Looking damn good superman aliens, ufos, rick and morty there’s a bunch more stuff, but this video we’re focusing on fully unlocking the new season. Seven battle pass, which they’ve changed? How it works so let’s check it out, remember to use code fresh to support your boy. What the what is, what is going on it’s like anyone, is coming off arabic for everyone else. Yes, i’m! Turning it off! Mothman dude the aliens it’s, a ute waiting’s in front of me – is that superman is that superman? I think that was superman. Oh, what rick and morty? Oh, no! It is rick pickle and pickle rack. Well, there goes spire mate there. It goes wait. What that was. The trailer, oh okay, i was about to say it: oh, is he free yeah? He was in the spire circle thing: dude, yeah, wow, that’s, skits, wait so rick and morty. Oh that they’re superman. Oh my gosh who’s, this chick. I don’t know who that chick is yo. The guy looks like a digimon on the right yeah what’s, going on all right. We got rick and morty superman all right. What we got. What we got give me the goods that’s, the middle of the map. Listen up! Oh jesus yeah, there’s rick. We now stand at the brink of war. Oh, oh! No! The new, damn marauders! No look at that face within our ranks. What’S up yo what’s, going on yo wait laser gun. That was a laser gun, something they don’t no way correct.

Is it whoa what oh? You can fly the ufos bro from another star? Oh my gosh superman island is ours, okay, that’s, actually sick or they want we’ll, give it to them. Yo that’s, not laser gun and aliens, wait there’s an alien on rick’s head. Oh my gosh bro. Imagine not buying this battle pass. Like i’m sorry, okay, okay, yo, yo, yo, fresh everyone code, fresh code, fresh code, fresh wait. This is actually hectic. This is actually. This is actually sick, dude, oh that’s, actually, i’m i’m excited that’s cool. You can fly the damn ufos, that’s hectic all right as a crew member you’ve. Already oh wait. I completely forgot that’s how it works all right season, seven, everybody! I got the battle pass for free all right, so they’ve got this whole new system battle. Stars earn five battle stars every time you level up, spend battle stars to claim battle pass rewards in the order you want uh. You can pick up alien, artifacts uh around the island or from cosmic chess, and then you get different styles for this skin i’m. Pretty sure it just changes his head or something and then uh. Obviously we still have gold bars. You get challenges or bounties from characters. There’S payphones now that you can get stuff from and apparently vending machines are back but uh. What the hell is. This bro wait what the hell is going on. Okay, this is weird okay, so you got the fortnite crew coming soon we got superman.

You can customize camira, oh okay, so this is what you need all the artifacts for and then you can buy the head interesting. You can just buy the heads what a head! Oh my gosh! I want this tentacles in a fat brain, green eyeballs. I can get green skin as well and get green armor green armor glow. Oh hell, yeah. Okay, we need to start getting some alien artifacts. I can go all green, it can be a green tentacle. Bro. Okay, let’s actually buy this battle pass. I got the v bucks so we’re doing it. 99 levels, 13, 000, v bucks and i just bought them all 400 wait. Did i buy it? Okay, i did 495 battle stars everyone. We got yeah, okay cool, so we have 500 battle stars and then i guess this is how we right banner icon, sure three battle stars pretty sure buying all the levels means i can just get everything in the battle pass anyway. You’Ve got fish: stick janky, it’s, a nice looking back, bling it’s! Definitely a nice looking back, bling i’ve got that that fish baby in like an um in a fishing suit or whatever that pretty much the same as that that’s nice, uh, camaros plasma pack yep got that oh, i can just claim the whole page. What am i doing all right? Lame? Page? Okay, we already looked at this and this is one of the newer modes, the little saucer wait.

This is sick, all right, we’re, equipped in that straight away. Okay, look i’m, a lo it’s a whole new system. All right! I didn’t see the claim old thing all right, page, two page two. We claim all to claim this reward. You must first claim all other rewards on this page. Okay, well, that’s, not a problem. What we do is, did this 48 stars got a rap, got an alien emoticon. Yes, we we just love the emoticons dude. Thank you, epic games, uh, some guitar pickaxe, a banner icon, cool cool, sonny’s song, and then you got sunny um. I don’t believe in humans. Interesting all right. Well, that was that was well worth the 48 stars. Next page contrail backpack v bucks a wrap, a new mode, the scar trod terrestrial okay. Well, i don’t know if that’s copyright or not but that’s cool, that was cool. That was cool. I guess. Oh never mind this skin’s cool. She has green hair. She has green hair all right, claiming it all. I rate it cool skin. She has green hair. We have 358 battle stars left. We’Ve got some weird, looking bunny dude with an axe here. All right we’ve got some music, another emoticon spray. We got one of those uh back blings again all right, just like the flop flop. Oh actually i don’t mind this glider. I do not mind this glider bunny bunny, damn ears and a skull in it all right.

You’Ve got a loading screen, you’ve got his axe, banner icon, some v bucks, and then you got gimon this weird, looking bunny dude with yeah axes on him all right. We got a new skin on page five uh. You got some pickaxes loading screens, spray, rap, icon, v bucks. You got a galactic pack back bling uh contrail, and then you got this guy so i’m. Guessing this guy is one of the soldiers that’s fighting off all the aliens he’s got aliens on his name. Tattoos, not a bad skin, looks cool. I mean we saw in the trailers that some alien chick came out of this guy’s skin. So i mean i don’t know what’s going on with that. Is that why there’s a big scar in the middle of his head there’s? Does this guy turn into an alien? I don’t know we got another remote, the vulcan salute for all the aliens out there. Nice got some pickaxes and then you got the alien chick wait. I knew it that’s why he’s got scars on him this this weird alien, chick comes out of him. The hell is going on wait, so is it oh it’s a built in emote? I thought this was an actual skin wait. So if i do this remote, can i zip back up just do this in game? Ah, all right! Well, that’s, that’s, interesting, that’s, cooler mode. At least nice run to page seven now, 51 battle stars for this page you’ve got a spray, got a glider.

The zig ray cool rap v bucks, pickaxe uh. You got a pet that you can’t see properly huh. If i just clean this, you got this new pet, some alien pet, that just what is he doing he’s putting green energy into your head? I thought it was just snot for a second, but he does have a decent sized nose there and a weird looking eye. Wow that’s, a cool pet. I mean i’ll, equip that i don’t know if this is a is this a soldier for the aliens? Is this a soldier for us? I i got no damn clue, but all i know is he’s got a green eye, so he’s cool page, eight another one of those figurine back blings, another glider, v bucks and then this check, dr sloan, so i’m. Pretty sure this is the uh mpc boss, with the mythic, the mythic pulse rifle or something like a new alien weapon. I mean i’m sure she’s got a lot to do with the story. She was into them. She was in the trailers a lot she’s got that. Damn alien, putting snot in her hair, yeah doctor sloane cool, all right, page number, nine, another remote all right, the emotes. Just you lay back cool v box and then you got another got the molten midnight zig, okay, so it’s, just a new style and then a new style for sloan as well, not bad using all my battle stars here now, the final, the final damn page tier 100 guys the whole page is rick and morty dude the whole page dude.

I wonder how much money god damn this must have been a big deal. You got a you got a wreck. Damn emoticon! You got v bucks. You got the rick dance. Oh it’s got no volume because it’s uh it’s copyright, all right cool and then you got hammerhead morty morty morty’s turned into a damn hammer. Look at him. He’S got little little damn shoes down here his arms, his eyes. You’Ve got a spray rex, ufo cruiser as your glider. Oh hey. I don’t mind this wrap. I don’t mind this wrap it’s got a good amount of green on it, but it’s not as good as bubbly, but it’s still got a good amount of green uh. Loading screen and then you got the back bling the butter robot and then the tier 100. Skin rick is here big boy, rick that’s, all our battle stars right there all right! Well, i guess i’m definitely going to put on rick their name. We got rick. Oh, my god, the snot alien nice. I actually rate this battle pass. I mean i’m liking the story that they’re going with this season. How it’s, like a full on war, i’m i’m, definitely sure that it’s gon na be one of those seasons where every week, there’s gon na be a bunch of changes around the map because there’s, obviously a war going on so season level. 100 already. I just grind that quick everybody. I just grind that damn quick just like that all right i mean i, i highly rate that that battle pass.

That was sick. You know, obviously, if you guys are cop and code fresh pro fresh to support your boy.