the 2021 schedule. Now it’s already been announced that this event will feature updates on far cry 6, the soon to be renamed rainbow six quarantine, riders republic and upcoming assassin’s creed, valhalla dlcs. These will come alongside a look at ubisoft’s film and television projects like apple tvs, mythic crests, the upcoming werewolves within movie, and hopefully some assassin’s creed tv stuff. Now, in terms of surprises, there’s the possibility that we will see more from the prince of persia. The sounds of time, remake skull and bones beyond good and evil too or masses pair of ambitious projects in the avatar and star wars, games that the studio is working on, and we might even get a look at this new assassin’s creed vr game. Now. Of course, no ubisoft e3 would be complete with us, hoping for a new splinter cell or perhaps a sequel to mario and rabbids kingdom battle for nintendo switch. But we are almost 100 certain that we will be seeing another just dance game.

Then, on june 13th we have the xbox and bethesda showcase. Now this is at 1pm et and 12pm ct. Now perhaps the most anticipated gaming event of this summer is the joint showcase of xbox and bethesda, with this being the first e3 since microsoft acquired them the parent company of bethesda, we are all eager to see what this new gaming voltron has in the work. As far as locks go, we’re certainly going to see a lot from both halo infinite, as well as bethesda’s. Starfield halo has a lot to prove since it was delayed from the launch of the series x after a rough opening gameplay reveal and given that this november will be the 20th anniversary of both the original xbox as well as halo, combat evolved now’s. The perfect time to show off how master chief has grown likewise, the long awaited star field has gained so much hype over the past few years, despite giving us literally nothing but a short teaser trailer three years ago, it’ll be great to see what the next big Rpg from the folks behind the elder, scrolls and fallout have on offer, but with this showcase run in 90 minutes, there’s likely to be much more than just those two massive tent poles, psychonauts 2 seems to be nearing the finish line. Microsoft. Flight simulator is coming to the xbox series x soon and all signs point towards a forza horizon 5 reveal with a full release.

Date. Perhaps we’ll see some updates from the likes of avowed fable, perfect, dark, colblade, 2 everwild state of decay 3 and the indiana jones game, as well as news on what studios like the coalition compulsion and arcane are working on couple. This with news on xcloud additions to game, pass and new third party partnerships, and it stands to be a major moment for xbox and one i’m sure we are all looking forward to and then on june 13th at 3, 15 pm et and 2 15 pm ct. We have the square enix presents conference square. Enix is one of many third party publishers showing off games during e3. Its event is confirmed to include updates on babylon’s fall from platinum games. Life is strange, true colors and the black panther centric war for a conda expansion to marvel’s avengers alongside these will be the reveal of a new project from developer idols montreal, which has been rumored to be a guardians of the galaxy game. One interesting note about this showcase is that, aside from babylon’s full, there are no mentions of any other japanese developed games. These include the final fantasy remakes final fantasy for spoken and any other kingdom hearts related games. Square enix could be playing its cards close to his chest. Perhaps the games will show up at other showcases throughout the week or maybe we’ll be seeing them later on in 2021 and then on june 15th we have the nintendo direct e3 2021.

This is at 12 p.m. Et and 11 am ct. Now nintendo will be capping. The final day of the e3 schedule, with a nintendo direct, focused on roughly 40 minutes of info, focused exclusively on nintendo switch software, mostly releasing in 2021 there’s a lot to unpack. In that sentence, so the software comment leads us to believe that the heavily rumored switch pro hardware update won’t be at e3. Whether we see that, before the show or sometime later on in the summer, remains to be seen, and the next bit about it being mostly games released in 2021, is good news for folks who are worried that this full will be looking a bit light following the Past year and a half of development disruption from the pandemic, of course, nintendo is always wanting to show off a few games that are further on the horizon, like splatoon 3. we’re, almost as sure to get an update on the follow up to breath of the wild. As well as other plans, nintendo might have for zelda’s 35th anniversary and that’s caps, pretty much out of the bag regarding atlas showing off sheen mega me tency5, which might be hitting switch this november alongside this are big questions surrounding already announced games like bayonetta, 3 and Metroid prime 4., the rumored metroid prime trilogy and whatever might be coming up in franchises like mario and donkey kong and perhaps the longer rated reveal of an expanded nintendo switch online library that includes nintendo 64 games.

All of this, coupled with the one two punch of pokemon, brilliant diamond and shining pearl and legends of arceus points to a massive e3 showing from nintendo. So this has just been a quick breakdown of what to expect from the week of e3 we’re gon na get some big announcements from xbox we’re gon na get some big announcements from ubisoft we’re gon na get some announcements from ea. This is going to be exciting times for gamers out there. Now. One thing you may have noticed that i missed off. The list was, of course playstation, and that is cause. Playstation are not attending e3 this year. This is sort of a big deal, as at the moment, playstation have the big hitters that everyone wants to play now. Will they be doing their own big state of play to showcase the new games later on in the year more or less likely? So just look forward to that and then of course we have eea which will be doing that event as well, but guys and girls. I hope you have enjoyed this video.