Just doesn’t stop coming superman’s in the game, there’s! So much going on right now and if it’s war they want we’ll give it to us. Oh my goodness. What are those little alien things bro? I hope i can drive a ufo. I really hope i can drive ufo that looks so. Fire bro battle pass so i’m about to buy the battle pass. If you guys are buying the battle pass. Please use code milo in the fortnite item shop before you do. It’Ll help me out a ton. Anyways let’s go ahead and buy the battle pass. That’S confirmed at 25 levels. Battle has unlocked i’m going to be buying the whole entire thing i’m going to show you guys everything that’s in the battle pass and i’m also going to be winning my first match of fortnight, so make sure you guys watch all the way to the end i’m. Going to show you guys every single thing that is in this brand new season, throwing max out here we go 11. Oh, i barely have enough bro, okay, five levels and i got a ton of battle stars, so i just bought the full battle pass, but i don’t really have any of it unlocked that’s what the battle stars are for the battle stars. You can actually pick what you want to unlock uh what, but why can’t i unlock rick. I really want to unlock a rake prerequisite. What do i have to do to get him whatever i’m going to show you guys the whole entire battle pass? Here we go page one camo, some alien dude.

I have to claim this one, this one’s so fire. I have to claim this a guitar pickaxe, a bunch of v bucks. I could probably i’ll, probably be climbing up a lot of these v bucks. This season’s kind of cool. Actually i really like this whole, like uh alien theme, thing pickaxe, another camo. Oh, this one’s cool has like little ufos on it. Alien girls wait. Oh she unzips dr sloane. This girl’s got a big old head bruh. You have morty as a pickaxe that’s, so funny. Oh, this camo, though wait i can buy everything claim all pages claim all rewards. I did it. Yes, yes, go drip out real quick, sorry pingo! You got ta, go bro you’re, not that cool anymore Music, all right, but i don’t wan na place alone, because aliens can be kind of scary, so i’m gon na who should i invite who’s on right now, you’re? Looking good, i look drippy right. Look at it check me out: oh my boy, ready, i’m ready let’s go. We need to get a win all right. Where are we going where we going follow me bro. Follow me? Oh you can. Oh my god. I really want to try and drive a ufo that’s like what i’m most excited about that’s. I don’t know where we can find those, though i’m thinking here just jump. I think i think they’re here so the map hasn’t really changed all that much, except for like this spot and the middle of the map where the spire was at.

Oh someone in here bro look at this little head later kid it’s a ttv. I got one of the new guns. I got one of the new guns. Let me get out of here, though, so i can check it out. Yeah yeah pulse rifle the pulser i’ve got 16 shots in it, let’s go. Try it out, come on pulse rifles. Do me good it shoots kind of slow, but it hits pretty good, oh launch, but the launch pads look different. What they’re like yeah, they look wild, listen, i need to find a ufo bro. I need to drive, fly ufo, oh there’s, so many people here yo. What is that in the sky? Do you see that that red thing way over there yeah what the heck? We need to go check that out too no, no, no i’ve been discovered. No! No! No, no, no there’s, so many am i playing squads. Am i playing squads? What is going on? Why are there names on the map purple yeah, what the heck? Why are they purple that’s, weird, maybe that’s, where the ufos are. Maybe let’s go? Oh. What is this look? Ufo, ufo ufo? How do i get in there? Can i land in it? Please please, please, please let me get it. Let me get in bro, no, no get away! Oh wait! What what? What? What do we do, what hey yo, who’s driving this thing, bro, let me drive bro. What is this? How do we get out? I guess just jump.

Am i gon na die? Please please. Oh this is rigged. What how am i supposed to get out of there coming down i’m coming down? Save me bro save me someone’s, getting like freaking stolen that guy’s gon na abduct him bro everyone’s, getting abducted, bro that’s, so big again again here come get me wrong. Please please, please! Please please please, please, i swear if you get abducted again: i’m. I’M. Oh no he’s! Coming no way. Okay, we’re good we’re, good we’re gon na lose. I think! Oh, oh, oh. What am i playing right now, this isn’t even fortnite at this point i’m gon na get out of here i got ta get out of here. Let’S go let’s, go let’s, go place, is sick. Looking yeah, this looks fire crazy little orbs. No, no! No bro! Look up. Look how massive that ufo is. The thing is huge that’s what she said: what’s the smoke. Oh! No, no did i make a mistake: let’s focus on getting the dub and finding some of the new weapons, because i i’ve still only found i’ve still only used one of them. I love that. Oh wait. Dude. These guys have the new weapons. Oh they do. They have the guards have the new weapons yeah. Let me drive this sure. Get in bruh drive that one. I got my own up here. Oh we out here, baby let’s, go hey, hey yo, hey yo, yes, i’m gon na drop on somebody’s head.

Imagine i can drop this car on his head. Imagine i could drop this car on his head. Please please! Oh! No, that one wasn’t even close, oh, what the heck bro he got. The sniper he’s got the alien sniper. I need that. I need that. I need that. I need that later kid we’re bullying this guy it’s a rail gun, a rail gun, baby let’s go where are we off to i don’t know, but we’re going oh hell from dodgy weave let’s chill out here for a sec focus up. We need to get this dub all right, this sniper sucks or is it me i don’t, know who’s the problem here. Wait is: does this thing shoot through the walls? I swear. I just shot the guy through the wall dude that thing destroyed him yeah, i i’m. I think this shoots through walls – oh there’s, a ufo like where oh, but oh i just shot it down. What i saw that wait. This rail gun is op, i just i no scoped it and it went completely straight destroyed here. Let me see i’m gon na rail, this kid it does it shoots through walls? Actually, no. Actually, this is the best gun in the game. It has wall hacks, i shot it through the wall it’s the best gun in the game. Oh my god wait. It’S 2v2 it’s, the last team 85. I hit him 85. there’s one dude on me. I got him, i got him, i got him knocked this.

Is it baby? This? Is it first season? Seven win. I got a rocket. Do you wan na go on a rocket ride? Send me send me, send me, send me jump no, no you’re gon na have to clutch this up yeah. This is the season. Seven victory, royale glider little ufo, so i’m very excited for this season. Let me know you guys thoughts in the comments down below and also follow. My twitter first link in the description. I’Ll be gifting. The battle pass to a few of you guys so make sure you guys do that.