Seven, and let me just say right now guys this season is actually a banger. It has seriously been such a long time since we’ve had a good season, and i can confidently say that this season is gon na be insane, and if you guys haven’t already gotten the battle pass, please be sure to use someone’s creator code. It helps them out a lot. It doesn’t have to be mine, but i mean hey if you want to use mine, that would be pretty cool code zd in the item shop. If you guys want to help support me and my ‘ children anyways. I hope you guys enjoy the video i’m so ready to start pumping out some content on this season. I’Ll see you guys in my next video i’m out peace, hey yo, what the yo this guy is taking my fit look at this guy bro. Let him have it bro that thing’s ugly yo, chill bro i’m dripping out right now wrong. All right! Wait where, where are we going, let’s go bony let’s, try that tony all right, i don’t think i ever actually landed here. To be honest, i don’t think i i don’t think i’ve ever landed here either i don’t care where we go. Bro yo, look above you what the bro. Where did that call? Where did that come from yo? No for real? Where did that come from? I didn’t see that on the box bro i was looking at this tiny ufo and i was like ha ha ufo and i looked up and boom.

What is that bro? I got a chest down here. All right give me something good baby, ufos, oh what the i’m already dead, bro you’re trash bro is them tears, bro all right, louis, these lobbies. These lobbies are a little intense right now. I think we got ta. Take this a little serious. You know what you’re talking to right: you’re talking to a summer, skirmish participant, a false facts: facts it’s not like i’m, the one that died anyways, but all right i’m, going to the front door i’m going to the front door. You got the launch pad. Oh whites, launchpads are back yeah they’re back bro. The game feels so bad. The game feels so bad right. Now, all right come on in this house right here. You yeah they’re right here, nah yo get him get him. Oh, what the hell’s right next to me, this gets here bro! These kids are some turkeys. Look at this! Oh my gosh! Wait what the! What is that? What is that hold up? Yeah shoot it down here or something i want to see what it does. What what oh it’s a sofa dart it’s, a recon dirt, bro boy, what’s going on my god! Wait! You just revealed him! Oh it showed him. Oh, my god! Yo look! Wait! What yo! That thing is op. What the oh! No! How far is it gon na? Take you louie? Oh look that kid’s getting sucked come here come here, we’re taking the new launch, oh that’s, so fire oh i’m, flying baby yo.

This is sick, open that up yo he’s, a he’s, a spring turkey, oh he’s, a big turkey, oh my god, later, but Music, all right! Oh! No! No! No! No! Why is it still here? Can i drive it no way? We are the aliens now wait. Can you shoot it? What yo 10 000 likes right now, we’ll, kidnap streamers, on ufos, i swear to god, get him get him: he’s 30 white, 30. White, 30 white. I don’t know how to lick his knuckles i’m gon na jump in the water suck them suck them off. Louie wait, wait pause. Did you blow up their car? Oh my god. Yo you killed him with it. Oh, what can i do with them? No you’re mine bro. That is ridiculous. I just killed somebody hold on. Let me let me try this thing out. How do i fly this thing? Oh yeah, i cracked them. I cracked them. Oh, my goodness. I am the alien. I oh there’s, a deagle. I got a deagle, oh no, the old zd’s back, oh my god, i’m getting sniped at oh. This is scary. You can’t get headshot sniped again hit him 52 white knocked out. Oh the deagle king is back. Let his teammate poke his little head out. I’Ll. Take it clean off, come here, buddy come here: buddy, hey this guy’s! Taking my thirst: 52 cracks! Oh 24, 37 there’s one shot deagle! Oh baby, he’s out of here, hey yo, louie louie! You see that frog laid a bot.

Oh my goodness, careful! This guy has to be down here. Oh what the where’d he go. Bro this guy jumped out the window, cracked him knocked careful, the kid there’s another kid in here somewhere. I hear him. Oh, you know what this is the job for. Oh no! This is a job for a boat baby, there’s, no way he’s so upset oh he’s, about to be even more mad. I got infinite ammo in this. Yes, Applause. Where are you building to buddy you’re, not going nowhere? I just pooped on him. Bro! Oh let’s! Go! Oh there’s a kid over there over there. Oh, we know exactly where you are buddy: oh, my god, lou you’re, going in you’re on demon mode, wait, wait! Wait! Big white, oh baby! That’S a deal to the dome, wait, there’s a kid in the zone 52. It says i can crash 104: oh my god, you’re nuts, with the deagle let’s go oh 146 meters in the bush. I hit him. 72. 103. got him. Is there another one? 45? 45 white? I got him. Let’S go there’s kids. Over there, too. We can launch pad on them. Oh what the this thing’s back, wait. What a rail gun! Oh let’s, go, launch pad right here: land up top land up top action. Oh my god! He’S white go get him louie! Is it 80. all right? Louie? We got to go to zone there’s. Only two kids left louis, oh right down here on the roof, no way look at him: 55.

. Oh, no, oh Music! Bro! You almost just lost the game. Did you almost die too? I have six hp i’m pulling up diggle baby. We know exactly where they are. Oh, i hit them 78. Cracked. Well, i can’t see i’m in a tree, nice guy. All right. We got ta move together here, louis we’re, going for the pickaxe baby. Where is this guy don’t worry i’ll find them 48. I just i just hit him 48 shield well to be very careful he’s going to try to suicide bomb us. I got him on the ground. He blew himself up. He blew he gave up and blew himself up no way.