Music is Music. All falls away in time, Music, goodbye to all the plans that we make no contracts. I am free to do as i may. No hunger, Music, Music, good Music, they’ve gone Music to farewell to all the earthly remains no burdens. No Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, the weight of the world Music all falls away: Music inside Music, hello day of the devs 2021. I am daryn korb, and this is ashley barrett, hello and today we’re, going to sing some songs for you from hades the latest game from supergiant games, and this is actually our, i think, it’s my fourth, maybe our third time together playing day of the devs crazy. So you know nobody’s keeping track but i’m pretty sure that’s a record for the most times. Anybody’S played day of the devs i’m happy to be here, uh, albeit virtually hopefully next year or the next time, it’ll be in person uh. So i’m gon na do a little magic trick right now, i’m going to tune my guitar just by snapping my fingers i’m going to snap, but then my guitar will be perfectly in tune for the next song ready here we go see now. My guitar is in tune and i can play the next song – perfect uh, so that last song was called good riddance, and this next song is called lament of orpheus. You ready, ashley, ready, darren, okay let’s. Do it Laughter, Music Music to see my love beside me, Music is that she may rise.

Music is Music Music, Music Applause, drownings don’t, look back, don’t, look back, don’t, look! Don’T, look back Music! All right! Thank you very much for having us again day of the devs 2021 we’re happy to be here, and we just have one more song for you all today, but uh hope you like it. I think you’ll like it. It is also from hades, but for this one i’m going to do an even more impressive magic trick where i’m going to snap my fingers and then instead of a guitar i’ll, be holding an entirely different instrument, i’ll be holding a bazooky. So here we go ready. Oh, my goodness, how did that happen? Holding an entirely different instrument now that’s, amazing? Okay? This is our last song, uh it’s a pleasure to be able to play for people, albeit virtually thank you for having us again, uh and we’re gon na play in the blood Music Music Music. Three, our lives Music, oh Music, oh in your life, Music Applause. Who cares when you’re Music Music is Music? You your dearest skin Music, it’s, oh Music, in the blood Music Applause, Music, the games and online harassment hotline is a text message based anonymous and confidential emotional support hotline and it’s created specifically for the gaming community, because we’re gamers and creators, and we want to help Each other, so how does it work? Well, you text us and we listen. Our hotline is 100 anonymous. We can talk about anything you need to, and only what you want to the games and online harassment hotline is an inclusive resource for anyone, no matter how you identify.

If you feel that you need emotional support, you can start right now by texting.