Seven is finally here. If you guys enjoyed this video, please be sure to spam. The like for season. Seven hype drop us up. If you guys are new anyways enjoyed the video boys. Oh, my god, baby look at the map. The spawn island looks so different dude. I know chavez. This is actually crazy, like what is going on over here. Why are there like? 12 satellites? Oh my god, look baby the bolt action sniper’s back in the game too. Oh yeah, i just realized yo that’s, actually so fire. Finally, the snipers are back. Dude let’s go. This is sick, hey we can finally hit trick shots again, yeah. I know you’re right, shoppies dude, i miss snipers so much. This is gon na be so sick. I just opened my map and yo i’m. Not gon na lie a couple things look kind of different dude, like some of the name locations are like glowing up in purple, that’s, actually so cool baby. We have to go to the middle of the map. That’S, the new location yeah, i know you’re right shoppies, we have to go to the middle map like we literally just have to go, see what’s over there, hey man, if you guys, are hyped for the season dude. Do me a huge favor and just spam. The like button man, it’s literally free just show me that you boys are hyped. Oh my god take it’s purple. Look at the map dude, i know baby that’s, actually so cool the middle of the map is purple now like what that looks.

So sick dude, not only that there’s like glowing red things across the entire map, like there’s, a glowing red thing over there there’s another one there like dude. What is going on there’s, so much glowing red thing: oh my god, turkey, the purple, is so pretty yeah. I know shelbys it’s actually so pretty like this is so sick, dude, like i’m, so hyped for the new season. I kind of want to explore this little new building over here, like i’ve, never seen this before, like what’s going on in here. It just seems like a regular little building. Oh my god. Great attacks are back in the game. What that’s so cool? Oh my god, techy look up in the sky stravies. What are you talking? Oh my god yo. That, actually, just scared me wait what there’s an entire ufo in the sky. What is going on dude, yo i’m. Actually scared. Now, i’m, not gon na lie baby. What, if that sucks us up, and we die okay strawberries? That is not gon na happen. What are you talking about baby tucky? You never know that could happen. I mean yeah. I guess you’re right, shabbies, okay, yo, wait hold up baby come over here. What is this little thing right here, i’m. Actually, so lost wait. Should i touch it i’m. Looking scared! Wait baby, let me try to touch it. First, all right go ahead. Shall we touch it touch it touch it i’m, so low? Oh, it just gave me some alien aircrafts.

What is that? Oh, my god, dude they added launch pads back to the game dude. Oh finally, let’s go. We got some more movement in the game, dude i’m, so hyped and they added back the heavy assault. Rifle too dude let’s go man. Let’S go i’m, not gon na lie. Techy i’m really liking. This season already yeah same strawberries like this season, is looking like a w i’m. Not gon na lie it’s, looking like a fat w right now, oh by the way guys i forgot to mention this. I am going to be giving away the battle pass to 10. Lucky people who sub to the channel and spam the like button, all right after you subbed and spam, the like button go down in the comments and comment down your epic names, i’m, going to be adding 10 random people and i’ll just gift. You guys. The battle pass, i got you boys, i got you boys, oh my god, techy pull your map and look at that diamond thing. Chubby’S. What are you talking about? What the oh, my god, i see, yo we should go there. Shall we let’s go over there that actually looks so sick? Okay, thank god, dude pumps are still in the game: that’s a w bro. We will take that we’ll. Take that any day you know. Instead of running there, baby let’s just use the launch pad. Oh here we go dude. I missed these dude it’s been forever.

Finally, we get launch pads back. Oh my god. Look it’s a diamond! Oh my god. Wait there’s a chest inside wait! No way, can we break it? Oh wait! Wait what just happened! Yo! Let me in bro, can i open it please yo what is going on? Oh, i broke it. I broke it baby. I think you have to keep hitting it. I think you’re right wait. What is going on dude strawberries help me hit it baby help me hit it. Oh my god, you hit it, you did it you, cracked, it wait hit it again. Oh my god, i think we’re about to break it’s, dropping, i think, we’re about to break it. What is going on, dude hit the other side come on chubby. We got to break this thing. We got to break this thing. It’S literally almost broken baby come on come on. Oh my god. Oh my god. What is he doing? We broke it. Baby dude! It gave us a bunch of loot. Oh desert eagles, are back in the game. Let’S go that’s, so funny, techy, that’s, honestly so cool yeah. I agree dude that was actually so sick. Oh, my god. Look baby it’s a new assault rifle! Oh, my god, a pulse rifle. I need to test this gun. I need to test it’s gon na hold up. Oh my god. It zooms in super super slow dude wait hold up. How much does it shoot for? Oh, my god, it shoots kind of slow, but i feel like it’s gon na, do a lot of damage.

I need to test this out. We need to find somebody also techie, look there’s a thing called nuts and bolts yeah. I just seen that wait. What does this do? Oh, you can build stuff with it. Okay, that makes sense wait. I can build a lever action. Shotgun, yo, there’s, actually, no way hold up hold up, there’s no way right now. This is so yo. This season has a w. I don’t even care this season is a fat dub techie look there’s a person over there test the new ar on him. I better i’m testing it shopping. How much does it shoot for oh 30? Oh yo, that’s, low key kind of garbage i’m. Not gon na lie, i feel like the normal ar is better yeah like this. This shoots way faster and it hits for like three less damage: yeah the normally. I is way better than the pulsar. If i’m dropping this gun, dude wait: ticky there’s two more new items over here. What is the rail gun? Okay, wait hold up. That sounds interesting. Wait. What does this do wait? Why dude? This looks like a missile way. I’M. Shooting this there’s no way wait. Hold up – oh my god, yo this gun looks so powerful techy. What does this one? Do? I have no idea let’s test it let’s test it. Oh, i see a kid all the way over there, i’m gon na shoot it right at him. Shabby’S! Oh, my god.

We, what wait it just marked him on the map, yo, that is fire that is so sick. Oh i’m tagging this kid up come here. Buddy hit him for 20, 20, again bro. This guy has to die. He keeps building on me techy. We should push that kid and try to find him yeah i’m down dude let’s. Do it baby let’s? Do it yo? I just realized strawberries. I’M. Pretty sure this is a brand new car. I don’t think this was in the game before it kind of looks cool. It looks like an undercover cop car bro. Oh my god, take a look. How pretty this is yeah. I know that that’s, so fire dude the map is such a w bro. I am so hyped for the season. I’M. Not gon na lie. Oh tekken is vending machines. No way wait. Why? Okay, this looks fine wait. Can we use it? Oh, you can buy big shield potions, no way, dude that’s, so sick. I feel like this game is slowly turning back into the old fortnite yeah. I agree bro, like i have, i kind of have a feeling. Dude i feel like tilted towers, is gon na eventually come back dude. Maybe i see a guy right on me. I’M gon na test this new gun on him come here buddy, oh no! I missed. I got ta clap this kid come on. Bro he’s right over here, hit him for 18. he’s getting lasered.

Oh he’s, one shot got him easy claps. I see another one right on me. Dude. I want to test the pulse rifle on him. I’M testing, his shoppies. Oh, my god, wait hold on i’m charging it up. No, i missed dude come on bro die dude. I hit his car. No wait. Oh this kid has to get smoke. Come here, bro baby. I see a guy right on me. Oh no, he has a shotgun. Oh, my god, i hit him for 40. 38. let’s go baby, good job shaw, because you’re going off look. They need to turn no way. You can shoot it too yo. This is so fire what i am so hyped right now, bro. What is going on this is this is so sick. Wait, there’s like a launch pad thing over here. We hold up shops, i’m gon na hit this thing i don’t know what it does, but i’m gon na try hitting it. Oh it’s, just a normal launch pad. Okay, that’s fire that’s fire dude. I just found a ufo wait. What i just literally just want a ufo shabbys there’s people right next to it, so be careful, be careful! Oh i’m! Gon na clap. This kid come here. Bro come here. Thirty one white he’s dead, strappies. I got him easy club. I see another kid right on me too: it’s a face sway skin, oh he’s, getting clobbed too let’s go i’m getting in the ufo i’m driving the ufo tacky pick me up baby get in shrubbys, get in i’ll pick you up right! Now we, oh my god, how do you drive this thing? Bro it’s, so hard i’m on the ufo took you look dude.

This is so cool. I don’t even know how to drive this thing. I’M, not going to lie travis. I don’t even know what i’m doing i’m shooting at them: shoppies i’m shooting at them baby. Oh, i just hit him for 30.. We got ta jump out. We got ta jump no i’m dead, chubby’s! Oh baby! You got ta help me. You got ta help me! No sharpies, oh my god, are you kidding me: did we actually just die dude come on baby no baby, i didn’t mean to jump out strawberries. I literally just jumped out like why would you jump out with me techy? It was an accident. Oh, my god, all right, sorry, whatever sharpies, whatever just back out baby back out. Okay, i’m, not gon na lie. I feel like looking over the battle pass dude. I bet there’s a bunch of cool stuff in the battle pass. Okay, this emo is a w bro. 100, this t mode is so sick. I’M. Not gon na lie. This emote is a fat dub. Oh look at the baby fishy back fling. This is sick too dude. This is a w as well there’s, just so much cool stuff. I mean this skin is fire. Strappies was just wearing the skin. I really like this skin a lot. She has a cool variant too dude. This variant is so so sick, dude, that’s that’s a fat dub. Oh my god yo. I am definitely wearing the skin.

I am 100 always wearing the skin. This skin is so sick. I mean i’m, not gon na lie this skin’s all right, but i don’t see myself ever wearing it, but i mean it’s cool some people like it. Okay. What is this skin? Okay? Wait? Hold wait! Wait wait, wait, wait what is going on. She literally just took him off like what yeah this skin is fired. I i’m definitely gon na wear this skin. Okay dude. I don’t care what anyone says. This is a fat hell. Nobody is wearing this skin at all. Bro this skin sucks dude. What is going on the rick and morty skin let’s go dude. This is such a fire skin bro, oh my god, i’m wearing this skin all the time. I love the skin. All right boys well that’s the battle pass and that’s the entire new season. If you guys enjoyed it i’d appreciate you guys could do me a huge, huge favor and spam. The like button for me, but, like i said earlier in the video, if you guys spam, the like button drop us up and comment on your epic names, i’ll be gifting 10 random people to battle pass. So if you can’t afford the battle pass or you just don’t want to buy it just do all those things i just asked, but yeah anyways.