That’S code x2. Twins, if you want to support us, okay, so first things. First, oh the names are purple. Oh look up! Ah that thing is that thing is massive bro all right, let’s go first game. We got a copper dub come on first game season, seven, where are the ufos, though? Oh i got a henchy chest. Okay, so henchy chess are in the game. What’D you get uh two bigs and a blue smg. Oh there’s, a there’s, a weird looking car, but there is so much going on right now this guy’s in a turret on red. You have! Oh, you are joining me in the cop he’s. Shooting me: no! No! No! No it’s! Gon na abduct me. What is it doing? What is going on bro? Oh god, this one he’s one, okay, wolf chasing me let’s, take the wolf out i bought. I just got sniped. What funny, why are you buying him? Well, snipers are uh. Snipers are back at ufo chase no someone’s standing on it, i’m running we’re getting chased by ufo. What is this there’s three ufos just flying around lazy? Okay? So how do we get one’s falling one’s falling? Can we get it jesse? What that guy’s? Getting? What what? Why is it just ufos i’m, so confused wait. Should i be scared? Oh god’s, on on me, i got ta launch i’m. Launching on me help me he’s, getting abducted i’m going i’m going for a play again and hope for the best.

Oh, i see uh. I see the i o guard, uh yep. Let me just kill you wait this guy’s an ak. I have a uh, oh god, the io guards are back. I have a rail gun. I think this is the one that shoots through bill someone’s in the turret over there. Okay. What is that? What just happened? That’S me that’s me shooting what yeah i’m going on this thing. What is this uh? What oh it’s a jump? It’S, a launch pad there’s an npc here, oh it’s, it’s rick, and he sells nuts and bolts. I want to try and use this rail gun. Is this? What is this? Oh? This? Is this thing? Oh i got it. I got a recon scanner. I’M gon na use it. I see it let’s, try this wow well that’s satisfying. So i think this is like a sniper rifle dude. Look at this thing: a recon scanner. Well, i’m gon na buy a pump from a vending machine. Yeah i mean all right there. Jesse there are three floating ufos above lazy, yeah. Yeah, look, look, look they’re, io guards. I think. Okay, there are aks in the game as well. By the way i’ll i’ll take a damn ak all right, i guess we’re just trying to shoot the ufo down. Oh, my 200 damage it’s shooting us watch out. Oh, i need him. 170 shields he’s down he’s down he’s down. Oh my god. Can we get it? What is going on? I broke it.

I broke it. It’S broken. Can i get in it’s about to blow up? I think no okay there’s a it’s healing a trespass i’m getting abducted. Wait, wait i’m getting up to josie. What do i do give it back? What do i do? It’S taking me to the mother ship? Oh, oh, wait! How did you get it wait? Oh, i got a ray gun. What are you doing? I got you bro. I’M. The ray gun? Kids. Oh, wait! Let me know your phone hang on there’s your phone there. No, i got you bro. I got you stop. I got you john. If you don’t. Let me down right now. Let go of me. Please, okay, fly! Wait! I want to test the uh the guns on this. If i just shoot at that, that’s, okay, all right let’s, just let’s go ufo let’s, find it let’s fight it. This is going to be horrible for medic. Oh, you know what’s an actual player i’m stopping i’m swapping. Do it free gun? Oh my god wait! This is a beam okay, i’m, going to boost close to him, switch c and i’m going to damn charge rifle his ass Music hit them both 90.. I have broken your phone i’m pushing i’m pushing. Where is he there? He is there. He is where shoot him? 30., wait like it. It sends him as well. He’S out, hey i’ve got you but john stop doing that it’s. So annoying stop! Ah i’ve got a damn crate.

Wait i’ve got a rock. What did we do with it? Okay over here there’s someone over here drop drop it on him drop it off. Oh my god! Oh my. I think i almost just killed him. Oh my god. It breaks 450 full damage. Oh, why are we just lighting them off? Yeah yeah go go dirty! Oh no, wait what happens if i pick him up 30.. I just knocked someone with a grade. What there’s another one another one wait! Wait you can just no! No! This is not okay. What are you doing? No. This is not okay, hi chuck. You reckon they’re enjoying season seven. Let me grab him because i sure am wait. I’M getting shot at i’m him jesse. I have him. Okay, uh, wait! Yeah! Let me swap and kill him ray got him what dude? What is happening? Oh you idiot don’t get out of the ufo, while you’re in the air come on you’re involved all right, let’s leave the ufo ready yeah. I have a mythic pulse rifle, so i want to go. Try this thing out. Also, apparently, this shoots through builds i’m. Getting involved, oh wait: okay, go on take the wall; okay, so it’s literally like a stark rifle the new mythic. Oh, so you so with nuts and bolts, you can go from a spaz to a lever action shoddy i’m. Not trying to do that right now, because i’m, more of the spaz fan but hold up.

Let me break on him through the builds, i think it’s mine, oh my god, crack dude. Let me try. Let me try. Leave him. Yep alrighty ready i’m gon na hit one tap i’m gon na one tap in. Can we just test this real quick? I want to see if it goes through. It goes through. Oh no, it goes through. I really just want to hit it fat, headshot, okay. 89. To the body, wait, okay, so this guy’s on the drop let’s see if this hits them. No, it doesn’t i’m, pretty sure it doesn’t damage. Three builds wait upgrade what there’s an upgrade bench. What does it cost? Gold gold so upgrade benches, are back in the game. Now as well, oh my what, though, come on mate. You want the mythic. What is this thing even called sloan rifle, i guess, enjoy mate all right. This one’s white can you i got ta god, damn all right, jordan. I haven’t said this in a while, but you want to launch out. I mean yeah they’re, fighting they’re fighting come on jesse mate. Look up the first season. 7. 38. Wait! Let me try and charge rifle this guy wow. What the i have! No idea! What’S going on, i want to get it to one guy and then try and finish the game with the ufo. Like i pick him off. Cracked him come on. Mate enjoy wait one guy, one guy, okay, jesse get the ufo i’m getting the ufo.

You abduct and then i snipe him out of the air. I got this. Get him come on. Get him yes, hold him still hold him still wait. Wait just leave him. Leave him. I’Ve got him he’s, shooting me what what uh, what what happens now um so uh. Can you drop him? How you doing lara you? Are you enjoying new season? Seven fortnight because yeah, i am oh um. Well, where he lived, got him. Okay, wait: wait, wait and steady, steady he’s, countering us yeah and go up. Oh, he keeps breaking my damn ufo wait for! Oh well, i actually look pretty cool. Well, there is your first season, seven job. I i guess i have no idea.