Is that why you brought your brother, mr x, back as the quadrant? Yes, except he’s, not my brother he’s, my husband, and that is the secret that you didn’t want us or the game master to ever find out. That must be the message the rogue rhs left in the gmn books. Oh you theories, think you’re, so smart guys. Okay, so we need to build a boat on a budget for mr nice because so that he’ll give us the device we don’t even know how to use the device. We need to figure out what to do with the queen of gems who’s. Here at our house, we also need to break the news to the game master that his sister is dead and what about the books? I already went through all the books there’s, nothing there. I got another video message from mr nice guy, nice guy, hello, hello, hello. Now i know i told you, i needed a vote on a budget if you want this device. That looks just like what would coin? Is it yeah, but my employer’s request has become a little more complicated. They want a boat, but it can only be made using household items. They want two options: a five dollar boat and a fifty dollar boat. Now, after you send a video of you using each vote by the pool, they will decide the winner, so we have to build a boat and last distinct wins and we only have five dollars or fifty dollars.

All right. It’S decided i’m gon na build the boat maddie you’re gon na watch the queen james no i’m, not going anywhere near. Why would you make her do that and then the gamemaster too, like i am not gon na, do that i’m, not bringing that okay i’ve done this challenge so many times, okay hold on it’s obvious that none of us want to do any of these things. So let’s just write all the things we have to do and put them in a bowl and just draw the name of what we have to do and that’s how we figure out the challenge that we have to face: fair, yeah, okay, i hope i get anything But telling the game master the bad news about his sister. Okay let’s draw all right: maddie what’d you get. I got five dollar boat no queen example. Oh fifty dollar boat, hey, no game master! Oh no! You guys. I have to tell the game master about his sister all right. How are you gon na? Do that? Hey, i don’t know, wait, wait, wait! I have to watch the queen of jams. Are you kidding me right now? What okay, you guys, so we all have our tests. You guys build the boat, so we can get that device. I’M gon na go break the news to the game. Master and man just make sure the queen of gems doesn’t got this all right. You guys will be back good luck, all right, clean the gems.

It looks like we’re going to be best friends for a little bit – oh deary, i’m feeling so faint. Could i please have a sweet, no i’m, not going to give you any sweets. Are you kidding me no way, but i have more information. I can help. You have more information. What kind of information? Oh well sorts of information, but hello, hey! Wake up! What? What information do you have i’m gon na get a little bit of sweets, because if i get more information, when my best friends come back here, i would look like the hero and everybody’s going to love me get a little bit of sweets, okay, gamemaster network. I am here at the lake of secrets. I cannot believe that i have to be the one to deliver the news to the k master that his sister was killed by the queen of gems. This is not good. I sent a message to him on instagram saying to meet me at the shade area at the lake of secrets. He hasn’t responded yet, hopefully he got it okay, i need to look for something that will float what will float. The cardboard will get wet, but maybe if i can find some tape, maybe i can just tape up the cardboard and float candyland. This is from our candyland video that we did. You guys see that comment down below six piece. Candyland set is 15 bucks great. I got some spinning to do.

Let me grab all these candy land items. Okay dampening right now i have to build a five dollar boat and i’m competing against daniel who’s building a 50 boat. But i have the perfect item that i can use for my boat, okay, let’s just scan in to see how much it cost oh come on. This is 25. I only have a five dollar budget, one idea: okay pool noodles, please be under five dollars: they’re on sale, two for two dollars: okay, great now, i just need three more dollars worth of household items to build this five dollar boat. Okay, what information game master network do you think that she has just get a couple sweets, something small, oh candy cane? This is super old. Nobody likes these, hopefully when she eats this she’s gon na get her power back and tell me the secrets, give this video a thumbs up. If you think i’m gon na get something awesome game master network, how do you think i should give him this information, or do you think i should keep it a secret? No, i can’t he wanted to find out what happened to his sister, and now i have to be the one to tell him. This is literally the worst one to do today. Let me find some more items: noodles uh, yeah daniel, beat you to it. The better hacker will win three dollars left duct tape, let’s see how much this is two dollars.

Okay, that means i have one more dollar left and guess what we have over here: a trash bag. This is gon na, be the best five dollar boat ever that’s. Just 50 cents, if my calculations are correct, i have 50 cents left, so that means two trash bags. These float these look like really comfy pillows, but they actually float on the pool. Let’S see how much they are: okay, yeah, yellow, 25. Okay, great. That puts me at 40., so i got 10 to spend. But how am i gon na put this all together tape? Where am i gon na find tape? Oh, i know where i’ll find tape. Yeah. Okay, two dollars great i’m at 42. I think this is gon na float. Okay, have your candy pick up and tell me my secrets. Thank you so much deary. This is just what i needed. Okay, i gave you sweets now. Tell me the secrets. So, are you familiar with what’s happening in your tiny house, yeah yeah game master’s, making some improvements or something like that? Oh that’s, not what i have wait. What did you hear? What have you seen inside? I might have peeked inside a little bit there’s just like boards and like some canvas, oh, what i heard is that they’re turning it into a dollhouse, no one’s done! No, are you sure, have you seen it lately, uh yeah? I was in there last week. Oh last week was a long time that’s, the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard of.

Why would the game master make a dollhouse in our backyard in the tiny house? A lot can happen in a week, it’s not back there. Are you sure you know what you’re tied up you have handcuffs on i’m, just gon na be right back, okay enjoy your candy cane. I have been waiting for the game master to come. I have not gotten a response from instagram, maybe i should just leave. Maybe he didn’t get the message and he’ll show up at the house and then we can all tell him together and i don’t have to be the one to reveal the news game master. You got my message. Yes, okay, master. Thank you for meeting here. I have some important information that i have to tell you. You didn’t, look inside the tiny house. Did you no? I haven’t looked inside the tiny house, no um. Well, he found out what happened to my sister. Actually, yes, uh. We found out that the queen of gems killed your sister. What do you mean? How did this happen? I guess at some point during alice in wonderland. She did something, and, and since then she took on her identity and she has been pretending to be your sister, but it wasn’t your sister. It was queen of gems gay master network. Do you think that the game master is making our tiny house into a dollhouse and he would never do that let’s go check this thing out.

Wait, wait! Well, i may not have found the dollhouse, but at least they left the books, and these are mine. Music, it’s sealed no, the game master is not making this into a dollhouse there’s, no way what why would the gamemaster do this he’s, making our tiny house into a dole house? I am so upset right now. I feel so bad. I did not want to deliver that news. Oh come on. Do you need help seriously? Is this daniel’s candyland stuff how’s he gon na build a boat with that here we go. You got one of those floating rafts, yeah that’s the joy of having a fifty dollar budget versus your five dollars. Well, you know what that means: nothing. Daniel and now we have two minutes to build our boats. Best boat wins hacker versus only two minutes: okay yeah. I forgot something well. Time starts now comment down below who you think is going to build a better boat. Just stay here, stay right there are they twin, really daniel yeah she’s, my good luck, trunk? Oh, she doesn’t fall in the water. I disagree. I don’t think that the game masters doing queen uh jams wait. Wait. How did you get out? Oh, no, hey where’d. You go queen’s jumps i’m, not playing right now, hello, queen of shams. I know you’re here all right, gamemaster network. I mean. I know that this floaty pillow is gon na float. I mean it’s kind of in the name, so i’m, just gon na decorate the pillow, and maybe i can make it like a sailboat it’s, getting a little windy.

Look at this five dollar bow, i mean who needs fifty dollars when you have noodles and duct tape. I don’t know about a trash bag. Okay, daniel just wait. My trash bag will float better than your floating raft. No look at this. This looks bro. Okay, one more minute left halfway there, one minute it’s, so windy, i can’t even get my sail up well looks like 50 boat is gon na lose to this five dollar boat. Maybe candyland wasn’t a good idea. Okay master! I just wanted to tell you that i’m really sorry about your sister, even if she was evil. I feel really bad. I bet you’re over here, okay, she’s, upstairs all right maddie. We got five four three, two one. Oh yeah really do you know that’s a 50 boat, oh yeah, this is my 50 dollar boat, it’s, totally gon na float, and i got my uh my what i got my friends here: okay! Well, you know what let’s go ahead and put these boats to the test. Let’S, do it in the pool i’m i’m gon na go. Let let us know if you need anything at all Music. Are you ready i’m ready? Are you ready, daniel yeah i’m ready wait? How are we supposed to film this and send it to mr nice guy you’re right, you’re right, you’re right, oh wait! Wait! Is that rebecca, oh rebecca, hey, guys, wait so how’d the game master. Take it.

He didn’t take it! Well, you guys he was in shock. I don’t think he had any idea that kingpin his sister was gone. I feel really bad. Okay! Well, are these your boats, five dollars? 50.? Okay, you guys will we need to do this i’ll film it, so we can send it to mr nice guy and get that device. Okay, okay gamemaster network comment below who you think is going to have the best vote. The five dollar madi or the 50 daniel daniel is that is that my candy land pieces? No it’s! Not are you ready when you guys are whoa you’re floating? I didn’t even think you guys get to the middle okay. Wait. Are you you’re in the pool but she’s kind of floaty? Oh look at that it’s like if you want to be partially underwater that’s what i was going for. Okay, look: the wind’s taking my sand! That’S a sail yeah, oh no, no challenge is over. Clearly, i guess kind of daniel won, but i mean maddie is still staying up. Her hair hair’s barely wet. Look at my boat, my boat’s floating, okay, you know that’s just my rack, all right! Well, maddie’s, still floating i’m gon na send this video to mr nice guy and he’s gon na decide, which of you guys want set all right. Do you guys want to get out or are you gon na, hang out in there i’ll get out? I got ta dry, her off daniel that’s, not even a real arzy twin taper.

I got you going, okay master network did she escape? How did she escape? She was in handcuffs and she was tied up to his chair downstairs. I should have never given her a candy cane. Well, at least we still have the uh the books. The books are right here. The books are right here. Wait. The books are right here, they’re right here, not in there, oh, no all right game master network. I need to tell my best friends that i just messed up the queen of genesis. Escaped you guys, mr nice guy already got back to me. He just sent a message. Okay here it is congratulations. My client liked the five dollar book say what no come on. Daddy’S boo, you have yourself a deal, leave the boat out front and i will pick it up tomorrow and i will drop off the device. Applause, okay, okay, great news, yeah, great news: we got the device, some bad news, okay! Well, what is it? Books are gone. What how yeah the books are gone? How are the books gone mad, well, there’s, something in there. I have some more bad news. What your gems escapes! What happens? No! No! No! You cannot be serious. No, how look she’s gone? Why is there candy? What what did you do? What did you give her a candy cane that’s, how she escaped she used it in the handcuffs i know i know, oh god i know come on hold on what is this it’s from the rogue rhs, how to trap queen of gems in dollhouse and then there’s Numbers and it says, use the game master book to solve game master network.

I need you to subscribe to the rebecca zamolo channel click right here right now, because it looks like we’re gon na have to trap the queen of gems. If you have the game master network book use these numbers, they must mean something. I think it means words.