When my mom says a full day, she means, from the time you get up in the morning till the time you go to bed. But for me it means from the time you get up in the morning all the way. Through till the time you get up the next morning so which is it for, you got ta go with elmira on that one that’s, a relief is it though you’ve had to hoof it from sun up to sundown tons of times. This is all just same old. Same all, right, that’s right, but even so we’re all gon na need to stop and rest, especially you yeah yeah. I know anyway, marching into the unknown ain’t easy, but don’t worry cause i’m here to lead the way that’s comforting. Of course it is Music all right. Everyone let’s stop here for a minute leaders. Orders now breathe in that fresh air Music, actually scratch that Music let’s uh save it for later, when we’re, not so close to midgar Music guess. This is goodbye city of marco Music. Hmm Music, like this yep, just like that cool, no way: a Music, hey car, Music, Music Music. What is it with these? Damn birds, uh, sorry about that. No need to apologize man, Music, Music! Look at that where’s the roof when you need one gon na be okay should be but weird, my stomach’s in knots that’s its way of telling you it’s, hungry let’s, move Music it’s been a while huh long time, no see how you been.