. I wasn’t kidding when i said this is the game that started it all for me now, when i was younger growing up, we did play command and conquer. We did play starcraft, but when diablo 2 dropped, my gaming trajectory changed for the future forever. I fell in love with isometric action, rpg, hack and slash. It is literally the reason why i created this youtube channel because of my love for arpg’s and wanting to share my knowledge with the world. Now, if you follow any news sites, if you follow any other gaming channels, i’m sure you have heard about the diablo 2 remake and i’ve been spending the last few days reading and getting as much information as i can on this topic to make this video here Today, as always, i will share my thoughts. Please feel free to share yours in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe, to support smaller channels. All right, let’s jump right into this right now, i’m on the website, techradar.com titled, this article diablo 2 remastered and resurrected all the rumors and info around the remake, the lord of hell, might be getting a fresh lick of paint. Now again, i’ve been doing lots of research on this, and what i’m going to do is read for you a little bit, because this is the best article. I could find that kind of gives you a breakdown of what has happened over the last few days and then i will give you my opinion, all alrighty, diablo 2 remake what we know so far.

Rumors of a diablo 2 remake have been circulating for years. Many hoped that it would coincide with the game’s 20th anniversary in 2020, but that came and went blizzard focusing on diablo iv and diablo mortal mobile game instead. Very sad, however, recent reports suggest that a remake is far from dead and a shake up at blizzard is what’s at the heart of the prolonged development. Blizzard needs a shake up, they are bleeding their best talent and it’s been that way for years to understand. What’S going on, we first need to discuss another blizzard remake warcraft 3 reforged blizzard’s team. One development team had been working on the real time strategy, remaster another beloved game, but its release in 2020 was not well received with missing features and problematic terms and condition and conditions putting off what should have been a thriving map making and modding community. It currently sits among the worst rated games on the score aggregate metacritic now when they talk about it not being well received. In my opinion, not only is it the worst launch blizzard game ever, but it might be one of the worst launched games of all time, and that is truly saying something check this out: the metacritic score for user rating. These are 30 000 people that chose to leave a review score. It a point six out of ten point: six and it’s, not like three or four people. Thirty thousand six hundred and twenty seven point six wow team one had been tasked also with reviving diablo.

Two. Now, if you haven’t figured it out team, one is the team at blizzard that basically works on older titers titles, whether that’s updates or patches or balances for older titles and also remasters. But a bloomberg report suggests that blizzard owners i like how they put that blizzard’s owners activision got cold feet following warcraft 3 reforged reception. Instead, it disbanded team one team wanted such a bad gun did such a bad job. They got disbanded which also already been pulling off, which had already been pulling off ongoing, starcraft 2 development and had its hero. Shooter of the storm fade into obscurity. Now, with team one gone activision had brought in its former subsidiary vicarious visions, merging it with the development operations of blizzard and, as we reported last year, apparently tasking it with the diablo 2 mantle i’ll explain. While the reduced autonomy of a once powerhouse studio, like blizzard, seems troubling the newly merged vicarious visions may be the perfect team for the job. It has a long standing pedigree of making and reworking existing games dating back to the magic it worked. Bringing the likes of tony hawk’s pro skateboarder and jet set radio to the game boy advance. In recent years it focused mostly on exclusively next gen and current gen remakes, bringing together the delightful crash bandicoot and the note perfect tony hawk’s, pro skater, 1 and 2 remake. While its action rpg experience is limited to a couple of marvel alliance and x men legends remakes over a decade ago, it could thrive under blizzard’s tutelage and has recent relevant experience working on the support team for bungie on destiny.

2.. Okay, so blizzard the core blizzard staff are focused on diablo, 4 and diablo immortal. We all know that team 1 was tasked with warcraft 3 and then, after that, diablo ii, warcraft 3 is such a disaster that activision liquidates them. They disband them team. One no longer is there: they get cold feet, they screwed up warcraft 3., no way we’re gon na. Let them screw up diablo 2.. Okay, then activision brings in a company that they purchased in 2005, which is a subsidiary of activision, vicarious visions and basically says here. Blizzard we’re going to give you this team, which is kind of our gold standard team for making remix. They really only work on old games and they either update them or they re bring them back to life with new visuals. Blizzard then takes that team and it gets announced that vicarious visions is now the team at blizzard working at blizzard on the diablo 2 remake okay. This is my opinion and i guess i should say that i’m kind of sad but i’m, not surprised when we talk about blizzard people that have been playing blizzard’s games from the beginning. We always kind of come to the same conclusion. Blizzard is a shell of its former self. Ever since they were acquired or i shouldn’t say, acquired they merged with activision everything. There changed. They started caring more about shareholders. They started caring more about the bottom line, trying to get the stocks up, making sure that they’re hitting their quotas and when that happens, you’re pushing out products quicker.

You start adding in tons of micro transactions. You start dealing with stuff more around the dollar. Instead of the player – and i know i’m – not telling you anything new i’m sure most people know that about blizzard but think about this diablo 2. The quint essential action, rpg game, the game that really put hack and slash on the map, which created a whole new genre of game that is still thriving today, it’s. The reason why i made this youtube channel the company that did that could not be tasked with remastering their own game, blizzard screwed up so bad on warcraft, 3 and lately over the years, have such a bad track record that they can’t even remaster their own creation. Activision had to pull the plug on team one and give them their company vicarious visions. I know black activision and blizzard are the same company, but they had to move their subsidiary company over to blizzard to make diablo 2 because they could not trust blizzard to do it. That is freaking sad it’s, unbelievable, i don’t know maybe i’m looking into it too much. But the more i read about this, the more i do my research ultimately comes down to is that blizzard continues to drop the ball and activision is not willing to screw up. Diablo 2., if they truly made an awesome, rematch remake i’m talking a complete visual overhaul, throw in a couple new things that don’t screw up the core game even through in like an extra act.

I mean you’re talking about millions of copies, you will sell and they do not want another warcraft 3 reforged. Alright, everyone that’s, the video vicarious visions is officially unofficially working on diablo 2 remastered. Who knows how long we will have to wait for this game, but i can tell you that i will be playing it day, one and letting you know my opinion now. I do want to know in the comment section below what do you think of blizzard? Not being allowed to work on their own creation, diablo 2, should they be given the task to make this game or is vicarious visions, the perfect company do it? Let me know in the comment section below: if you have not joined the official action rpg discord, please do so we’re approaching 600 members great conversations every day. The idea is to create a gaming community that could jump from game to game together. So you never start. The server alone link for that discord is in the description. Thank you. All for watching stay home stay safe, do not forget to join the official action.