A bold claim i teased it. I said i was going to do this in yesterday’s video, so today’s the day i purposely you know. I try to plan this out uh properly, where you know we get this video and then summer, game fest is a little bit later today, uh. So i want to talk about. I want to talk about. You know. We’Ve talked about like our expectations, our hopes and stuff, like that we’ll kind of leave that out. I want to talk about how i think that this could be a big event could be bigger than e3 kind of bash on e3, a little bit and go from there, but first before i get too far in this is very important. Honestly, this is the day. Obviously, summer game, fest and e3 unofficially kind of starts tomorrow, but in reality i guess it starts on saturday right um, but we’re gon na be covering it like mad. Okay on this channel so make sure sincerely that you guys are subscribed bell icon hit. The like button would definitely help the video out help spread it out, especially this video considering uh. You know the the live stream is in just a few hours and final thing. We are co streaming or i am just me: okay, i’m co streaming summer game fest in just a few hours on this channel, make sure you guys come back if you want to watch it live with me, uh my face will kind of be like in the Corner we’ll watch the live stream, all that good stuff it’s the first time, i’ve ever done a co stream for anything so uh, hopefully, it’s successful it’s, not if it’s, not successful, i’m gon na kind of be upset that’s.

Why i’m promoting it? Okay, uh twitter is gon na, be very important. Podcast now 15 links in the description i’ll be you know, tweeting out that i’m going live, that there’ll be videos. Some videos are not going to get notifications. I know i’m harping on this. All you know in the first like two minutes of the video, but just you know, i’ve covered it a ton. I think a lot of you guys know that i’m going to be continuing to cover it a ton, and i definitely want you guys here and so obviously following me and subscribing all that stuff very important, all right let’s get into it. So this is going to kind of be a bashing of e3, because it’s hard to say summer, game fest can be better or will be better or you know. However, you want to word it without going into what like, okay, so it’s kind of mean and, like i said, i love jeff keeley. I think he’s, a great guy passion all that stuff summer game fest is never going to be the greatest thing of planner. Okay, game awards is never going to be the greatest thing of planet earth. The sad thing is: e3 has fallen so far that it’s not hard to beat so an event like summer game fest, while not spectacular, now again credit where credits due. I gave him credit yesterday day before all this stuff. I do think this show is gon na be relatively big.

I don’t think it’s gon na be the greatest thing on planet earth, but if he does select game even just a couple of games that people think could be there, it could be outrageously, good. Okay, now granted e3 can be outrageously, good, it’s not impossible. However, e3’s done everything possible that they, you know, i guess everything in their own power to destroy themselves and um. You know, i’ve said this before we’ll probably do a video right after e3. Talking about it, you know it’s, like i get people like e3. I get people love you through. I love e3 too again, i’ve told the story like for years. Like 10 plus years ago, every single year i would get together. My friend i would get together with my cousin, too we’d have like a watch party we’d watch. All of these shows every day like for two days for three days, however long you know that specific e3 would be we’d watch all of them. It would be like an event, and that was before i did youtube now – it’s a different kind of event right, not necessarily better, not necessarily worse, but just kind of different right. I loved it. I love, and i mean simply from me, covering on the channel primarily games. I do movies as well, but definitely games is like the number one thing in the movies is easily number two, but i cover games and i love games and i don’t make it.

I mean i’m very honest with you guys i don’t make stuff up. I don’t you know do anything that you could accuse other youtubers of i don’t. I don’t do that kind of stuff right. I sincerely love game i’m. Like gaming journalist, i actually do love games and i play all sorts of different kinds of games. So, of course i love announcements, but, like you know, without rambling, too much i’m sure you guys want me to get to the point i mean ubisoft we’ve talked about it. Ubisoft has potential at e3, but in reality, it’s more likely than not that they’re gon na fail at e3, and i don’t like saying that look there’s a lot of people that spies ubisoft and you know for like okay there’s, a couple different factions of that right. Like allegations and stuff that’s happened in the company that’s one thing: i’m: not going to touch that i’m not going to go into that, but that definitely is like an issue that, if you’re against them for that reason, there’s really no fault there. Right then, there’s just people that just hate ubisoft hate ubisoft games and i don’t you know i i i don’t agree with that, but i completely understand where people are coming from and i have nothing wrong with you. Hating hating ubisoft, okay, i’m. Just not like that. Um, so i don’t hate ubisoft as much as everybody else seemingly on the internet is, but i do think that look like far cry we’ve already seen um prince of persia is not gon na, be there that pvp game that’s just a like a mix of all Of their ips put together like kind of cool, but really not like, can we just get a splinter cell game so like in reality? Ubisoft has potential to be big if they do like beyond good and evil 2.

If they do a new rayman game, splinter cell, they could destroy it, but in reality it’s – probably not going to be that way. Microsoft, bethesda there’s, the saving grace that one is probably going to be pretty darn good. The only thing, though, i guess disappoint people is like if they show halo and halo still doesn’t, look good that’s, not i mean that’s, just not good. Okay, if you show star field and it doesn’t. Look all that impressive and i don’t even think, like i’m excited for starfield. I think the issue with starfield is people think of it like up here and they’ve, just like everybody’s just so excited that if it’s like down here, even though this say is like amazing territory, they were expecting up they’re gon na freak out. You know what i mean so uh like that’s, a tough one too so, like i think, microsoft bethesda will be fine square enix, like the guardians game, will be cool to see for the first time, but if it’s, just the avengers again it’s not going to be That impressive, they’re showing life is strange, that’s important to me. I love life is strange, but it’s not that big to anybody else. Capcom to me the only thing is resident, evil, village dlc, most likely right, there’s monster hunter there’s other stuff. They’Re doing i know people are into that it’s just i’m, not take two gearbox that will be the new borderlands game.

They’Ll be the the marvel xcom game. We are gon na get things from e3. We are and it’s gon na be fun. It’S gon na be exciting to talk about i’m excited to live stream it if i’m allowed, as of when i’m recording this, i still don’t even know. If i can live stream, it make videos on it. I can definitely do that. Like i’m pumped, okay and again, announcements are announcements, and you know, because of the last year we’ve had where just games have been delayed and delayed and delayed i’m excited for any and all you know, i’m, not even gon, na get scarlet nexus. At the end of this month, i’m excited for it just because it’s a game that’s releasing and we’ve had some of those that have done it this year. But you get the sense of what i’m saying i’m just ex i’m just well i’m. An excited person in general, but i’m also, you know, excited for a lot of different things. So i’m, not saying e3 is gon na, be complete trash or garbage it’s possible. It is there’s. No doubt it’s, definitely possible. Okay, but uh it’s. You know it’s not a guarantee it’s, not a guarantee, as i said i think summer, game fest under the right circumstances, showing elden ring showing one of lego, star wars or hogwarts legacy or gotham. Even just one. One of those three okay would be huge um. You know they’re gon na be the ones announcing the borderlands game like later today.

We’Ll see the new borderlands spin off before they get to do it at e3 and that’s. The thing as i’ve said, with jeff keely, which is a little just like i’ve kind of gone at him, a little bit in like a more joking or poking way, where it’s like he tends to do stuff, that’ll just reappear later, which is not actually a dis On him, it’s actually more of a dis on the future ones, because they’re letting him get the first scoop almost you know what i mean kind of basically, where it’s like okay jeff, you get to show borderlands and then we’ll go two days later and show it Again, but show it a little bit differently and announce more stuff, like we’ll, probably do more than you will, but you get. The first reveal, which is arguably better, like it’s, a bigger and better thing to do that so i’m. Actually, it’s, not even a criticism of jeff keely it’s, more of like he’s kind of smart in that way, um but that’s the thing that’s. What actually can hurt e3 is that a lot of the stuff jeff keeley does could reappear at e3, but the impact like the like the shininess of it is gone because we are like you know what i mean like that. That first reveal is a big thing and you’re never going to get that again and even like reach like elden ring, seeing it after all this time for jeff keely or from jeff keely is going to be a different feeling than seeing it at jeff keely, and Then, four days later or three days later, seeing it at their own bandai, namco’s presentation, right, it’s, just it’s, not gon na feel the same.

So i think, because of almost him, he hurts e3 as well and again besides, even like he’s hurting e3, which i have no problem with right. Competition is actually a good thing and then e3 is just hurting themselves, really not having a clue what they’re doing not having a grasp on like they want here’s. What i think of uh, think of e3 and we’ll talk about this. You know next week when e3 is over as well, but just to give you guys a hint e3 seems to me like and it’s. Technically, the esa e3 is just the name, but they want almost like to control all these publishers and say: okay, we want you, we want you, we want you almost like you, don’t have a choice like you have to participate. Obviously you don’t have to right. You cannot like sony is not doing it. Ea is not doing it, but, like then they’re like well, you know what you’re gon na have kind of freedom. In fact, we don’t even know which, day and time half of you are going, even though we’re the week before e3, even though right now we’re a few days before, and we still don’t have times for some of the the shows of our own conference. This has never happened before ever and i think it’s because it’s just my personal theory or opinion, i feel like the publishers. Don’T want to do it, and – and is it because of what i say where it’s like i don’t like announcements back to back to back, where they kind of overshadow each other.

I honestly think that’s a part of it. I don’t think that’s like the biggest reason, but i think they see it too, where it’s like we can just do our own thing. Whenever, however, we want, we don’t need you and that’s and that’s. What e3 is right now it’s like well we’ll participate, but we don’t really want to so we’re gon na kind of like not even announce things you know before it and then, when it happens, we may not even have a big show, because maybe we’re planning a Show like later in the summer or in the fall, or we just really don’t want to be here, but we’re almost forced against our will to be here, not all of them, but some of them that’s what it feels like that’s, truly what it feels like and Uh that’s, not what it feels like with jeff keeley, with jeff keeley summer game fest or with game awards, even though they’re, maybe not the greatest things, it really feels like people want to participate like he goes to them and asks. But he also also said he gets asked by like some of them are a lot smaller games, but he gets asked by publisher developer. Probably like just non stop, hey, can we be there? Hey? Can we be there and he has to uh? You know shoot a lot of them down now again. Is he shooting like sony down? Is he shooting big time companies no he’s, mainly shooting like smaller ones, down because there’s other small ones that uh that are fighting for it? So you know to me again: i’m excited for both don’t.

Take it the wrong way. You know alex is like an e3 hater. I guess i am. I am an e3 hater, but i’m gon na, be you know, i’m gon na be supporting it in the way that i’m covering it. So i guess i am technically supporting it right i’m ready for it. Videos live streams, hopefully all that stuff it’s. Just i don’t. I don’t see the need for e3 again we’ll talk about it next week. I think e3 should just die. I thought that last year about that two years ago. I thought that for a while – and i think this is a really good showing why we don’t need e3, we could do summer, game, fest and just publishers can go on their own. I get that’s what last year was supposed to be and it didn’t work and everybody’s like oh see, that’s why we need e3. We need some sort of organization to organize it because they but it’s like well. That was like three months after the world shut down and nobody was really ready and nobody could go. I think, in a normal summer, next year, if there’s, no e3 let’s say and publishers just went, i think it’d be a lot more organized. I think summer, game fest would be cool like in big as well, but, like publishers would go whenever they want june july august, weekly bi weekly there’d always be a show on okay, and it would be under their own terms.

I think it would be better for everybody, but again we’ll talk about that next week. So let me know guys in the comments below what do you think do you think summer game fest is gon na be better or worse than e3 2021, as always make sure you guys are subscribed bell icon turn on follow me over on twitter podcast. Now 15. Is my twitter handle again very important? I would, i would argue, it’s just my opinion, but uh. You know again: we’re gon na be live streaming summer game fest today, okay, it’s at 11 a.m. Pacific time i believe, i’ll go live like 15 minutes before we’ll get everybody in there and we’ll get going. Okay, i’ll be reacting to it. I’Ll shut up when we like see the trailers and stuff like that, but you know we’ll be reacting to it live okay! So i really hope to see you guys back on the channel in just a few hours, i’ll be tweeting it out the live stream link and all that stuff.