I don’t know what else to say there, except that i might have to stop doing these for every dimension. I visit because there’s a little bit less than an infinite amount left and i could have mapped 32 in the time since i started talking okay, i know i was going to stop doing these recordings, but i can carve out some time every once in a while. Just i’m a genius dimension 31×7, not super different from home, but there were these creatures. One was firing a gun and spitting himself around every other. Second, while the other hung out in his shoulder doing live commentary. Oh, i wanted to hang out with him so badly. Second dimension down not as colorful as the first one, but the creatures were definitely stranger. Their bodies were made out of all these old relics, but they could break apart and still be alive. It was so wild and now i wish i had asked kaden for more time. I just want to learn the stories of all these dimensions: dimension. 242. Y8. Quite possibly the cutest dimension i’ve ever seen. Oh, the inhabitants were all made out of wool. I think they could literally make anything and there was a really pleasant voice following me around everywhere. Oh it was incredible. Oh and what’s even better. I think i’m. Finally close to mapping my last dimension mapped my first dimension today, pretty standard stuff except the colors. There were so vivid like whoa, and there were these creatures, one of them even looked like a lombard, but he had smaller ears a mask and a cane, and i think he was pulling some kind of heist whatever it was.

It looked cool for you. It is only our emperor’s Music Music, so is: oh Music.