I just lost 18 thousand sauce. I just lost 18 000 souls. I just lost 18 000 souls. I just lost 18 000 Music Applause. Souls, hey everybody! Before this video starts. I want to remind everyone that everything you see here was previously streamed live, make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon for notifications. When we do go live, you can become a member and re watch. Any archive broadcast that drastically helps support the channel. Make sure you also join a discord and follow me on twitter and instagram at amslabs, for all updates on the channel enjoy the video all right, we’re doing fine. I have 18 000 souls that we’re probably going to lose because they’re probably going to die by something. Pretty stupid, that’s usually the way this works right. Tears watch tower basement key divine ember onward bone, hey amber, i can uh, i cannot be. I can do the thing i can upgrade my all right, let’s. Oh, do you know how many times i have died by gravity? Do you know how many times gravity has taken my life? Always i have more deaths by gravity than i have from actual enemies. Whatever i can go pick up. Those souls that’s actually like my sixth death from from gravity this playstation. How did that hit me? Applause, nice and i guess those first two shots just didn’t count: huh i’m, so glad i’m. Getting a lot of my of clumps of my purple brother that’s, pretty cool.

I love my purple uh purple moss brother, oh yeah, there’s, this one’s one spot here, don’t die here. Don’T die here. Don’T die, do not die roll, oh my god! No i’m freaking kidding, maybe one day i just lost 18 000. I just lost 18 thousand sauce. I just lost 18 000 sauce. I just lost 18 000 souls. I just lost 18 000 soul. Why did i go back in there? I didn’t. I went back. Why? How did i? How did that even happen? I hid back in double circle and he rolled forward. I lost so many souls. Someone needs to remake the tupac song, so many tears and turned into so many souls. I lost so many souls that needs to happen, give into the rage dude i’m so upset. I don’t know what i’m supposed to go now by the way wow. I don’t think i can afford anything now. Well, i finally got the emperors, but i can’t afford to upgrade anything i’m, so pissed off well i’ve seen one of those before my tunes. I can produce divine weapons. Sir well you’ve made a i still can’t. Why? Why why? Why can’t, i do that. I don’t understand Music, all right well, we’re, just not going to upgrade my level of my weapons, the whole game. I guess because apparently i can’t do that i’m gon na look it up. Oh, i have to reinforce them first, i see i have those holes to go further.

I don’t really want to use the the moonlight soul i feel like using. That would be pointless all right. Do i have the key to this area, maybe just throwing out there tough enemy ahead. Huh. Are you sure how do i get this open? That was him. Ah, where did i go? The game has not told me where to go. Oh, i know i’m supposed to get some sort of bells, so i’ll go back this way. Applause uh, i don’t, know what i’m supposed to do. I have no idea where i’m supposed to go. I’Ve already done all this stuff let’s go down the elevator. I look so hideous. I mean we’ve killed a decent amount of bosses, but i don’t know i don’t know what i’m supposed to do now, like. Oh, what i could jump down before huh and nothing tells me or anything they’re. Just they just kind of don’t. Tell you ever no, i will teach you me all right. None of these are helpful. I don’t have enough souls anyway to do that again, shut up. You went there. Oh actually something okay, what’s strange. What happened that crow flew off with somebody in its clutches? I think it was a man. Stranger things have happened right, no, maybe not that crow curled up in a ball. What what? What maybe okay well there’s, something there is. This far fetch i feel like this is far fetched. You can clearly walk on it, though can’t walk much further than that, but you can clearly walk on it.

Can’T walk on that. Maybe i got ta go a little higher. I don’t think i have to go a little higher. I don’t think i can go a little higher all right, what the go back down, what the hell! Now, okay, imminent grief, uh, hey mr crow where’s, your nest at. I want to curl a little ball and you can take me wherever you want me to go. I want the other, i want the other side of the elevator, maybe it’s on that side. Only i don’t know mr crow, mr crow where’s, your. Where are you, mr crow nah? This has to be. It has to be something here: uh, okay, there’s chest below me. I probably did two rolls i’ve actually already been here once i opened these chests before i remember opening that one okay run away from the skeletons i don’t want to deal with that here’s, the big ass crow, oh mighty, big, ass, crow where’s, your i don’t know Where to go a skeleton wants me, though, you hear that i think he just now stopped following me. You have to there’s, got ta, be something up here right. That was a bad move. I should have jumped earlier, okay and i’m trying to do the jump thing that i was trying to do that hey right. What was that that was dumb? This is just back to where i was. Where do i go? What am i missing? I swear to god.

I’M about to shove that bell up someone’s ass, i swear to god i just i’m just going in the same spot over and over again Applause. He gave me a clue with the crow. Oh, my god, how did i survive that? How did i survive that all right didn’t need that off on the wrong side of this thing? Oh that matters the gate here i was like what all right crow. I know where you’re at crow all right, what the okay you’re an he parried me the skeleton just parried me: okay, that guy all right crow where’s, your oh! Your nest is up there. Aha, i see the nest, so i uh what what the it’s gabby with this elevator it’s got. Ta, be with me, jumping off of it right. There we go here we go here. We go here. We go okay, i got this boys, i got this don’t worry. Don’T worry! Your boy has magically figured it out magically okay, so you come over here and you’re supposed to jump to this. I missed it. Ah, who put platforming in a souls. Game come on man. Oh, my god, demon, souls or dark souls more like platforming souls. Am i right, fellas i’m going to use some humanity? Oh the humanity. What to i want to become human again? Yes, no longer so ugly. What does kindle do? Oh cool. I thought we had the job to do that ha ha i’m.

Getting this thing: undead asylum, f2, weskey, okay, oh you’re, just little god ray uh. Let me jump back and then we have to get back on all right. Some backtracking, no big deal no big deal. I thought i was gon na miss it all right there we go that’s. What we’re talking about baby progression, curl up like a little ball, uh crow! I see you down there. Are you supposed to do something or um come on there? We go all right. That was a huge ass delay that looks so dumb beautiful. Thank you for watching, like the video.