I believe, like 9 10 hours ago, so it’s pretty new, has had a pretty good surge in stock price. If we want to look at that, it’s p s a c that is going to be the ticker and the spec merger property solutions acquisition but yeah, as you guys can see. It’S had a pretty good move over the past few days as the rumors leading up to it, but today we saw a huge spike at market open to 15.99 since then it’s fallen 3.5, but we’re still sitting at 15. Now, yes, that looks high. However, this company is coming in at a 3.4 billion dollar valuation, so it’s very attractive once we get into it, anyways let’s just get into the company because i’m sure a lot of you guys don’t know about this. But this is faraday future. They only have one prototype car and it is in late development, so it’s almost ready to be sold so that’s. Why i like it it’s, not just some concept picture they actually have built these before and actually have them in real life right, as you guys can see here of them actually building it. But let’s look at the main car, the ff91 we’re getting into in the uh investor presentation after this, but just we got to look at this. This car is going to be an expensive car. Let me tell you a very, very expensive car. I think it said a hundred something thousand starting under 50 000, maybe but you’ll be able to see once you get to the inside of this thing.

So let’s just take a look at this. Look at this uh. This dashboard everything is electronic. The seat, cooling and heating right there, a little screen for the passenger and then, of course, the 50 inch ipad, basically on the top cool dashboard, just a little bit more more controls than i would say, like a tesla tesla just has the screen and it’s. Just very plain and that’s that’s really my downfall with it. As for leg room, they really went for like a crossover. I guess i would say, um yeah. I guess that would be the best way to represent this it’s, just a crossover of some sort, but yeah a very attractive car is basically what we’re going for. I would compare it to like a eevee mercedes type. Look just look at that leg. Room absolutely massive amount of leg room there um, but yeah that’s. What it looks like i mean performance wise. I believe they said zero to six yeah zero to sixty 60 in 2.’ seconds, so comparable and actually faster than some tesla’s. Nothing like the plaid, but we got to see how it stacks up price wise with the new plaid. Also, we got comparable miles 300 plus miles, so the battery looks solid 1050 horsepower. So this is going to be very comparable to the plaid. I just don’t know what the plaid’s going to be starting out with. I know, it’s going to be probably low, hundreds and this car might be a little bit more.

But if they’re able to take the luxury side of this market, we have a lot of potential. So let’s go ahead into here. This is their presentation. Now we got to skip a lot of things, because this thing is a massive massive presentation. I swear. This is one of the biggest ones i’ve covered out of spax, this thing’s 57 pages, but we’re gon na hop around here. Just so we could uh get through this sometime today. So, first and foremost, we got to look at the team, so global ceo, dr brett field, he is actually this is the thing that excited me vice president and head of bmw i8 program. So he knows how to get a car out. There knows how to make a very, very nice looking car, obviously the it’s, a beautiful car. As for these other guys, i don’t know them. You know cfo, three previous cfo jobs, whatever whatever, but as for how this is looking. So, as i said earlier, this is 3.4 billion dollars. Is the evaluation that they’re coming in at uh it’s well over that now, since the stock has risen, some uh since the 10 mark about 40, i would say roughly 40 but yeah. The proceeds to this is gon na launch be able to launch the new ff91, that is, the brand new car that’s, the one that we’ve been looking at that’s their only car. At the moment they have more cars we’ll get to that in a minute, but this is a big project, as you can see, more than two billion invested already to date, a thousand fifty horsepower they obviously have something going right and the back of the car is Really just incredible i mean even the front of the car is pretty incredible as well, but the thing is an absolute spaceship.

I like that it’s, not so simple. I guess i think that’s going to be really the downfall of tesla. They make things so simple and seem a little cheap at some times. You know just wood, paneling plastic, all the way around the whole thing and then a huge ipad in the middle. It gets a little boring, but something like this right. We got ta. We got a full tv in the back, we have the the passenger little screen there, we have the main screen and then these cool seat adjusters, i guess kind of like the sidebar there. I haven’t seen that actually in cars, but um very unique. You know i just got ta say they were very unique in what they did they’re, not just trying to copycat it. Doesn’T look like all right. So now we can look at where you know what type of cars they’re working on, so they are actually based out of la and it looks like they were founded in 2014 and then something fell through here vehicle beta here. But this is going to be the flagship model, the ff91 and then it looks like they’re gon na have a model. Three competitor here, smaller sedan, looks like premium mass market electric vehicles, sixty percent designed for ma at high volumes, and then they have the mass market vehicles, which i’m sure it has to be somewhere in the range of like 25 to 40 000, and then they have Their delivery vehicle, which is just at this point all three of these – i am not taking these very seriously i’m more looking at the the actual product that they have in hand for me, not just looking at things that are five years down the line: okay, but Yeah, as we can see here, this is a better screen of the team, so we get to see what they’ve worked on so this, of course, the i8 guy looks like some other car guys.

Here we got bmw, maserati gm volt, karma a ferrari vp here. So a lot of a lot, a lot of experienced guys in this industry, so that’s good, guys and gals there another key takeaway. I took from this not only the stuff that we’ve already seen 130 kilowatt hour, uh battery 0 to 60 in less than 2.4 seconds 1050 horsepower. All wheel drive good for you know snow anything like that, and i also think for some reason. I don’t know what it is about the styling it looks very chinese, almost like i feel, like the chinese people will like it just as much as americans. Sometimes they don’t cross sell very well, as you guys might know already, but i think this has high potential there. They also have a factory over overseas, so that’s a good sign, but to date this was the thing i was really looking forward to 14 000 plus reservations already to date. Okay and this ff91 will launch inside of 12 months once of equity funding, so that should be. You know about a year year and a half from now. As for some real world testing, they actually did the pikes peak race down in colorado and they broke the ev record so i’m. Basically, what i’m getting from this is. They are the top of the line, ev they’re, trying to be that they’re trying to be the most premium plush one of them all. I would really compare them as like the mercedes benz of evs right now.

Of course, mercedes benz gon na come out with evs, but a full eevee model line. This is basically the best comparison i got so let’s go ahead, scroll down until we get to performance, okay, this right here, really solidifies or re solidifies. How i feel about the car top the line top of the line on pretty much everything very high on everything, only thing that i got at point one second, on tesla model s, okay, that’s, whatever range very comparable, very much so better than any of these other Competitors, especially the porsche tycoon charge time is also very good right up there with tesla so very comparable to tesla. All, i think, is you know, i think it’s going to sell really really good in the u.s and chinese market and it’s going to be a more premium product, but as for let’s look, if we have this here, okay, here’s, some manufacturing right here, i think there’s. Another slide down there. I i skimmed over this real, quick, just to be kind of prepared, but once again this is just for research purposes due diligence. This is not me telling you to buy this or anything i’m, just giving you the basis of this, because i i haven’t bought in yet uh. I might consider it tomorrow. I don’t know, though i have a lot of money in some more of the wall street bets plays right now, but this is a potential runner. I think it has a very, very good chance of running like lucid.

Did you know from ten to twenty two dollars? I still think it has a lot of room to run, sits somewhere in the five six seven billion dollar mark, and so we still got a lot a lot of room to run. But here it is we’re based out of la so their main manufacturing center is hanford california. It is expected to be done within less than uh nine months, pa post equity funding. This actually is going to require 90 million dollars to complete, which is actually not that much for a full on fledge factory, which is good and it’s, also going to be able to make 10 000 vehicles per year. But as for the career, one mid 2023 is when they expect that one to launch this is an exciting one. They’Re taking this one over from gm actually, and this one has up to 270 000 vehicles per year. So a lot of room to scale in the next five years, a lot a lot of room. This is one of the most comparable ones to tesla that i’ve seen i mean in a while there’s been a lot of good ev plays, but this is one that i i really have been liking a lot. Okay, here are the benchmarks of the price starting from 180 000, so that’s expected in q1 of 2022, then they’ll have one starting at 100, 000. that’s more reality, but here are the comparables, so it looks like the futurist.

This is going to be more of like the suv. They compare it to the lamborghini uras bentley tiaga, uh maybach, and then this one is just a large sedan kind of like i expected there. You know bmw 7 series, that kind of size, or even as they compare it, they say the lucid air. So, as i said, you know very comparable to lucid, they’re all really attractive cars we just got to see which ones. This is why i like to diversify. Between them, because not all of these guys are going to make it out, some of these guys are going to get stomped once gm and ford, and all these other legacy motors come in and just stomp them only a few of the pure ev players are gon Na actually survive now, obviously tesla neo. Those are good ones right there, but as for these little ones, these ones that haven’t even made cars, yet these ones are a little bit more risky that’s. Why i say proceed with caution, but as for their future plans, q2 2023. Q3. 2023. I’M. Guessing this is uh mainly because they’re gon na have the means to actually produce this many cars down 2023 in korea and then hopefully get some more plants in america. Assuming all goes well yeah, but this is their plan. You know starting from 95 000, get down to 59 000 and then get down 45 30. Hopefully, somewhere around that range, it doesn’t look like they’re gon na go too cheap because they are more luxurious, but 45 that’s a good mark right there, but yeah kind of taking the tesla approach start really high start really high and then work your way down.

But that’s pretty much all that this really was that uh importance wise, like there’s, not much more here. If you want to read this whole thing, go ahead. I just don’t want this to be a 30 minute. Video about this whole entire thing, but there’s a lot of cool features. It looks like they have some real actual software and hardware that they worked on hard to get it’s, not just copycat stuff cool, app cool center console very nice autonomous driving, ready, so they’re ready to be autonomous as well. A lot of patents on the car, beautiful facilities coming in and even further down. I think we do have one last thing that i wanted to show you guys here and it was, and it was estimated unit sales. Okay here it is so here are their estimations. 2022 is when they’re gon na start actually selling cars that’s a big year for us. If we are gon na decide to do this because until then it’s just a cash burning machine, hopefully we can get some money coming in so they’re expected 504 million dollars in 2022 ramp that up to 4 billion 10 billion 21 billion, but yeah here’s. The breakdown of those um – i look at this number, though i see 266 million, which equals 21 billion. I take that even at a one price to sales ratio, 21 billion dollar company bada bing bada boom we’re at like five right now. So a lot.

A lot of room to go but that’s going to do it if you want to get your m1 finance. That is about to end, so you got to get the 30 free dollars. I would sign up for that. Even if you don’t want the brokerage just take the 30 bucks refer a friend get another 30 bucks have 60 bucks that’s free money, you might as well. Do it plus it’s? Actually, a really really good platform i’ve been enjoying it a lot since i got into it. I have a review down there as well.