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You’Ll. Remember the i o guards used to pop up from the ground. They were pretty powerful, but they have been nerfed slightly because they are now using pistols and the aim also has been reduced and even their health feels less in general, so that’s why i’ve gathered off? Taking these guys out, you should find one up here somewhere. Just keep your eyes peeled guys. He will appear he kind of just roams the house there. He is he’s in the bed he’s in his bedroom and you take him out nice and easy. You can see. They’Ve definitely got less hp with an easy elimination on them and only a blue pistol, so don’t fear the i o guards as much as we used to. They are a lot weaker. So once you take him out, you want to head down to the basement. Now. There’S, a secret door inside of here which will actually take you down to the basement. You can see you open this door here and there’s like kind of like a toilet there. So when you come into the house, i’ll show you where that is so here’s. The main entrance you come in – and you come to this back section over here and you’ll – find this toilet now these toilet shoots will actually take you into the basement, a lot quicker rather than going to the basement itself, and it puts you in a decent spot Because this spot gives you access straight to salon in the center but be careful, she does teleport and she actually summons two clones of herself that’s, her special ability so be careful.

Some of these aren’t hurt you’ll see i actually take one out here and it’s, not her. So i kind of like back off. I take her out thinking it’s her it’s, not she goes down and i just come back and use my med kit. So do be a little bit careful because if you do waste ammo on the wrong target, she will lazy with all three and you will take a lot of damage. So she can be a little bit difficult to eliminate in that sense. But once you’ve got your ready and you like your ready ability or your ready kind of weapons to take her out and you’re just ready to go. You can just jump in and try and take right because you’ve got another clone here taken out and the final one was her, so you got a one in free chance and then it goes down to 50 chance and then obviously the final one will be her. If you don’t pick the right one straight away or you could get lucky and actually pick the right one straight away, she’ll go down the floor. You can shake it down to look for other io guards and when you take her out, she’ll drop her brand new mythic here, which is going to be the salon rifle so that’s. Super cool, silent, pulse, rifle it’s, a brand new ar – and these are super unique. So if you don’t already know what these do, these are actually like kind of similar to the star industries rifle.

If you guys remember that, basically what it does is it’s like kind of rapid fire when you don’t zoom in and then when you do zoom in it’s, really slow fire rate, so it’s pretty cool it’s a useful weapon and it does a lot of damage for Those wondering how much damage the myth it does you can see here, look at the range it does about 38 damage to the body which is much more than the standard version as well as it’s got a faster reload time other than that it’s. Exactly the same as the standard version as you’ll find on the map, so it’s a great weapon if you’re a big fan of it, especially if you want a new mythic weapon, it’s the place to go next up, i want to show you guys, the boss, llama. Now, technically, these ain’t really a boss, but i like to class them as a boss because they like to run you can see the llama up in the tree. Now when you hit a llama, they are now actually programmed to run around the map. So you have to chase the llama and they will drop loot as you take them out. You can see they drop ammo, but they will make a little run for it now. If you don’t manage to eliminate them in enough time, they will teleport away and completely disappear. So you’ve got to try your best to take them out.

You can see i’m rotating around through here trying my best to take out this llama doing a decent amount of damage, but not actually taking it out and then, when we do actually manage to get it taken down. You can see here. The llama does get taken out. I use my scanner, which is just funny that actually scans local, like for local players and chess. It takes the llama and they drop exotics. So if you want to get a free exotic in game like a chug cannon or something take out a llama and you’ll get it but be careful, there are io guards inside of stealthy. Obviously, the llamas aren’t guaranteed spawn in stealthy. They are spawned randomly over the map between three and five. I believe this season, so you may come across one, and if you do, you can take it out. You can also abduct them with the alien ship as well, which will stun them. I haven’t got any footage of that, but if i have done it myself in solo, so if you do see a llama and you’re in a ufo abduct it it’ll stun, it also shoot it with the ufo and it will stun it there’s a little bit of Gameplay as well of this kind of new sniper rifle like the beam one it’s, not the best, it only does 86 damage rare ability, but yeah it’s, pretty cool okay moving into our next one. This is actually a brand new guy and he is a hostile mob or npc, as i like to call him and he’s located outside of well in between misty and the corner area, and his name is riot so let’s go in and take out riot riot situated Over here and he does drop some pretty cool stuff, so i am in battle ups right now and unfortunately, in battle labs he does not drop the loop, but the loop he does drop is a heavy ar a purple rarity.

So that is an epic rarity which is unique for anyone that loves the heavy ar so he’s located just down here. So i’m gon na drop down i’m gon na move in over to the bridge and that’s, where he’s located to my right so i’m running in i’ve managed to use a bunch of shield. I’Ve got a good amount of stuff here, so i should be good. I’M. Gon na go in by car and take him out, so you can see he’s just down the right right, it’s right there. When i do take him out, you will get that heavy ar in normal battle. Royale you can see he’s just situated there. I’Ve got my p90 ready to go my submachine gun with my attack, and you can see if you use that you’re just gon na have to tear him apart absolutely riot number 13 on the list and he goes down pretty easily right here. So that was a really easy one and then obviously he doesn’t drop the heavy ar now he will spawn back, but in battle royale he will drop that heavy ar so that’s pretty cool. You can also talk to him. He likes to talk about aliens and obviously the ship’s laser, so if you’re interested in that feel free to talk to him for a little bit as well as he does trade a bunch of stuff, he also actually has or sells the storm scout rifle now.

You’Ll have to take my word for it, because i don’t have footage of it just yet, because in bat labs it doesn’t show. But if you want to go over to in battle royale head over there and if you like the storm scott, you want to predict where the storm is going to be. You can buy that with a bit of gold if you’ve got any from riot, so yeah he’s, a pretty cool npc check him out guys when you’re over at him. Now the final little hostile one i’ve got for you is over at the lighthouse, and this geezer is pretty wild. So this is a brand new skin which was introduced in the battle pass and his name is actually going to be the antique bunny skin, so he’s, located over at the lighthouse he’s like the bunny antique skin. His name is and you’ll see him as we land in this guy again is hostile, but what’s really cool about this guy. He actually drops a scar, so if you want a guaranteed scar, this is the number one place to go. Every single game. You will get a scar every single game if you manage to eliminate him and take it off him unless there’s other players trying to obviously then it’ll be a little bit more difficult. But if you land this house get this chest here which usually spawns in this roof, then you should get enough loot to be able to take him out.

You can see i’m doing that right here in a battle royale game you can see. I’Ve got a heavy ar and he’s going to be located inside of the lighthouse, so you don’t want to run over to the lighthouse and you’ll find him up here. The best way of taking him out is using the environment to your advantage. Obviously, you don’t really want to waste too many maps on these guys, so there you can see him i’m going to take him out on the hill. I just kind of use the hill to my advantage: go up and down aim for the head with it hit a few shots and it doesn’t take too long to take him out. It’S got pretty low hp and you managed to take him out. You can see that the uh gucci mon, which is actually his name or the antique which people like to call him as well as his code name gucci money, actually sells the actual well so there’s a bunch of stuff. To be honest, you can actually tip the battle driver and stuff and yeah. He drops the scar, so he sells the nighthawk and he can tip the battle. Drive battlebus drive, which is just hilarious. I don’t know if that’s gon na do anything in the future, maybe like a community event or something but yeah that’s how you get a free scar, every single game. I hope you guys have enjoyed this boss overview.

Video guys that’s been a little short one, but these are all the brand new bosses inside of season. Seven make sure you go and get them fixed, make sure you subscribe around here. If you ain’t already readers me a world let’s, get to 350 thousand and go and pop in code postbox pack to your item shop.