Finally, getting more and more pieces to the apple watch series 7 puzzle plus there’s, some more airpods pro 2 stuff and macbook pro chatter, so let’s just get right into it and the apple watch has, you know, hit a little bit of a plateau from a feature Standpoint, i still haven’t updated mine since the series 4, and it is still one of my favorite apple products of all time hands down, but what might be coming for? The apple watch series 7 this year well et news claims. The apple watch series 7 will feature a new health sensor, bringing blood glucose monitoring via an optical sensor for the very first time, and it would be a non invasive optical sensor to measure your blood sugar levels to help manage conditions like diabetes. Now. This is huge because worldwide there’s, an estimated 463 million people that are diagnosed with diabetes today, compare that to 33 million people suffering from atrial fibrillation that the current ecg monitor can help detect. Now this could be another feature that makes the apple watch an even more essential device. If this new glucose sensor works well enough apple currently sells this one drop, chrome, blood, glucose monitoring, kit that still requires you to draw blood for an accurate measurement. This rumored glucose sensor, won’t, require you to draw any blood at all. Now apple has already been granted patents around glucose monitoring. They have a dedicated team of specialists working on sensors for non invasive blood, sugar level, monitoring and even ceo tim cook was spotted testing a glucose monitor connected to his apple watch.

Just a few years ago now, it’s expected that the samsung galaxy watch 4. That will also get a sensor like this of its own, but it’s. The apple watch that’s, really the world’s best selling smart watch and it has a whole lot more room to grow because nearly 75 of apple watch customers bought one for the very first time. According to apple’s recent earnings report that’s just huge, and it shows that apple watch sales are far from slowing down. Even if current owners, like me, you know, are hoping for more from the series seven, especially this year. Now i even did my own poll during apple’s time flies event last year and most of you who are watching. I know that you’re pretty deep into the apple ecosystem, well out of over 550 responses. I asked if you owned an apple watch in which one you can see this breakdown for yourself, but 25.4 percent of respondents said i don’t own one yet, which indicates that they’re planning on possibly getting one in the future and that’s a whole lot of potential growth. Even from existing apple users, now there have been rumors of new micro led displays in a future apple watch. That would be a thinner display and more power efficient and even a rumored, larger screen size option coming the lineup. I would love that potentially solid state buttons, with haptic feedback on the side and even a touch id sensor on the digital crown right over here to unlock the watch without a passcode.

But none of it has been reported as a confirmed feature for the apple watch series 7.. So if you’re an apple watch, user that’s been looking to upgrade like me, i know you’re anxious i mean what feature would make you upgrade. What do you want to see like what would really make you pull the trigger look put in the comments, so i can read it when i’m shaving my legs come on. I don’t really do that. Do i, but if you want a new feature, you don’t have to wait. Apple recently released a new feature called time to walk that’s inside the workout app. It features audio stories from 4 celebrities like the iconic, dolly parton or nba champion from the golden state warriors draymond green. Now you can listen to them with connected air pods or power beats. While you go on a walk through the workout app it’s additional content to bring more value, but if you don’t care about the celebs, you probably won’t care about the content. This is just a start, but apple will need to grow this library of content regularly and diversify it quickly for people to really care about it. Now, you’ll also need an update to watch os 7.3 on your supported apple watch with wireless earbuds or headphones. That connect. Your watch and then have an active apple fitness plus subscription to check it all out, there’s. Also, a few other new features in watch os 7.

3. The ecg app and irregular heart rhythm notifications on apple watch, series 4 or later is now available in countries like japan. The philippines, thailand and others apple’s also releasing a limited edition apple watch series, six inscribed with black unity and a black unity sportban. It will be available february 1st in the us for ‘9 and in 38 countries. You can also purchase the sport ban for ‘ separately. Now watch os 7.3 also adds a new unity watch face that’s inspired by the colors of the pan african flag, the shapes on it are going to change throughout the day as you move and then complement the new watch release. Alright, thanks to morningbrew for sponsoring this video before i signed up for morningbrew, i would just aimlessly go through my twitter feed or hop on a few sites to start my day, but i don’t have to anymore morning. Brew is a free, daily newsletter. Every monday to saturday that puts the most important news up front and gets me up to speed in about five minutes. It delivers the news, in short, form articles that are witty and relevant. While giving me the info that i need you won’t, find long drawn out. Writing here and it’s great for people who want the most important details morning brew broke down the four theories for me that might have contributed to the gamestop stock explosion. Plus i had no idea how ivy league schools are now drowning in admissions during the pandemic.

There is no reason not to subscribe to morning brew if you’re interested in business, finance or tech like me, it’s completely free and takes less than 15 seconds to subscribe click. The link in the description below to subscribe to morning brew today, all right let’s get back into it and apple had another record setting quarter for the first fiscal quarter of 2021, which corresponds to the fourth quarter of 2020, which is october to december. Now they reported 111.4 billion dollars of revenue and 28.8 billion dollars of profit. The iphone 12 lineup was a huge part of that making up 59 of their total revenue at number two apple services at 14, which is a surprise honestly and then bunched together. You have wearables home and accessories that made up 12 percent of revenue, while the ipad and the mac product lines both made up eight percent on their own, and it just shows you how far apple services have become a crucial part of their business. But i like to look inside that 12 slice, where the airpods are because, according to strategy, analytics apple is just absolutely dominating the global wireless headset market. The true wireless stereo bluetooth headset market, grew by almost 90 last year: okay, 90, with total sales of over 300 million units and who’s the biggest piece of that pie. Well, you guessed it it’s apple, and you know they don’t release specific sales numbers here. But if you look closely apple makes up about what 40 or just under 40 of the entire market right now, the number two player xiaomi that looks like about what one fourth, the size of apple number three is samsung number four is huawei, and we know that Competition is getting stronger and prices are going down across the industry, while apple keeps their price at the apple price, but apple’s still expected to keep its lead.

We do know that that slice of the pie will get smaller with stronger competition coming in 2021, but apple plans on holding them off based on a digit times report that says the second generation of airpods pro are planning to be released by apple within the first Half of this year and we’ve heard early reports from bloomberg that apple has been trying to make the new airpods pro smaller, with a more compact design. That could mean eliminating the stems that stick out on the bottom. I know some of you think that they are iconic. Um i’ve always thought they’re ugly, and i prefer that just cleaner galaxy buds and buds pro design with just that rounder shape. I just like it clean like that, but we also have to see if they can make a design that keeps the left airpod pro in my ear, when i talk for extended periods of time, because that thing keeps getting loose and popping out – and i know that I’M, not the only one. You are too now other than improved, sound and then better mic clarity. I think they’ve really packed as much as they can look. We got spatial audio and handoff, which have been two amazing additions that were just over the air software updates and earlier reports from makko takara targeted april as the release month. So we’re just gon na have to wait and see and since we’re sticking with audio, i must have totally just missed this, but apple’s airpods max ear cushions are now available to purchase.

If you want to make sure you have replacements, or unless you know you just want to floss with a new color combination, which i do now, they won’t come cheap at 69 per pair. But if you order them now, the white and black ear cushions will arrive on february 3rd and 4th if you’re going for red or blue or green those have an 8 to 10 week waiting time on them all right, let’s be honest apple. Did you only make like 10 units of each of these for the colored cushions, because you know what that’s a sad apple and you know what we know? There is just so much hype and energy around the upcoming mac lineup for 2021, because a while back, we had heard apple was granted patents for developing methods to make a matte black metal finish for a future macbook pro well, a new filing found by patently apple Adds a new metal to this rumor with filing titled titanium parts having a blasted surface texture now in this filing apple says, the current anodized aluminum used on macbooks and ipads is not as hard or as durable as titanium, but the hardness of titanium makes it very Difficult to etch and can be aesthetically unattractive, so this patent describes how they could blast etch and use a chemical process to give the titanium body a more attractive appearance and then potentially other future apple products like iphones or apple watches, alongside of ipads and macbooks.

Now the goal is to give it a distinctive surface finish that diffuses and reflects visible light to make it look different than any other conventional titanium part, but let’s not also forget, for all you, young ones out there, that apple used to have a titanium macbook pro In the past, for their powerbook geforce, now the only product that might employ some of these techniques that they’re talking about to give it this nice finish that we could see on a future macbook pro or other devices, is the current apple watch edition, with a titanium Casing now, like all patents, it doesn’t mean that this is happening, but you know it’s a fun look inside at how apple is thinking about their future products, all right, that’s gon na. Do it for this video. If you like, what you see give me that thumbs up subs up and hit that notification bell to get all my videos when they drop, and if you want more more and more, you can check out my apple bits, xl audio podcast, to get the latest deep Dive with all these stories and new ones every week with special guests, but thanks so much for watching – and i will see you next time – take everybody – be safe.