You want the show to press on screen press that press that press the thing on please. We have a lot to get through i’m, serious, okay, it’s, not funny congrats to all very, very brave games and updates coming out the week of digital e3. I salute you wave break out june 11th, it’s skateboarding, but wave runner is what what else needs to be said. Lumber hill looks pretty goofy june 13th you’re a logger and force creatures are trying to kick your uh happy meal ass up and down main street perfect. Perfect perfect premise for a party game huh and on june 15th, dead by daylight, is getting the resident evil update is friggin, nemesis and dead by daylight. What the heck pretty cool other stuff too! No lady d, Music – oh my god, digital e3 week – is here again it’s a weird one uh but we’re here to walk you through it and tell you sort of what to expect from every odd stream that’s happening over the weekend and beyond. Here is the very big and confusing e3 forecast for 2021. june 10th. We’Ve got these summer game fest kickoff. I am banking on eldon ring. Last year we put keely in gamer prison for saying alden ring on stage, but not showing off anything to do with it. This year he posted a gif of a panda climbing out of a cage, there’s clear evidence. He’S got he’s got it. He’S got elden ring.

We might actually see alden ring june 10th. Uh june 11th we’ve got netflix geek week, it’s continuing. What are we gon na? See here we don’t really know the big one that we’re hoping for is at least a peek at the witcher season. Two june 11th is also a coach. Is it kosh, kosh media ign expo? I probably signed up with a bunch of mid tier and indie developers and kind of just showing stuff that doesn’t have. You know a a big presence to attach or publisher, to attach themselves to and that’s what these shows are good for. Igen expo, who knows gon na be grab bag of video games from uh the international is it international gaming network don’t claim me guerrilla collective june 12th, a bunch of interesting indie games. Maybe some projects, you’ve heard of in the past reinvented and coming back ubisoft forward, is happening. June 12th we’re, definitely going to see rainbow six extraction, far cry 6 for sure. We’Ll see more of that dlc for other games. That already exist. Who knows ubisoft always always has some odd surprise. Maybe another nintendo spin off that we won’t get to play microsoft bethesda. This is gon na, be the really interesting one. On june 13th, that’s sunday, we’re gon na see starfield it’s, pretty heavily alluded to, and so many xbox teasers there was some key art used there. Finally, a new bethesda game uh pretty excited about that. Pretty excited about that fable, probably making a showing fingers crossed square enix, probably has some final fantasy stuff.

Maybe who knows uh, maybe some more tomb raider. That would be a surprise to me, but you know, tomb. Raider is still a highly recognizable name or spoken. Remember that game or look at that is dragon quest square ex. It is why didn’t, i know that i did know that odd, maybe some uh other interesting stuff and then also on june 13th, pc gaming show uh hosted by osabios i’m, not allowed to talk about it, uh and also june 13th. We have the future game, show exciting bunch of indie games are gon na, be showing there some stuff. We don’t know about uh it’s gon na be really fun capcom. On june 14th, monday they’re going to be talking about the future of monster. Underrise monster hunter stories. 2, which is going to be in pc. I have no idea what to expect from that series, but i hear it’s pretty fun. I would love to see resident evil revelations 3.. Otherwise, who knows Music and that’s it for this week in pc gaming? Obviously, an oddly placed episode. We want to get out ahead of the curve and uh hopefully inform you when everything is going to be happening and what we think is going to be there. Just a quick rundown go to for, like everything e3 we’re going to be uh working the weekend for y’all, so you can also check out the pc game or show not. The pc gaming show.

The pc gamer show is a podcast ios week, finder, where we subscribe to podcast this week. We are talking about some things i can’t talk about yet so uh, but it’s gon na be really interesting: e3, it’s, exciting and uh until next week.