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So instagram and twitter guys brandywit and then make sure i subscribe to the second channel at brandybot, as i keep you guys up to date with a lot of release, dates and item shot predictions and then make sure you guys uh join up the discord server down Below in the description, if you guys want to communicate and chat with me and make sure you guys follow, my tic tac account at brandy underscore yt as we’ve been posting up a lot of videos over from our youtube channel. So here’s adam sharp from today got the brand new kyle skin y’all know we’re going to purchase it using codebrandywight hashtag check epic poner. It is pretty sick um, so there you guys have it the cow skin and then the lag pack battling which this was in the teaser. You guys know the milk carton and it does display agent jonesy on the side. So it looks pretty clean, go ahead and claim that we got the sledge heat piper pickaxe, pretty sick. Why not we’ll claim this as well just to match the whole say. I do love cows man. I love animal cause, they’re so nice that fire skin is back with the shackled stone bag. Bling the complex skin is back with the purple jam bag. Bling we got the guy scio a common glider. We got the paint splash animator wrap the street shine pickaxe. We got the dark shard pickaxe over here we got the mark, man bundle the grimmy skin, all the rad, the loading screen combo, you guys can purchase everything separately.

The monk skin is back with the peel pack bag bling, the slingshot skin is back. I thought i had it, but i guess we’ll purchase it now, man, why not? And we got the dynamic, shuffle emo, which icon series huh wait. This is not copyright. What uh mute all what i never had this hold up. I never had that anymore. All right that was weird chance. You for a squat is back there once was a squad that ready. I never made a video about that how long this is a year ago, what all right this sas catching traverse, emo, the burpee, uncommon, emo and then the deathstroke zero bonus through here. The harley quinn bundle. You guys can get that pretty sick and then you guys get the flash bundle. The speed the black manta skin is pretty sick as well. We got the catwoman bundle with the pickaxe. We got the batman gear bundle, we got the beast boy bundle as well. The batman, zero bundle is here as well, and then we got the catwoman zero and then the crew pack, which, like i said, i’ll, subscribe for the next one. So if you guys want to get anything new, let me know down below in the comments wrap your games username. Let me know which cosmetic you guys want and if you guys want to purchase anything new, be sure to use call brandon, yt hash. I got ta check out the partner that being said, let’s go ahead and get started with today’s video, all right, all right guys, so in today’s, video we’re gon na be talking about the brand new fortnite um, the brand new uh, the uefa euro 2020 cup.

Basically, two icon skins are coming to the game as well. You guys can get yourself. Some free rewards, um, which you do look at this actual money bro, like top one. You get five thousand dollars, obviously, and all of that. So if you guys don’t know basically harry kane, if you guys don’t know who he is obviously he’s a player harry kane and marco ruiz, i don’t know if i said that right, but marco are both coming to the game as i can see rarity skins, meaning There will be part of the icon series rarity, so it looks like neymar won’t, be the only um soccer player this time, but we’ll have two more additions added to the locker and they will be coming this thursday or friday. Actually, i think it’s the 11th yeah on june 11th um, both players liking us will be available as separate outfits or together in the canes and rules bundles, so expect them to be in the bundle friday i’ll make a video on the bundle friday when they do Drop, but let me know what you guys think about that. Are you guys going to cop or not as well for the in game rewards you guys will get yourself uh. I think it’s a i think, it’s just emoticons, i think it’s a sprain, an emoticon. So let me know what you guys think about that if you guys are going to cop or not um or if you guys are going to participate, all you guys have to do is participate.

I believe yeah on the. Unless Music, i don’t, know it’s either participating or you got to get high placement points, but it’s literally just an emoticon and then i think i think it’s two emotion counts and one spray and one emoticon. But let me know what you guys think: i’m more excited for the actual harry kane skin, with the actual um we’re, still the one hurricanes and marco. So let me know what you guys think about that. Let me know if you guys are gon na cop or not uh, but it’s, pretty self explanatory. I will post the vlog post down below in the description as well. If you guys want to check it out, but let me know what you guys think man: what do you guys think about lately chapter two season: seven man it’s been an amazing season. Let me know what you guys. Think uh can’t wait for the item shop later today. I don’t know what’s going on because today’s wednesday other than that man. I appreciate all the recent support drop. A like subscribe use call brandon what’s, he hashtag a hashtag partner, and let me know what you guys think man more icon series skins. I wonder who’s going to be the next actual, like content, creator, i’m waiting for that, like who’s, going to be the next content creator of the icon, i hope it’s cipher pk man, he there’s deserves it, but let me know what you guys think about that man.

Thank you guys so much for already support i’m still waiting for the battle pass, gifting to be fakes, guys so hold tight on that man. I don’t know what’s happening um, but other than that guys. Thank you guys. So much for watching drop. A like subscribe use. Code, brandon westy, hashtag hashtag at the corner.