I mean now we’re starting to see books collabing with fortnite we’re, starting to see rick and morty collabing. Before i mean, basically, anything can collab with fortnite nowadays as long as it fits in well, which apparently, everything does now in today’s. Video we’ll be talking about two brand new icon series skins, a part of soccer and then we’re going to be talking about the uefa euro 2020 trademark cup, where you can win a spray and an emoticon simply put for free just for participating. So without further ado. Let’S get right into the news with kane and ryus. I also want to put a disclaimer here. I may butcher one of the names or both of them i’m, not really into soccer or some people call it football, but hey just you can stand with it. You can just abide by that, but anyways the icon series kicks into full gear this summer with two of soccer’s finest england, national team, captain harry kane and two time german player of the year, marco ryus joining a new squad. The icon series on june 11th, at 8pm eastern time, both players likenesses, will be available at separate outfits or together in the kane and ryus bundle. Now, on serene right now is the harry kane outfit with his backbling, and it will also include the hurricane emote and then right after that, we’re going to show you the marcus rios outfit with his backbling and the marquino emote now other than that.

We don’t really know what the emotes look like, as of yet i’m sure someone’s going to get them in game early before they’re decrypted a further bit down the line, but as of right now, all we really know is what both the skins look like and the Backlinks to go along with them now other than icon series skins. However, let’s talk about the fortnite uefa euro 2020 trademark cup, after some friendly competition to start chapter two season. Seven, the real competition heats up with the four night uefa euro 2020 trademark cup, starting on june 16th 2021 compete for the opportunity to earn prize money as well as in game cosmetic rewards. The fortnite uefa euro, 2020 trademark cup will span two days with one round. Each day round, one will be open to all eligible players as further described in the fortnite uefa euro, 2020 trademark cup official rules and the top performing players from round. One will advance to round two now to break down what will advance you into round two for europe in a east. In a west and brazil, the top 1000 players from each region will advance and then for middle east asia and oceanic. Only the top 500 from each region will advance from round one to round two at the conclusion of round two, the top performing players in each region will earn a share of the 50 000 prize pool. Additionally, all players who earn at least 10 points will receive the winner’s cup emoticon and all players who earn at least 20 points will receive the kick it spray keep in mind, just like every other cup every other tournament.

In order to participate, you will need to be at least level 30 on your epic games, account basically meaning add up all the levels you’ve ever gained over the whole entire career of you playing fornate if it’s over 30 you’re good. You also have to make sure you have two factor authentication enabled on your account overall, though it’s very interesting, to see that fornite’s, basically starting to collab with so many things that originally i thought was pretty impossible for them to make an icon series skin of to Even just collab with and make a replica skin up in general, so for today’s question of the day, i want to ask you guys with how many collabs are out there nowadays. What do you think the next four night collaboration will be honestly. I don’t even know because, like there’s just so many things that fournette can collab with at this point and they’ve proven it time and time again that they break the boundaries they collab with whatever they want to collab with, and i think that’s really cool but hey With that said, i hope this video was informative. It told you all the information you need to know about the two upcoming icon series skins, such as when they’re going to be in the item shop and all the information you need to know about the uefa euro.