On top of that, we’ve got some awesome skins. New map changes. You can drive super overpowered ufos but, most importantly, the best change ever llamas can now move they’re alive and they poop out exotics and awesome overpowered. Loot, guys i’m gon na need you to like this video and subscribe right now, because this is the best season of fortnite. By far we are super close to seven million subscribers and it’s season seven now so it makes sense season. Seven: seven million subscribers all right, it’s time to check out everything season, seven has to offer and get our first win. Let’S go season, seven battle pass! Oh! What is this? You get re there’s recolors as well rap scallion, but look at. We got 62 000 v buck. You know what we got to do. 99 levels buy right. So for page one we’ve got this alien, dude called chimera, it’s pretty lit he’s, pretty uh biggest eyes ever. Oh, my god what’s his name. Then we’ve got unzipped. Oh, my god. What is that? Oh, my god, what is that that dude’s massive? How do you feel you got added to the battle pass? That’S a cool skin we’ve got the kickback emote yeah you just chilling page. Are you serious? Are you kidding? What is the rat yeah yeah? Damn this season is looking epic, okay let’s. Do this tweaks new season new us? No! No! Oh baldy! Oh! What the hell! This ais i’ve got a gun.

Yeah there is. I got one where the game is where the game is. Oh vending machine – oh my god! This is so sick. Oh gaming game, again, oh he’s in the air 31 tracked i’ll get back 20. Okay, let’s go launch pad, just looks super common now, oh my god, he’s dipping let’s go we’ve got the balti. Yes, snipers are officially unbolted, oh what these gives vending machines are back. What do i have to do? Oh huh, oh yeah, oh that’s, so cool i don’t have any gold, though oh my god look up. I didn’t even realize. Oh, my god, he’s just changing seats. You can’t hit him i’m nading bro, they’re everywhere what’s. This wait wait. This is broken 85. I love it. I love it. I haven’t hit a headshot with it. Yet, though i’m going to make i’m going to make a liver. Oh okay crafting an item boom and we got the liver action now. Oh god there! What are you talking about? Oh 170? Oh my god, where up top up there? No, that is broken. Oh spaceship, 23, no! 85. 85. How how’s it not breaking i’m coming knock! One rail gun – oh my god, i’ve – got a purple one. I love this gun. This is my new favorite gun, yeah there’s a spaceship right there, oh straight through the field, headshot. What i don’t have a lot of maps, but we can. We can make this work.

Wait: there’s a pay phone. What is this? Hey phone visit? Shotgun eliminations, oh so it just gives quests. You hit me hard. Morty, i’m popping a big shield, morty nice i’m. Looking i’m gon na rail him. Oh, i actually did on me. Dead let’s go first game. Baby – this is just crazy. Oh my god, i love it. I love it. I. I cannot believe that i actually cannot believe that this is the most amazing season yet and look at this we got the we got the victory royale umbrella. That is crazy, good. That is so good we are taking over the season. I swear yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, okay we’re on the hunt for some llama sweets. Apparently they run around now, oh no dude. What have they done to my poor llama? Will i be able to see them from the battle? Buster is the question i don’t know if i’m gon na be able to see them from the battle bus? What is this? It moves and it’s pooping out loot. Oh, i can’t kill it. I can’t kill it. There’S no way: okay. I’M. Sorry! Oh! What? Oh, my god, there’s so much health, what the hell dude! They have so much health! Oh my god! I just bounced bro! Oh my god, it’s pooping out so much it’s so close to killing it. Llamas are overpowered. Bro! It’S Music, they literally poop out an exotic, oh my god, and they give out.

They have ammo again let’s go. I just got headshot on peaked. I wasn’t Music he’s, oh my god that gave me such a price. Oh, how did he live that Music? Boxing? Oh okay, okay, i’m gon na pick up the railgun boom 85 good stuff. Where is this guy? I can make a burst assault rifle i’m gon na. Do it i’m going to do it Music? This is the best season ever. I think. Oh no, another freaking! Oh god, look at this dude let’s let’s rob this spaceship. Let’S rob this spaceship. Let’S go let’s, go let’s, go gets me gets me gets me. I don’t know how to use it. I’M. Stealing it i’m. Stealing it it’s mine get in go! Oh. What does that? Do oh, oh, i see i see, okay, how do i use that? Oh my god? Oh my god, how do i go down? Okay, oh we’re, gon na blow this up, deuce i’m blowing everything up. Oh my god! This is insane. How do i go down? This is opie. This is obi. How do i get down? How do i get down? How do i get down i’m dead, i’m dead, i’m dead yeah. I need one Music, nice, oh god, i’ve got zero maps. Music let’s go baby aliens just saved fortnite.